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Experience Authentic Thailand : Homestays and Community Tourism Guide (2024)

Welcome to the world of Homestays and Community Tourism in Thailand

What is your idea of exploration? Have you been to Thailand before? Well, the magic of staying in real homes, experiencing local life, and making meaningful connections with the Thai people is any day beautiful. Especially if you have covered all the commercialized tourism opportunities in Thailand, there isn’t anything better to do than indulge in community tourism. The simplicity and authenticity of homestays, where your stay becomes more than just a visit, is truly a genuine experience.

Thailand is home to a vibrant culture and warm hospitality. Although tourism here has expanded roots long ago in recent years, a different popularity of homestays and community tourism is digging in. More and more travellers are drawn to stepping into the heart of local communities, escaping the ordinary, and immersing themselves in the extraordinary. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the authentic side of Thailand with our guide below.

Why You Should Experience a Homestay in Thailand?

For discovering Thailand like never before staying in one of the homestays is one of the finest experiences. Imagine living in a real Thai home, embracing local culture, and savouring homemade meals, all affordably and authentically. Here’s more about it.

Live Like a Local :

  • Homestays are the best way to dive into the daily life of Thai families.
  • They allow guests to experience traditions, routines, and customs firsthand.
  • Staying in a homestay makes guests become part of the family, sharing moments and creating memories.

Authentic Thai Cuisine:

  • Savour homemade meals prepared with love.
  • Join the cooking process and learn the secrets of Thai flavours.
  • Eating up with the locals right next to their kitchen isn’t about a meal but it is a journey into the heart of Thai culinary traditions.

Cultural Immersion Beyond Tourism:

  • Enjoy traditional ceremonies and activities during your stay.
  • Gain insights into those Thai cultures that aren’t on the internet and go beyond the surface.

Natural Surroundings:

  • Most of the homestays in Thailand are nestled in serene, natural environments.
  • Explore lush jungles, tranquil rivers, or picturesque rice paddies.

The homestays in Thailand are much more than just a place to sleep. These accommodation options open doors to a genuine, enchanting experience breaking from the world of the ordinary.

How is Community Tourism making travel and tourism better in Thailand?

Community tourism is transforming travel and tourism in Thailand. It is slowly becoming a richer and more sustainable experience and thus is loved by diverse visitor groups.

Here are the types of community tourism currently flourishing in Thailand:

Homestays and Village Tourism: Many communities in Thailand open their homes to travellers, offering homestay experiences. These experiences allow tourists to live with local families, participate in daily activities, and truly immerse themselves in the community.

Cultural Tours and Workshops: The local Thai communities actively engage in preserving their cultural heritage by offering guided cultural tours and workshops. This experience allows tourists to learn traditional crafts, dances, and rituals. This type of community tourism aims to ensure that different aspects of Thai culture are passed down to future generations.

Community-Based Enterprises: Local communities in Thailand are now establishing different enterprises in the form of handicraft cooperatives, traditional art studios, and local markets. This helps generate income within the community and provides sustainable economic benefits.

Nature-Based Experiences: Some communities with an emphasis on ecotourism offer nature-based experiences in collaboration with local environmental initiatives. This type of experience may involve guided nature walks, bird watching, or even sustainable wildlife conservation efforts.

Farm Stays and Agricultural Tours: Some rural communities in Thailand showcase their agricultural practices by offering farm stays and tours. This type of community tourist allows tourists to actively participate in farming activities, learn about local crops, and gain insights into traditional farming methods.

Local Food Experiences: It is one of the most common and flourishing community tourism in Thailand that highlights the local culinary traditions. These experiences include cooking classes, food tours, and opportunities for travellers to dine with local families. This not only provides a delicious experience but also supports local food producers.

Indigenous Tourism: Such tourism opportunities allow collaborations with indigenous communities to promote responsible tourism practices. Travelers can learn about the unique cultures and lifestyles of Thailand’s indigenous people, fostering understanding and appreciation.

Popular Homestays and Community Tourism in Thailand

1. Krabi Forest Homestay: Your Gateway to Thai Bliss

The Krabi Forest Homestay is one of the most popular hideaways in the Krabi Islands. Just a stroll away from dreamy beaches, this homestay offers clean rooms adorned with Thai charm.

