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Old Louisiana State Capitol

22 Best Places For Couples in Baton Rouge (2023)

Traveling and exploring new places is a must for wanderers and explorers and traveling with your partner enhances one’s travel experience and adds many memories to life. One such romantic destination is Baton Rouge. Couples find this destination best to travel together and spend quality time together. ‘Baton Rouge’ is a beautiful city located in the state of Louisiana. The state’s capital city is filled with many beautiful architectures and designs.

The architecture, scenery, trees, and restaurants add love to Baton Rouge’s air. Hence, one can find many romantic places here. There are many places to go on a date and plan a proposal. The following are the best 22 places in Baton Rouge to plan a date, proposal, or wedding. These places will make one feel loved and add good memories to one’s life.

22 Best Places For Couples in Baton Rouge: –

Let’s see the brief details about each place in a few words. The description of the places will excite one to travel here and spend time with one’s loved ones.

1. Louisiana State Capitol Building: –

The staircase in front of the huge 34-story building is very aesthetic. One can propose to one’s loved one in front of this building. This will be a great memory of a lifetime. And during the summers, the park also adds its colorful beauty.

2. The Capitol Lake: –

The lake located in downtown Baton Rouge is the most romantic place. The reflection of sunlight from the water enhances its beauty during the day. And, at night, the moonlight reflections add to your mood. One can also picnic with one’s spouse and family near the lake.

3. Shaw Center For The Arts: –

This artistic glass building with the museum is creative and appealing. The creative vibes in the place will enhance your mood. The theatre presents its hosts with live music, dramas, and improv shows. This can be a nice thing to watch with one’s better half.

4. Old Louisiana State Capitol: –

If one wants a vintage feeling in one’s proposal, The Old Louisiana State Capitol is the best place for it. It looks like a castle and makes one feel like a king and queen. The spiral staircase and stained windows add to the beauty of this place. To make the most memorable proposal, this is the place.

5. Louisiana Art and Science Museum: –

Louisiana Art & Science Museum can be the best place to roam around and explore art. The pillars and dome of the building are created with great love. The rotating artwork collection also adds up to the beauty. Even the museum’s exterior is the best place to roam and spend time with your spouse.

6. Baton Rouge Lakes: –

These lakes in Baton Rouge are the most scenic places to propose to one’s loved ones. The trees, lake, and birds make the place livelier. One can plan a date for the place. Spending time in the greenery will give a romantic touch to your date. In spring, the place gets more beautiful.

7. LSU Hilltop Arboretum: –

It is one of the most romantic places in Baton Rouge. In the spring, it is more beautiful. Also, in winter, it doesn’t lose its beauty. The changing colors of the trees make it more attractive. The colorful flowers and trees will add more to your proposal.

8. Baton Rouge Zoo: –

The zoo has many animals from all over the globe. One can plan a date for this zoo. Traveling and watching the animals will give you a unique experience. In December, one can also enjoy the light event in the zoo. The romantic lights and the zoo animals will add amazing memories to your life.

9. Myrtles Plantation: –

The Myrtles Plantation is situated 26 miles from the city of Baton Rouge. Its first glimpse will give you a sense of magic and beauty. The mansion is beautiful and eye-catching. This property is decorated with trees and is lush. The romantic atmosphere of the place will be the best place for one’s proposal.

10. Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Centre: –

In this 103-acre place, one can walk and enjoy nature. This place is best for couples who love nature walks. There are many beautiful bird species present here. The photos captured here will add to your memories. The trees, flowers, and birds will make your visit mesmerizing.

11. Tiger Stadium: –

The Tiger stadium in Baton Rouge is also known as “Death Valley”. It is the best place for a proposal amidst the crowd. The winning team will make an unforgettable proposal. It will be the best scene to propose to one’s spouse. Also, the cheers will make it livelier and more memorable.

12. Red Stick Farmers Market: –

This open-air market is the best place to shop for cooking ingredients. One can shop ingredients here with one’s partner first. Then one can go home and cook a nice meal with one’s partner. Also, roaming in the market and exploring different colors will make your experience lively.

13. The French Quarter: –

The nightlife and the beautiful architecture is the best thing about the place. Couples can take a carriage ride here and enjoy dinner later. Spending time at night with one’s loved one is the best thing about the place. There are endless romantic activities one can enjoy here.

14. Houmas House Plantation and Gardens: –

This building dates back to the 1800s and is maintained with love and care. The gardens and the colorful flowers add to one’s visit here. Proposing one’s loved one here will be the best lifetime memory. One can also enjoy brunch or lunch in one of the five best restaurants in the garden.

15. The Watermark Hotel: –

The Greek architecture of the place adds to its beauty. The architecture here helps to make it the best proposal place. The proposal here will be unforgettable and romantic. Also, one can plan dinner here to enjoy a meal served with affection. Watermark Hotel in Baton Rouge can also be the best place for a wedding reception.

16. Pinetta’s European Restaurant: –

To go on a European-flavored date, this is the right restaurant in Baton Rouge. The European cuisine here will give you warmth and wonderful European flavors. The Italian food here will invite one again and again. And, with one’s wife or spouse, it will add more love to the food over here.

17. Albasha Greek and Lebanese Restaurant: –

This Greek and Lebanese food restaurant adds to one’s favorite restaurant. One can enjoy lunch or dinner here with one’s loved one. One must try the fried cheese and Lebanese tea here. One can never get upset by the food over here. Hence, it is the best place for a dinner date.

18. Ichiban Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar: –

Asian food adds a unique flavor to one’s date. Also, sushi and salmon appetizers offered by this place will make one’s taste buds go crazy with the awesome flavors. The volcano roll is best to try over here. Also, enjoying dinner here, with the ambiance and lighting, and one’s spouse will be the best date night.

19. Create Studios: –

Create Studios is an art studio in Baton Rouge. One can visit this place to experience different colors. One can also learn art here with one’s better half. And, spending time here will make you feel positive and productive.

20. Blue Bayou Water Park: –

This is the best place in Baton Rouge for couples who want adventure and fun activities. The water park has fun activities for couples to spend the whole day nicely. This water park will add a wilder experience to one’s day. Also, one can enjoy the food here with one’s loved one. Also, enjoying the water will be a fun activity.

21. Riverfront Plaza and City Dock: –

A riverside date is always romantic. This place is best to have a deep conversation with one’s wife. One can sit on the benches and discuss life and various life elements. The cafes can also be explored, and one can enjoy good food here. Enjoying a beautiful sunset will also make one’s evening peaceful and splendid.

22. Perkins Road Community Park: –

The park is best to go for a walk with one’s spouse. One can explore and watch different elements of the park. The BMX Raceway, Rock-climbing wall, skate park, and playground are always active, with children playing here. Also, one can sit on benches and explore the beautiful environment.


So, when are you planning your trip to Baton Rouge? Baton Rouge has many other things to offer as well. The different parks, orchestras, events, and theatres add more to the city. The city is full of romantic places and adds love to every corner of the city. One can visit Baton Rouge in all seasons to explore the seasonal changes.

The 22 places mentioned above were just the highlights of the city. The city has more to offer to young couples. So, plan your trip to Baton Rouge and add romantic memories to your core memory.

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