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Atlantic Puffins in Maine Coastal Islands

How to Spend A Day In Penobscot Bay, Maine? (2023)

Penobscot Bay is located in South Central Maine, an inlet of the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the top cruising bays in the world and a popular tourist spot during the summer spot. People from Camden, Portland, Rockland, and other nearby towns watch how those majestic boats leave the harbor throughout the summer season. Penobscot Bay has a long history of sailing, which is still very much alive. In addition, this small town has so many other possibilities as well, including fishing, boating, kayaking, and more.

Penobscot Bay is an ideal location for a weekend getaway or a romantic trip in Maine. Other than its water-based fun, Penobscot Bay is also popular for a range of other activities. Visitors here can indulge in a range of things, from chamber concerts to lobster events, film festivals, and whatnot. For spending summer in Midcoastal Maine, there is no better place than Penobscot Bay, and that’s an unarguable fact. So ready to explore this seaside beauty? Here’s all about Things to do in Penobscot Bay, Maine. Have a look:

How to Spend A Day In Penobscot Bay, Maine?

Here’s how you can spend a memorable day in Penobscot Bay.

1. Watch Baby Puffins before they migrate from Penobscot Bay

Puffins are beautiful pelagic seabirds quite frequented in a few parts of Maine. Even Maine’s ocean islands are the only nesting sites for the Atlantic Puffin in the United States; therefore, when in Penobscot Bay, you need to watch them. The most thriving colony of Puffins in Maine is the Eastern Island Rock, and these birds are quite frequented here during July. During the month of June, tours on cruise lines from Port Clyde (Monhegan Boat Lines is one famous tour), nearly 20 miles south of Rockland, are quite popular amongst tourists. From the months of June to August, the fledgling puffin population here is most active since they prepare for winter migration. One cannot meet Puffins in person but can watch a herd of them from the boat. Their bright, colorful beaks and adorable yet awkward beak is definitely to be seen.

2. Enjoy Sailing in Penobscot Bay

Sailing is an extremely popular activity in Penobscot Bay, and you cannot simply miss doing it. The activity has been flourishing for a long and is still quite active. Many schooners offer several chartered cruises from nearby towns like Rockland, Rockport, and Camden all summer long. Individuals can choose from both sailing day trips and power boat day trips and get to observe the spectacular views of Maine’s coast. The variety of boats here can truly blow your mind. The diversity you will see includes private pleasure craft, famous windjammers, working island ferries, huge powerful yachts, and sleek schooners. Fishermen, cruise companies, or celebrities either own these crafts. Apart from the astounding view, what surprises the eyes the most is how the sun has made the bay “flat as a mirror” during summer mornings. In addition, you may also encounter or hear bird and fish sounds and sights.

3. Participate in the Lobster Tour

When in and around Portland and Penobscot Bay, never ever miss Lobsters. Penobscot Bay, in fact, is the largest working industry covering seafood, specially Lobsters. Even the majority of lobsters that surfaced in Maine are caught from this part of the state, so in Penobscot Bay, you are perhaps getting the freshest. If not from Portland, one can take the Schooner Olad, a historic classic yacht that offers a two-hour long tour from Camden. This tour is all about lighthouses, beautiful mansions, views, and of course, good seafood. In addition, the Island Lobster Tour is another great option. The tour operates as a half-day trip and takes visitors around Penobscot Bay and through a nearby archipelago ‘Islesboro.’ What’s special about the tour is that upon reaching, its in-house crew prepares a traditional lobster bake of mussels. They use different spices and sauces and make the world’s best lobster dishes. The tour though does not operate daily.

4. Attend One Of The Festivals

A lot of Mid-Coast Maine festivals are the life of Penobscot Bay, and you truly need to check them out. During summer’s end, the Windjammer Fest in Camden Harbor celebrates all those tall ships. As the festival opens, all the tall ships gather in port at the same time. The night here ends with a beautiful firework display that brightens up both land and water.

Another popular festival around Penobscot Bay is the Great Schooner Race that, organized every year in the month of July. It is the largest gathering of schooners along the Atlantic coast and quite a happening event to watch. All the towering ships meet in Islesboro (near Rockport) before they race down to the coast to Rockport. Visitors can either watch the boat race along the coast or ride on the Schooner Olad or motorboat cruise and get up close and personal with the event. No matter which way you choose, the experience is undoubtedly very enjoyable.

Places to Stay Near Penobscot Bay, Maine

Penobscot Bay has several waterfronts, including Belfast upriver, Rockport, Rockland, and Stonington, and that’s where most people choose to stay. Here are a few hotels you vacationers can check out near Penobscot Bay.

  1. Island View Inn in Rockport, 3.8 miles from Penobscot Bay
  2. Lord Camden Inn in Camden, 1.1 miles from Penobscot Bay
  3. The Inn at Ocean’s Edge in Lincolnville, 5.6 miles from Penobscot Bay
  4. Point Lookout Vacation Rentals in Northport, 8.8 miles from Penobscot Bay
  5. Samoset Resort in Rockport, 5.3 miles from Penobscot Bay

What Is The Best Time To Visit Penobscot Bay In Maine?

Since Penobscot Bay is a popular spot for warm-weather activities, the best time to visit here is from late June through early September. It though is a crowded time but also quite rewarding in terms of fun.

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