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Hainanese Chicken Rice - Top Mouth Watering Street Food Dishes of Singapore

Top 10 Mouth Watering Street Food Dishes of Singapore That One Should Not Miss (2024)

When it comes to experiencing culinary delight, you cannot go wrong with the Singaporean cuisine which is the perfect amalgamation of three countries – China, India, and Malaysia. Singaporean cuisine is not just a burst of flavors on your tasting buds but is also extremely visually appealing. Though fine dining in Singapore is something worth experiencing, there is no way one can miss out on gorging on some mouth watering street food dishes in Singapore. The street food in Singapore is not just affordable, it is also termed as a food lover’s paradise. Known broadly as hawker fare, you can get your hands on some of the amazing Singaporean street foods at various hawker centers. Here are 10 of the must-taste street food dishes if you are heading to Singapore.

Top 10 Mouth Watering Street Food Dishes of Singapore That One Should Not Miss

1. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Topping our list of must-taste street food in Singapore is the Hainanese Chicken Rice which is also considered as the national dish of Singapore. This combination of chicken and rice is considered to be one of the tastiest dishes in the world. The chicken is first poached in hot stock and then cold water is used to blanch it which ensures that the chicken remains juicy and succulent. It is served with delicious rice which is cooked in chicken fat, ginger, garlic, chicken stock, and pandan leaf. You will also get a well-balanced chili dip and a ginger dip as accompaniments.

Hainanese Chicken Rice - Top Mouth Watering Street Food Dishes of Singapore

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2. Char Kway Teow

Next on our list is Char Kway Teow which is another immensely popular street food of Singapore. The dish consists of Kway Teow which is flat rice noodles and Char means stir fried. The dish comes together in a wok and includes other ingredients such as bean sprouts, Chinese sausage slices, dark soya sauce, and blood cockles. In some places, you may also find the dish topped with some crispy, deep-fried lard.

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3. Sambal Stingray

Though stingray may not be the preferred choice of many, if you are in Singapore, then you just cannot miss out on sampling the Sambal Stingray. Popular in the street food community, this lip-smacking dish is prepared by grilling slices of the fish in a banana leaf. Once done, sambal which is a delightful and carefully balanced mixture of chili pepper, shrimp paste, spices, and shallots is spread over the grilled fish. The perfect Sambal stingray will have a crispy outer layer and soft, moist flesh inside.Sambal Stingray Image Source

4. Laksa

It is said that if you have time to taste just one street food in Singapore, it has to be the Laksa! A highlight of the Peranakan cuisine, this dish consists of rice noodles dipped in a creamy coconut sauce and fried bean curd. Other variations include the dish with some spiced herbs, fish cake, prawns, bean sprouts, and cockles. All the variations include diced onions, chili, cucumber, pineapple, a Vietnamese mint, and torch ginger for enhancing the taste of the dish. Do try this dish at 328 Katong Laksa, which is a street food stall.Laksa Image Source

5. Fish Head Curry

This street food may sound a little odd for Westerners; however, it is quite common among the Southeast Asian community. Though mostly preferred by the Indian community staying in Singapore, this delicious bowl of warmth has become a local favorite as well. As the name suggests, the dish consists of primary fish heads which have been cooked in a spicy sauce and served with crispy vegetables such as brinjal and okra. To try a sweeter version of the dish, head to any of the Chinese street food stalls and if you prefer the spicier version, the Indian street food stalls is a better option. 

6. Kaya Toast

For an ideal Singaporean street food experience, one should definitely try out the Kaya Toast which can be either had for breakfast or with your afternoon tea. This dish is a combination of thin slices of toasted bread which is covered in Kaya and half-boiled eggs which has a black sauce drizzled over it with some butter as an accompaniment. Kaya is basically a kind of jam which is made up of coconut, sugar, and egg. In some of the food stalls, you can also buy kaya to take it back home. Wash down your delicious breakfast with a hot cup of coffee or kopi as it is known locally in Singapore.Kaya Toast - Great Street Food Dish of SingaporeImage Source

7. Nasi Lemak

This street food ahs been inspired from the Malay cuisine and is one of the most typical dish eaten for breakfast or lunch in Singapore. It is basically a rice dish which is cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. It is a simple fare served with simple accompaniments such as an omelet, some fresh cucumbers, deep-fried anchovies, and a sambal paste. At some places, you can get a more refined version of this dish where they include deep-fried chicken or some fried kuning fish dusted in turmeric.  Nasi Lemak - One of Best Street Food Dish of singapore

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8. Roti Prata

Another common breakfast item that one should definitely try in Singapore is the Roti Prata. This is considered as the staple breakfast dish in Singapore and has its origin from South India. The dish consists of couple of flat breads which are fried on a gridle with some clarified butter. This flaky and crispy flat bread is served mostly with either fish curry or mutton curry and in some places, they also serve dal which is a curry made of yellow lentils. Some food stalls also have the option of ordering this dish with a side of egg. 

9. Tze Char

Tze Char translates to stir fry which is one of the most common ways of preparing street food dishes in Singapore. This is a great dish to try out as a group as they are often served in a communal-style. The dish mostly consist of wok-fried sweet and sour pork, with a plate of bean curd and sambal kang kong – all this with a plate of hot steaming plain rice. This is a great option to try out if you want to give the chili crab and other expensive seafood items a miss. 

10. Tau Hua

Singapore street food is not just about spicy and delicious food items. If you are in Singapore, then you cannot miss out on trying their delicious dessert Tau Hua which is a localized version of a Chinese dessert called donhua. The dessert contains a grainy bean curd tofu which is covered with a sweet syrup infused with pandan leaves and some gingko seeds on top. This dessert can be enjoyed either as a hot dessert or a cold one.

Though fine dining is recommended, the true culinary essence of any place can be experienced only by sampling its street food items. The wide variety of Singaporean street food dishes listed here will truly help you to soak in the culture of Singapore and leave you wanting for more with their mouth-watering street food dishes.

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