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10 Best Things To Do In Lewiston, Maine (2022)

The second largest city in Maine, Lewiston, was officially incorporated in 1795. One of the ‘Twin City’ (another is Auburn), Lewiston, despite its grandness, is very less populated, and that’s what adds to the peace and tranquility of the city. This multi-cultural city has always been a popular tourist spot for Mainers despite the seasons. Lewiston is low in crime, has excellent medical care, is an affordable city to live and is also high on beauty.

Lewiston has plenty of things to do, but when connected with its sister city Auburn, the opportunity becomes endless. There are several public venues that both locals and visitors can enjoy alike. In addition, the city has indoor four walled tourist attractions along with an array of outdoor playgrounds. The beauty and diversity here are definitely to be seen, and for that, a visit to Lewiston is mandatory.

10 Best Things To Do In Lewiston, Maine

With that said, here are all the Popular Things To Do When In Lewiston, Maine. Have a look:

1. Experience Nature’s Best At Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary

Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary is the largest protected conservation land, and exploring it is a must-to-do in Lewiston. It isn’t just a bird sanctuary but a 372-acre wildlife preserve located at Lewiston’s highest altitude. Bird club definitely is the primary focus here, and the entire region is frequented with hemlock, birch, maple, and other species throughout the year. Besides that, the sanctuary is home to a unique stone fireplace, an amphitheater, two ponds, and a range of all-season hiking trails. Each trail here is marked with a certain color and introduces hikers to different sections and sides of the sanctuary. Hiking the entire area is easy to slightly challenging, but with some extra effort, everyone can pass through the way. In addition to hiking, the trails also operate for snowshoeing during the summer season. Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary is also an excellent spot for photographing. Even when being so close to the city, this region is extremely peaceful.

2. Pay a Visit to the L-A Museum.

What one can confuse for Los Angeles Museum is actually the L-A (Lewiston-Auburn) Museum located in the Bates Mill Historic District of Lewiston. The museum is dedicated to sharing the Industrial revolutions’ local history as well as the contributions and cultural heritage of Industrial workers in the L-A area. A visit here allows people to connect with the industrial bond of the past and learn how things used to function back then. The museum features a range of exhibits and special programs that encourage information sharing and learning. The exhibits here are related to shoe work, the brickyard industry, the mill industry, and much more. What the museum operates out of today was once the Bates Mill Complex back in the 1800s. Some traces of the same are still to be found.

3. Visit the Bates College Museum of Art

If art is what you are enthusiastic about, visit the Bates College Museum of Art when in Lewiston. The museum is a part of and is operated by Bates College and is quite an exciting place to check out. The collection here focuses on a range of paintings, drawings, photographs, and personal items by local as well as national artists. Even though the museum facility is small but the exhibitions here are marvelous, and they keep changing so that every next time you visit, there’s something new to check out. The art collection present at Bates College Museum provides a detailed overview of modern and contemporary art styles. Every art piece here is primarily a work of paper, and what has come out often surprises and impresses the spectators. The museum has an attendant on duty who often guide and answer the visitors.

4. Spend An Hour Or Two Of Peace At The Basilica Of Saints Peter And Paul

With a resemblance to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul is a must-visit place in Lewiston. This huge and impressive structure is the largest church in New England, along with being the oldest parish for French-speaking Catholics in the Diocese of Portland. Operating since 1870, the Basilica is a massive Gothic-style architecture with sky-soaring turrets that adds four moons to its glory. It is definitely an architectural masterpiece when observed from the outside. Visitors and even passersby consider stopping only to admire and click on its grandness. Whereas the ones who enter inside appreciate how beautiful the intricately detailed windows, stained glass windows, and other detailing are. The church is also home to an organ made by Casavant Frères, which is an integral part of worship.

5. Watch a Show at the Public Theater

One of the most popular things to do in Lewiston is visiting the Public Theatre, and you cannot dare to miss it. Dotted as Maine’s Best Theatre for seven years in a row, this performing art place isn’t just a local wonder but an award-winning venue. The facility is committed to bringing high-quality performances throughout the year, and that too for an affordable price. It provides quality products for locals and tourists alike, and that is why a large of people visit Lewiston just for the Public Theatre. From May through October, the threat produces and presents a variety of contemporary plays. The artists who contribute to the game are extremely professional and talented, simply the best in their work. Since everyone aged 18 or younger gets an entry for just $5, it is a great place to introduce young minds to performing arts.

6. Check Out The Beauty Of Lewiston And Auburn On The Auburn Riverwalk

Auburn Riverwalk passes through the heart of the Old Mill district, and it is what separates Lewiston and Aubrun, the Twin cities. This 1.6 miles long riverwalk is a popular spot amongst both locals and visitors, and for all good reasons. As the riverwalk menders through Androscoggin River, it opens astounding views of the Twin Cities. The trail splits into two sections, one of which leads to Bonney Park and the other to Lewiston’s Railroad Park. Throughout the way, the riverwalk features massive rocks, waterfalls, large bridges for both cars and trains, benches, gardens, and outdoor arts. One can easily reach the Auburn Riverwalk via I-95 and explore it either on foot or by bicycle.

7. Soak in some History, Heritage, and Art at Franco Center

Franco Center is a local venue in Lewiston known for organizing performing art and events. It is Central Maine’s premier event and performance center, which believes that heritage and history are action verbs. A visit here allows individuals to attend and enjoy symphonic and folk music, Broadway, choirs, and other cultural grands from different parts of the world. Not only what goes inside, but the Franco Center building in itself is incredible, featuring Late Gothic Revival style architecture. Besides art, the center is also available for other public events.

8. Take A Drive To The Vista Of Maine Vineyard & Cidery Tasting Room

Just 20 minutes outside Lewiston lies the Vista of Maine Vineyard & Cidery Tasting Room, another must-visit. Located in Greene, this facility operates year-round, offering delicious wines, apple ciders, and a lot more. Their tasting room features a range of wine varietals, hard cider, sweet cider, apple cider donuts, and other goods. What’s exciting about being here isn’t just the choice of drinks but also the stunning views of Maine’s western mountains, the White Mountains, and Sabattus Lake right from the tasting room. When the weather allows, they even have an outdoor seating area featuring picnic tables on the lawn and beautiful natural scenery. Seasonally they also offer a U-Pick experience for Apples, Peaches, Pears & Nectarines, Pumpkins, Holiday Trees, etc.

9. Attend the Great Falls Balloon Festival

When in Lewiston or even near, do try reaching for the Great Falls Balloon Festival. It is basically a hot air balloon festival held in the twin cities of Lewiston and Auburn on the banks of the Androscoggin River. Every year it attracts both locals and tourists, gathering nearly lakh individuals on the river banks. People who book early can enjoy a free-flying hot air balloon ride and learn how the Twin cities look from a bird’s eye view. If not that, there’s so much more to indulge in, including entertaining shows and concerts, lines of local food specialties, rows of crafts, and much more for three straight days in a row. People who crave more can choose to join the Family Fun Day and enjoy the carnival rides.

10. Enjoy the Casual Asian Fare at Boba

Boba is a classic restaurant in Lewiston that everyone should check at least once during their visit. Boba specializes in offering authentic Asian flavors to the plates since the cuisine is well rooted in their family tradition. Their pan-Asian treat includes a wide range of dishes derived directly from the cuisine of Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. The owner’s family has been in America for over a century now but even given that, they haven’t forgotten to bring authentic Asian flavors to life. Everything here is fresh and delicious, and if you are Vegan, do check out this place. Being here is definitely exciting if you are looking for a break from Maine’s Lobsters and authentic American fare.

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