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Exploring the Beauty of Antelope Island in North Utah

7 Most Scenic Backpacking Trails in Northern Utah (2023)

The beautiful state of Utah is known for being an incredible outdoor state. The landscape of Utah is one of the most stunning landscapes in the entire country. In most cities throughout Utah, you have the option to go straight from eating lunch at a downtown cafe to setting up camp in the backcountry – all within an hour’s work. Now, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the great outdoors when the landscape looks like it came right out of a science fiction novel?

Utah is also home to some of the most remote areas in the country that are well worth the effort to explore. From the majestic Red Rocks to the stunning spires of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, the natural beauty of Utah will leave you speechless at times. While a lot of travelers have only explored the southern part of the state, which is also equally stunning, but the real hidden gems can be found in the North only.

7 Most Scenic Backpacking Trails in Northern Utah

Since the northern part of Utah is not a hugely popular backpacker destination, here is a complete guide to exploring the most scenic backpacking trails in north of Utah.

1. Willard Peak and Ben Lomond

Named after Scottish nostalgia, Ben Lomond actually means Beacon peak, and rightly so. You can see the peak from miles away down in the stunning valley. Willard Peak is the highest peak in the northern Wasatch Mountain Range in Northern Utah, and Ben Lomond is located right under it.

Willard Peak has an altitude of 9764 feet, while Ben Lomond sits at 9712 feet – two peaks that are both over 9000 feet in height to backpack and explore through. The trail is a moderate difficulty one, and it is short easy. However, it might be challenging for kids. You will need to get a permit before going on the trail here, and you also have to carry your own lunch and water supply with you as you are unlikely to find any stores selling basic essentials here.

2. Exploring the Beauty of Antelope Island in North Utah

Antelope Island is a remote and desolate place where pronghorns and bison roam free. This location will seem to be an otherworldly delight. You can reach Antelope Island easily from Salt Lake City. It is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake, and it is the perfect place to backpack and hike through the yellowed grasslands as you explore the area over the rocky outcroppings.

As you backpack through this stunning landscape, take a minute to admire the riot of contrasting colors. If you get tired of hiking, take a moment to swim in the super salty and floaty Great Salt Lake, where it is nearly impossible to ink.

3. Vibrant Mountain Town of Park City

Park City is the perfect mountain town in Northern Utah to backpack across. With its beautiful downtown filled with many excellent and delicious dining choices, boutiques, and chic art galleries. It is best to explore this vibrant mountain town in the wintertime when the snow covers this beautiful town. With some world-class skiing facilities at the many famous ski resorts, Park City is also home to the world’s only ski-in gastropub, which is definitely worth checking out once.

4. Eyrie Peak

Eyrie Peak is a high point sitting on a mountain known as simply Lewis Peak. Eyrie Peak is the 86th most prominent point in Utah. The mountain is located between Mount Ogden in the south and Ben Lomond to the north. While Lewis Peak is not really the highest spot, but it is the only prominently named point in this area and the destination of the main hiking trail also that leads to the rest of the area. Most of the backpacking trail here is also part of the Great Western Trail.

You can see some wonderful views of Mount Ogden from Eyrie Peak. You also get to take in scenic views of the Great Salt Lake, Ben Lomond, James Peak, and the stunning valleys surrounding the Pineview Reservoir.

5. Mount Ogden

Located close to Eyrie Peak and Ben Lomond is the famous Mount Ogden. You can reach Mount Ogden via Beus Canyon Trail. This is an 18.3-kilometer trail in Northern Utah is usually quite crowded. The trail features a river and is mainly used for running, hiking, and snowshoeing in the winters.

The lower part of the trail is the easiest to climb, and it takes you all the way to the mouth of Beus Canyon. At the Beus Canyon, the trail intersects the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, which continues along Beus Creek until it reaches a beautiful small meadow from the canyon forks. This meadow is known as Fern Valley, and you can get some beautiful photographs at this spot.

6. Jardine Juniper

This is another stunning backpacking trail in northern Utah. This trail takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery as you backpack through aspen groves, firs, and meadows. The highlight of this route is a 1500-year-old juniper tree that grows along the ridge. You can explore Logan Canyon, one of the most dramatic canyons in Utah.

There are several places to camp out in Wood Camp Hollow. There is also a mesmerizing creek that flows through the canyon, making this trail a heavenly backpacking trip for the soul. The elevation of this trail is 7427 feet, and the distance to be covered is 5.8 miles one way. The trail is of moderate difficulty level, and you need a permit to backpack through this beautiful area.

7. Naomi Peak

Another stunning backpacking trail in northern Utah is the Naomi Peak Trail. This is a ten kilometer long heavily trafficked out and back trail that is located near Logan. The highlight of the trail is the beautiful wildflowers that grow on both sides of the route. The trail is rated as moderate difficulty level, and it also offers a number of activity options. The best time to hike along this trail is from March to October. However, if you have a pollen allergy, it is best to avoid this route owing to the wildflowers that bloom here in from late July to early August.

Naomi Peak is the highest summit in the Bear River Range, located just one mile east of Mount Magog. This mountain is called a dolomite-quartzite wonderland, and it is a sight to behold. If you decide to hike all the way up here, you can explore a handful of small caves and fossils here. If you are hiking this trail in the fall season, it is recommended that you wear bright orange since this is a popular place for hunters.

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