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Sand Hollow State Park Beach - Amazing Beache in Utah

5 Amazing Beaches in Utah (2023)

When you think of Utah, beaches are probably not the first thing that pops into your mind. In fact, many people are not even aware that there are beaches in this state. However, the fact is that there are many great beaches in Utah along with some exciting lake destinations that are perfect for relaxing on a hot summer afternoon and enjoying a picnic lunch.

From floating on the salty waters of the Great Salt Lake to spreading out your beach towel on the red sands of the Sand Hollow State Park, you can even discover your own private beach as you explore the remote canyons of Lake Powell. There are many places in Utah that have a beach, you just need an adventurous spirit to discover these fantastic places.

5 Amazing Beaches in Utah

Here are some of the best beaches in Utah:

1. Sand Hollow State Park Beach

Located just outside of St. George in Utah is the beautiful Sand Hollow State Park. This reservoir lake is one of the most famous recreation spots in the state. The waters of this lake are perfect for swimming, boating, sailing, and paddle boating.

The beach t Sand Hollow is extensive and famous for its reddish-orange sand. There are only a few trees here that give some amount of shade to visitors at certain spots, but for the most part, the Sand Hollow Beach area is wide open. In many places where it is possible to drive your own vehicle (4 WD only) all the way up to the water’s edge and set up with all your gear. You can choose to camp here or have a picnic with your friends and family.

Sand Hollow State Park Beach - Amazing Beache in Utah

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The water here is warm and clear and ideal for swimming, wading, and just lazing around on an air mattress. Or, if you want, you can just sit back in your beach chair or beach towel and watch the action on the lake as you stare off at the beautiful mountains in the distance.

Located just offshore, you will find boats zipping around towing water skiers behind them while tubes and wakeboarders indulge in their latest tricks and jumps. There are jet skis buzzing around all over the lake. If you have your own boat, you can easily bring it here as there is a large boat ramp available by the main parking area.

If you don’t have your own boat, not to worry, as there are many boats, jet skis, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards available for rent at the concession stand nearby. Try paddling up to Sand Hollow Island, where you will find several red rock formations along the shoreline.

This is also a great place for overnight camping at the two campgrounds available in the state park.

2. Bridger Bay Beach at the Antelope Island State Park

Many people come from far and away to get the unique experience of the Dead Sea, but right in the middle of Utah. The extreme buoyancy of saltwater can be experienced just 40 miles north of Salt Lake City to the Bridger Bay beach inside the Antelope Island State Park. The Bridger Bay Beach is one of the unique spots in Utah where you can easily and safely swim in the famous Great Salt Lake. You can gain access to the water through a metal ramp and then either take short or long walks across the sandy shoreline, depending on the level of water at the lake.

The water at the Bridger Bay Beach is shallow and warm, perfect for wading and just floating in the buoyant salt water. To get an idea of the buoyancy of the lake, just try and lie down in the water. However, you will need to wade out to quite some distance in order to achieve this task. Do remember to wash off the saltwater after your dip in this salty lake. To allow this, there are several showers available near the parking area that you can use after paying a small fee. If you have packed a picnic lunch, you are in luck as this is the perfect spot for having a picnic. There are several picnic tables located under sunshades nearby. A restaurant is also located nearby that has a covered patio and offers some excellent views of the entire beach.

For those who want to camp, tens and RVs (no hookups) are available in the park, and you can make reservations online as well. However, one thing to know about visiting the Bridger Bay Beach is that there are small gnat-like insects that are quite prolific in the summertime and can get annoying along the waterline. There is no fee for accessing the beach, but you have to pay a fee to enter the state park.

3. Bear Lake State Park Beach

The Bear Lake State Park Beach is the highlight of the Bear Lake State Park. Bordering a massive mesmerizing lake, this is one of the top beach destinations in Utah. It measures 20 miles long, with a varying width, but it is typically believed that it is eight miles across. Surprisingly, the lake has a depth of 208 feet, making it one of the deeper lakes in the state. The park is located at an elevation of almost 6000 feet, so remember that the water can be pretty cold, especially if you visit early in the season.

With miles of beaches lining the shore, finding your own patch of sand to relax in is very easy. Parking here is available just back from the water, so you can bring all the gear you think you will need as you don’t have to carry it for long distances.

Rendezvous Beach is one of the most popular beach areas here. This narrow beach stretches for quite some distance, being covered in some shady trees from behind. The hot summer weekends of Utah create an almost carnival-like atmosphere here, with children splashing around in the water as the grown-ups indulge in barbecues just a distance away.

Another beach, known as Cisco Beach, is a little less popular. It is located on the eastern side of the lake and drops off sharply. This beach, though, is not for those who are not adept at swimming.

There is a large marina that operates on the lake and also provides complete services to all boaters.

4. Huntington State Park

The Huntington State Park might be a small park located near the town of Huntington, but it has one of the nicest beaches in Utah. Situated along the southeast shoreline of the lake, this is a sandy expanse of beach that is flat and wide. The water at the beach is shallow, making it great for families with children. It’s also a wonderful spot for playing a game of water football or just for floating.

Just behind the beach is a large grassy area covered in trees that is perfect for playing games with children. Keep in mind that the water here can get very warm, and many people love to spend a pleasant afternoon here just floating in the shallow water. The beach is a great place for taking walks. If you walk all the way to the point at the northern end, you will get 180-degree views of the entire place.

There are sheltered picnic tables along with showers and restrooms. A campground is situated just a bit distance from the beach with 22 sites.

5. Jordanelle Reservoir

Sitting just an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City, the Jordanelle Reservoir is home to extensive and beautiful beaches. Just offshore from the beaches are unique places where you can enjoy in all types of floating fun at the Aqua Zone. This floating fun palace has made Jordanelle Reservoir a hot favorite with families with children. Aqua Zone is full of all types of walkways and structures and provides endless hours of enjoyment for children and a lot of relaxation for the parents.

If you love to walk on the beach, then Jordanelle Reservoir is the perfect beach to head to in Utah. You can walk along the water’s edge until you get tired. Off the beach, there are cabanas with charcoal grills and picnic tables. There is also a children’s playground available nearby.

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