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Why An Included Breakfast Is Essential For Your Lake District Stay

Why An Included Breakfast Is Essential For Your Lake District Stay (2024)

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when you have plenty of incredible activities right on your doorstep, then it makes sense to make sure you offer your body the fuel it needs to get you through, at least until lunch. Why An Included Breakfast Is Essential For Your Lake District Stay

When you book a stay in the Lake District, there are a couple of things to consider about your choice of accommodation, the location, the rooms and, of course, the breakfasts. As the weather improves, then you are likely to want to get out and do some fell walking, take on some of the steeper climbs and just generally enjoy the great outdoors. This is an activity best done with a good breakfast inside you – toast alone simply won’t cut it.

Why is an included breakfast so important?

Whilst there is no shortage of places to eat in the Lake District, there is something very convenient about being able to get up in the morning, get dressed and then go down to breakfast, in much the same way as you might at home. There are a number of advantages to having inclusive breakfasts in your stay and the first one is of course that you don’t even have to leave the building to get your breakfast; something which makes it incredibly convenient. On a day when the weather isn’t great, this can be particularly helpful.

If you are staying in an unfamiliar place, then trying to find somewhere good to get some breakfast isn’t always an easy option and many of the places that do serve breakfast that are not part of your accommodation will probably not be open as early as you might like. Whilst a 9am breakfast may suit some people, if you want to make the most of your time in the Lake District, particularly when the weather is good, then an early breakfast is very important. If you are planning a full day of walking, a good breakfast will set you up and mean that a packed lunch will be all that you will require in the middle of the day, so you will not need to plan walks that include a stop for lunch.

Price wise, paying for accommodation with breakfast included means that you can budget for your trip more effectively. These costs are known and paid for upfront, leaving you more leeway for the rest of your food and expenses during your trip. This can be a good way of spreading some costs out and with the cost of living the way it is at the moment can be a better way of budgeting for many people.

What should a good inclusive breakfast include?

When it comes to inclusive breakfasts, most places offer a wide variety of options because they understand that not everyone wants the same thing for breakfast. Whether you are a big fan of a continental-style breakfast with pastries, fresh bread and a selection of fruit and yoghurt, or love staying away from home and indulging in a cooked breakfast it’s always a good idea to choose somewhere with options.

If you are planning a day of walking then a good, cooked breakfast will contain plenty of protein to keep you active for longer. With this in mind, one thing you want to look out for on any menu in the Lake District, is of course, Cumberland sausage. If you have dietary requirements, for example, you are vegetarian, vegan or require gluten-free options, then most good accommodation options will offer all of these or be able to put something together to suit your needs.

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