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Siloso Beach - Amazing Beache in Singapore That Shouldn’t Be Missed by Beach Lovers!

7 Amazing Beaches in Singapore That Shouldn’t Be Missed by Beach Lovers! (2024)

Beaches have their own allure and there are very few people who may not get attracted to this allure. Having miles of sand under your feet and miles of deep, dark blue water in front of your eyes – there are truly very few people who are immune to such a mesmerizing location. When it comes to planning a trip to Singapore, beaches are probably not on your itinerary as not many people associate Singapore as a touristy places with beaches. Rather, its neighboring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, etc., are more famous. However, we highly recommend you to check out these seven amazing and pristine beaches of Singapore which offer a wide range of experience such as adventurous water sports, music festivals, scenic beauty, lively nightlife, and more.

Here’s a small trivia about the beaches in Singapore – Did you know that most of the beaches in Singapore are man-made!

7 Amazing Beaches in Singapore That Shouldn’t Be Missed by Beach Lovers!

We Have Curated A List Of Some Amazing Beaches In Singapore:

1. Siloso Beach

Located on the picturesque Sentosa island, the Siloso beach is one of the most popular beaches in Singapore. Once here, rest assured that you will not have a single moment of boredom. You can either sit back, relax, and enjoy the entire vibe of the beach or pick up any activity such as horse riding, playing beach volleyball, banana ride, etc. As the sun sets over this lively beach, you can take advantage of the cool ocean breeze and have an impromptu dance party with your family and friends. Also, another great reason to visit the Siloso beach is to sample the amazing food and drinks available at the various beach shacks set up on the beach. You can truly enjoy a complete day out at the Siloso beach.
Siloso Beach - Amazing Beache in Singapore That Shouldn’t Be Missed by Beach Lovers! Image Source

2. Palawan Beach

When you think of beaches, do you think of shimmering white sand, endless stretch of blue green water, and palm trees swaying around? Well, if your answer is yes, then you must include a visit to the Palawan Beach in your Singapore itinerary. This is one beach which is perfect for family outings as it not just offers the adults the perfect spot to laze around but also has a number of activities for kids to enjoy. One of the top attractions is a suspension bridge similar to the one in the Pirates of Caribbean which is connected to a small island. It is part of a pirate-themed water park called Port of Lost Wonder. Have fun with your kids exploring the treasure chests, a pirate ship, wooden beam towers, and more. Also, do explore the beach bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops around the beach.

Amazing Beach in Singapore-Palawan BeachImage Source

3. Tanjong Beach

One of the most beautiful man-made beaches of Singapore, Tanjong Beach situated in the south cost of Sentosa is THE beach for party-lovers. During the day, it is the perfect beach for you to unwind at its various shacks and cabanas, but as night falls, its all about letting your hair loose and partying it up. The Tanjong Beach Club is the place to be which organizes night beach parties twice in a month. This man-made beach is in the shape of a crescent moon and is great for people who wish to indulge in activities such as kayaking, fishing, swimming, stand-up paddle board, volleyball games, etc. For food-lovers, the seafood offerings are worth a try at the Tanjong Beach Club.

Tanjong Beach in SingaporeImage Source

4. Changi Beach

As the name suggests, the Changi Beach is situated close to the Changi Airport on the east coast. If you are in the mood for a tropical beach in Singapore, then this is your destination. The Changi Beach is a 28-hectare unique Beach Park which caters to adults as well as kids. This beach park offers its visitors a great walking trail which is divided into six different parts – Sunset Walk, Cliff Walk, Beach Walk, Kelong Walk, Creek Walk, and Sailing Point Walk. It also has a dedicated running and cycling track for fitness enthusiast. This beach is popular not just with the tourists but also the locals. One unique reason to visit this beach is plane spotting. You can head up to this beach and get your adrenaline rush on as you watch low flying planes landing at the Changi Airport. For your hunger pangs, check out the fresh seafood options at Bistro@Changi or explore the other options available at Changi Village.

Best Beach in Singapore-Changi Beach

Photo By Jirka Matousek  Image Source

5. Punggol Beach

If you want to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city and are not in the mood for crowded beaches, then head to the secluded Punggol Beach located on the Sentosa island. This beach is a haven for people who wish to have a relaxing and peaceful beach experience. It is a unique and truly picturesque beach which has white, soft sand, with huge boulders in the middle. Definitely worth clicking a couple of pictures here! You can have a fun and quite picnic, or enjoy some leisure water activities like kayaking, boating, etc. There is also a walking trail that you can explore. There are a couple of eateries also available on the beach, so you don’t have to worry about your drinks and food.

6. Lazarus Beach

The Lazarus Beach is situated on the St. John’s Island which is about 6.5 Kms from mainland Singapore. This is another crescent-shaped beach full of white fine sand and turquoise blue water. This beach offers a truly tropical experience, making you forget that you are anywhere close to the lively city life of Singapore. Not many people are aware, but the Lazarus beach is one of the best beaches for couples as it offers the perfect location and tranquility for couples to relax and enjoy time with each other. Spend your day leisurely strolling on the beach or explore the coral reefs. You can also get some amazing pictures on this stunning beach. Also, you will need to carry your own food and drinks as there are no shops offering these on sale on the St. John’s Island.

Lazarus Amazing Beach in Singapore

Photo by Jnzl’s Photos  Image Source

7. Kusu Island

The Kusu Island is another great option for people who wish to get away from the maddening crowd of the city. Situated around 5.6 kms away from mainland Singapore, the Kusu Island is one of the smaller beaches in Singapore, but nonetheless, worth visiting. It’s wide expanse of white sand, clear water, and lush greenery makes it an absolutely delightful beach to relax and unwind. The word Kusu translates to ‘tortoise’ in Chinese and it is not surprising to see a sanctuary on this island which is dedicated to hundreds of turtles. You can spend a relaxing day at this beach by enjoying a swim in the lagoons and exploring the stunning marine life. As night falls, you can enjoy couple of drinks at the various bars situated on the island.

Amazing Beach in Singapore-Kusu IslandImage Source

Whether you are looking for a lively and happening beach experience or a calm and relaxing experience; the beaches of Singapore can cater to your every wish. With this list of the seven best beaches in Singapore, it will be easier for you to plan your beach outings during your Singapore trip.

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