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12 Best Places in Monroe (LA) for Couples (2023)

It is no new word that the ardors of young love need cheap and cozy places to bloom to their fullest. We get it; dates are hard to plan, and you must account for them in your budget. But this is why we are here to help. We list down the best places in Monroe in Louisiana for couples if you are trying to settle a nice date with your significant other. You can both experience the Monroe’s beauty, spend quality time with each other, and ignite the spark of romance.

12 Best Places in Monroe (LA) for Couples

Here is our list of some of the best places in Monroe in Louisiana for couple:

1. Biedenharn Museum and Garden

The luxurious family property was initially constructed in the early 1900s. Its lush gardens and museum full of priceless artifacts have always been a hit amongst Monroe’s occupants. From vintage soft drink bottles to religious texts dating back as far as the 12th century AD, the house is a treasure-trove of history waiting to be discovered. The garden outside has a nice bloom most of the year, where you can take memorable pictures of your significant other as well. Visitors can enjoy a nifty Coke for 5 cents only here from an old-style vending machine. The Museum is located in Monroe’s 2006 Riverside Drive street.

2. Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo

Earlier known as the Bernstein Park and Zoo, it currently houses over 500 species of animals, birds, and other life forms over its 80-acre area. Visiting the zoo in Monroe is a fun experience for people of all age groups. Enjoy with your partner as you jump and splash around a splash pool or take a boat ride. There is even a train that takes the riders around the park. If you want to interact more with the more docile animals, you can do so at the children’s zoo area. There are also hotels nearby if you want to stay.

Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo, Monroe

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3. The Antique Alley

Located on the western side of Monroe, a few hundred blocks from Trenton Street lies the Antique Alley. The name has the word alley, but it’s more like a broad street with many interesting shops lining both sides. The shops here sell anything and everything one can wish for, from dresses to antique items. It sure is a nice corner to explore the city’s vibe and have fun. The Antique Alley also houses some great eateries for when you want to give your feet a rest.

4. Enjoy the Twin City Ballet and Co.

If an evening of comfortable classical ballet performance seems ideal for you and your partner. Check out the Twin City Ballet company, known for its enthralling live performances, classes, and periodic workshops. Established in the 1970s, this is any Ballet lover’s perfect idea of a date in Monroe. This West Monroe location is also a shaded auditorium, so it is also a good choice in the rainy seasons. Couples here are also welcome to sign up for the workshops together and learn some skills.

5. Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Rated as one of the top 3 destinations to visit in Monroe city, the Black Bayou Lake is a protected wildlife sanctuary. It is a massive hit among the public for bird-watching and gazing at the many alligators that bask on the lake’s shore. The whole area is a giant swamp; boats are available to go around the park and explore it, but there are also clear broad paths. The boats and kayaks are only available for the warmer months.  Sunny afternoons are a good time to visit the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge to catch a majestic sunset.

6. The Baumgartner’s Cheese Store & Tavern

A fit place for all the lunch dates and Saturday night dates, this Tavern-style Bar has been a part of this historic city since its opening in the 1930s. From being crowned as the oldest cheese dealer in the Wisconsin area to having beer taps, the food of this place is a must-taste. The decor inside is well-fitting for its old-day aesthetics, and the sandwiches are a hit while being on the budget. It is often crowded, so this should be looked out for.

7. Explore The History Of A Hero With Chennault Aviation And Military Museum

Situated in the western part of the city of Monroe is a small museum that houses the great history of a local wartime hero. Located in western Monroe’s 701 Kansas Lane stands the museum dedicated to General Claire L. Chennault. According to local history, Chennault had a fair share in training Chinese troops against the Japanese fighters. It connects many Chinese travelers to Chennault, and you may even find Chinese travelers paying respects to him. His troops of Flying Tigers also played an important role in the 2nd World War in the Asia region. The Chennault family runs this tiny museum with great history.

8. Visit the Cooley House of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright, the great architect of America, also strongly connected with Monroe’s land. The Cooley house, which stands at 1011 S Grand Street, was built originally not by Wright but by his assistant Mr. Walter Burley Griffin. This house stands isolated and is a great spot to drive up to on sunny mornings. The house is a fine example of the Prairie School style of residence, one of the last standing ones in the country. Visitors are welcome to take photos and park in the adjacent parking lot to enjoy the beautiful exteriors.

9. CRAWL Through the Amazing Line-up of Artists of Monroe

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of CRAWL, the gallery holds an exhibition on the first Thursday of the month. Like many cities, all the art galleries and other places of artistic interest allow visitors to enjoy the artwork without entrance fees. The CRAWL in Monroe city takes place in an alternating manner starting from the month of February. It is a budget-friendly way for all couples to understand the real Monroe without spending much.

10. Tour Through the Masur Family’s Art Museum

Now, this is something truly enjoyable. Not just couples but also kids and families can come to this Art Museum situated on the Northern side of Louisiana. The Museum stands on the Masur family’s home grounds and houses around 500 permanent art pieces and exhibits. Crowned as the largest Art gallery in the state of Louisiana, they welcome visitors not only to take a look at the state’s rich regional art history but also to participate in the numerous workshops that go year-round. For any upcoming event and workshop, visitors can refer to the official website of the Masur Art Museum.

11. Visit the Flying Tiger Brewery

Another unique spot that the city of Monroe has to offer is the Flying Tiger. It was the first fully operational brewery to open its doors to Louisiana folks which would manufacture its beer right on the site. Currently, they serve a large variety of their signature beers in their tap room in Monroe’s downtown area. Does the name Flying Tigers sound familiar? The whole aesthetics of this place is a homage to Monroe’s very own war-veteran, Mr. General Claire L. Chennault, and his troop called the Flying Tigers. The location is filled with war-themed memorabilia and a portrait of the town’s war hero. The brewery has no food options, but outside food is allowed, and live music can also be found.

12. Go Wine-Tasting in Western Monroe’s Landry Vineyard

What can be more romantic than sharing a glass of fine wine with your significant other? Partners are more than welcome to go ambling in the Landry Vineyard in the Western region of Monroe. Some of this estate’s best productions are the Blackberry Merlot, the Redneck Red, the Cotton Rouge, and many more. Visitors can also buy a bottle from the Vineyard along with some decadent cheese and bread. Talk about the perfect romantic getaway! There is a very fun summer festival organized on the premises where the gathered public can squash the grapes and make some wine by themselves. People are even allowed to taste it. Other than these, picnics and live music concerts are followed by dancing and frivolity

Wrapping up!

Thus, as you can see, Monroe is much more than a mere overnight halt on a road trip. It is a unique old town with much old architecture and war-time history still perfectly preserved. From the old palatial villas to the amazing museum, there are some of the best places in Monroe for couples or, in fact, for anyone looking to have a good time. So, be open to exploring Monroe on your next date, and don’t forget to keep our list handy.

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