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Take An Adventurous Ride On The Steel Pier - Crazy Experience To Try In Atlantic City

11 Crazy Experiences To Try In Atlantic City (2022)

Atlantic City is a vibrant city and is something more than just the casinos and grooving onto the beats of Bruce Springsteen songs. It is till date one of the best resort destinations for the New Yorkers. The location was referred to as America’s favourite playground in the 19th and early 20th century. However, in the 70s, Atlantic City gave an intense competition to Vegas due to the legalisation of casino gambling.

Though the city has a daunting experience, it still proffers the quirky and rich historical experience to its guests. A whisk of the authentic and adventurous activities in the city entices the history aficionados as well as the adventure fanatics. No matter where you are from or what are your hobbies; there are some activities which you should unequivocally practise in Atlantic City. Before you enjoy the breathtaking views of the beaches, don’t forget to complete the following events.

11 Crazy Experiences To Try In Atlantic City

1. Enjoy A Hoagie At The White House

Hoagie is one of the most beautiful creations of Jerseys. In South Jersey, the term hoagie means Supreme. However, the sandwiches served here are called Subs. To procure one of the most exceptional dining experiences, you can enjoy a hoagie at the White House. Grab a classic Italian sub, which incorporates various items like lettuce, tomato, ham, mortadella, salami, Provolone and Pepperoncini.

Atlantic City-Enjoy A Hoagie At The White HouseImage Source

2. Have A Glimpse Of Some Magnificent Views From The Boardwalk Tram

The long journey to Atlantic City can unequivocally make you lazy and tired. In such a circumstance, the boardwalk tram is the best place to flock to. This is because you can have a glimpse of some magnificent and breathtaking views from the boardwalk tram. Moreover, if you are lazy, then you can just walk up on the tram at the cost of 2.25 dollar. You can see some of the iconic spots of the city like the steel pier, the Tropicana, and the Boardwalk Hall from this location.

Atlantic City-Have A Glimpse Of Some Magnificent Views From The Boardwalk TramImage Source

3. Take A Stroll Inside Lucy, The Elephant

Lucy, the elephant, was built in 1881. It is located in Margate, which is at a distance of two miles from the Atlantic City. However, Lucy, the elephant, is claimed to be a property of the Atlantic City. This is because the place was originally a borough of the South Atlantic City. However, the city of Margate was then fabricated in 1909. The elephant structure has six storeys and was previously utilised as a real estate office. It was also employed as a bar in the past. However, today you can take a stroll inside the elephant and walk down the memory Lane to have cognisance of glimpses of the historical pieces of evidence. The history aficionados much love it. You can get the view of the stupendous locations from the back of this elephant.

Atlantic City-Take A Stroll Inside Lucy, The ElephantImage Source

4. Pamper Yourself at the Caesars Qua Baths and Spa

The long and tiresome journey to Atlantic City may make you frantic. To rejuvenate and pamper yourselves, you should flock to the Caesars Qua Baths and spa. This luxury spa is 50,000 square feet. You can treat yourself with the Cleopatra body ritual or the Chakra Balancing here. Be it the heated green tea wrap, heavy full body scrub or a foot pressure point massage- the spa has much to proffer to its guests. You can also enjoy the lavish and opulent bath here. The best attribute of the resort is a 55 degree Arctic Ice Room, which incorporates snow to help you rejuvenate yourselves.

Atlantic City-Pamper Yourself at the Caesars Qua Baths and SpaImage Source

5. Visit One Of The First Taffy Shops- Fralinger

Taffy is not only a Jersey Classic but is ashore classic as well. Fralinger is one of the first coffee shops in the Atlantic City boardwalk. Many tourists grab Pounds of taffy to take it back to their homes. Fralinger fabricates homemade taffy in umpteen flavours like peanut butter or teaberry. It has had a sturdy customer base since the late 1800s. This sweet is undoubtedly a heaven for your taste buds, and hence enjoying it is a must when you visit the Atlantic City. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your saltwater taffy from Fralinger.

6. Enjoy a Funnel Cake From Vanina’s

One of the most crucial Jersey cuisine to try is a funnel cake. This mouthwatering cuisine will be a boon for your taste buds, and you will end up craving for more and more. It is something between a doughnut and a beignet. Funnel cake is first fried and then covered with powdered sugar which makes it more appealing. Vanina serves the best funnel cake in the city, and you have the option to choose from a variety of flavours like chocolate, Apple or Strawberry.

Atlantic City-Enjoy a Funnel Cake From Vanina's

Photo By Matt Johnson  Image Source

7. Take An Adventurous Ride On The Steel Pier

The steel pier was fabricated in around 1898 and is 1000 feet long. Not only this, but this steel pier once integrated a theatre in it. During that time, everyone from Frank Sinatra to The Beatles played here. During the 70s, the element of adventure was incorporated in it. The structure was renovated in the 1970s, and several rides and games were included in it. The adventure aficionados would love this location. You can let out your inner kid while visiting this place. Be it the Grand Carousel or the Slingshot that propels you into the air at a speed of 100 mph; the area has so much of adventure to offer to its guests.

Take An Adventurous Ride On The Steel Pier - Crazy Experience To Try In Atlantic City

Image Source

8. Explore the Beauty at Absecon Lighthouse

This is the place where you want to calm your mind from the bustling streets of the city. Absecon Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in the Garden State and was first lit in 1857. Enjoy your evening in this lighthouse by sighting some of the breathtaking views of the city from here.

Atlantic City-Explore the Beauty at Absecon LighthouseImage Source

However, the tower officially stopped lighting in 1933 and averted guiding the boats. Fortunately, the lighthouse lights up every night now. To indulge in the beauty of nature and have a glimpse of the marvellous views of the city and the sea, you need to climb the 228 steps of this

9. National Historic Landmark

Be a Human Kite At Atlantic City Parasail. At a budget friendly price of $75, you can sight an aerial view of the Atlantic City. You have the best opportunity to get airborne and experience what it feels to be like a human kite when you parasail over the Atlantic Ocean. You can fly across the Sky, in the boardwalk and the surrounding area as well. In the end, you can just take a dip in the ocean to freshen yourself. Enjoy the luxury of Sky and water both.

National Historic Landmark-Crazy Experience To Try In Atlantic CityImage Source

10. Watch the Dolphins

The animal fanatics can now have a glimpse of the Dolphins that hang around in the Jersey Shore. Not only this, but you can have a fantastic experience on the boats while beholding the Dolphins. Also, marine naturalist gives commentary from beside to provide you with the perfect awareness of the Dolphins.

Crazy Experience To Try In Atlantic City-Watch the DolphinsImage Source

11. Enjoy A Night At The Irish Pub

This opulent pub has a whisk of Irish and American art. It has the photos and memorabilia from the 1800s to the 20th century. It is one of the best pubs in Atlantic City. The budget friendly menu incorporates chicken wings, beef wings, cheap beers, beef sandwiches as well as crab cakes. It is a splurge in the town these days among the locals, as well as the tourists. The pub served as a Speakeasy during the prohibition.

Atlantic City-Enjoy A Night At The Irish PubImage Source


Thus, you can flock to any of the above places or experience these activities to get some adventure into your lives. Atlantic City has many areas that proffer you once in a lifetime experience. You just need to identify these places and hence practise such activities. You can try any of the above events according to your budget, needs and preferences. The activities practised by the nature fanatics or the animal aficionados or the adventure fanatics differ. So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and flock to Atlantic City.

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