Perfect Location: Situated close to popular beaches, it’s your ideal starting point for Krabi exploration.

Comfortable Rooms: Enjoy cosy rooms with amenities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and more. Choose from 65 rooms, each uniquely decorated.

Authentic Cuisine: Delight your taste buds with 24/7 access to the best Thai and international dishes at the on-site restaurant.

Activities Galore: Immerse yourself in fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and soothing massages. Need tickets or car rental? The homestay has got you covered.

Local Tips: Get insider tips on sightseeing and experience an authentic Thai adventure. Plus, enjoy garden or mountain views from your room.

2. Ban Lor Cha Community Tourism: Dive into Hill Tribe Life

Discover the heart of Thailand with Ban Lor Cha Community Tourism. Immerse yourself in the lives of hill tribes, supporting them ethically.

Authentic Homestays: Stay in bamboo huts, sharing daily life with hill tribe families. Basic amenities, no hot showers, but an authentic experience.

Culinary Adventures: Learn to cook local delights and relish meals with your hill tribe hosts. It’s a feast of rice, vegetables, and local herbs.

Unique Tours: Explore Karen and Hmong villages on a 1-day tour or opt for a 2-day immersion. Choose from a variety of experiences, each supporting local sustainability.

Nature’s Beauty: Extend your stay with a 3-day tour exploring rice terraces or a longer journey through the Mae Hong Son Loop.

3. Ban Na Thon Tai Kuan Cultural Tourism Community: A Journey Back in Time

Experience the rich culture of the Tai Guan people at Ban Na Thon Tai Kuan Cultural Tourism Community.

Tai Guan Traditions: Witness the dances imitating wild animals, wear the symbolic yellow and black Tai Guan costume, and embrace their “Tai-Yho” language.

Cultural Exchange: Visit the Tai Guan Jinghong Period Museum for ancient artefacts and blacksmith demonstrations at the Traditional Learning Centre.

Local Life Immersion: Catch fish in the “Tid Sadung” style, cycle along the Mekong River, and savour local dishes. Don’t miss the iron-striking classical dance.

Spa and Relaxation: Unwind with a foot massage spa session, or browse the cultural road market. End your day in the traditional wrap-around skirt, enjoying a meal.

4. Baan Nong Thale Community Ecotourism Krabi Thailand : A Hidden Gem

Local Bliss: Experience life like a local in traditional Thai homes. Immerse yourself in the warmth of Baan Nong Thale’s community.

Ecotourism Wonders: Explore the lush greenery and natural beauty of Krabi. Baan Nong Thale is your gateway to an eco-friendly adventure.

Cultural Delights: Engage in cultural workshops and learn Thai traditions. The community opens its heart to share its rich heritage with you.

Baan Nong Thale Homestays: Stay in cosy homestays with all the comforts you need. Discover the hospitality and authenticity of Thai village life.

Local Cuisine Journey: Delight your taste buds with homemade Thai meals. Join in cooking sessions and savour the flavours of Baan Nong Thale.

Seaside Serenity: Enjoy the serenity of the nearby beaches and islands. Baan Nong Thale offers a perfect blend of community and coastal beauty.

5. Pai Village Farm Homestay : Nature’s Haven for Backpackers

The Pai Village Farm Homestay is a perfect retreat if you’re a nature and wildlife enthusiast. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Pai with scenic landscapes, mountain treks, and refreshing water springs.

Nature Trekking: Embark on mountain treks offering breathtaking views of scenic gorges. Dive into the crystal-clear water springs and hike through Pai’s best scenic spots.

Panoramic Views: Surrounded by a lush garden, the homestay provides a panoramic view of the charming town. All key landmarks are conveniently within a kilometre’s reach.

Relaxing Spaces: Unwind in our dining and relaxation areas. Indulge in delicious meals prepared just for you. Every room features a patio and outdoor seating for moments of tranquillity.

Breathtaking Outdoors: Marvel at the mountains from outdoor benches, visit the duck house and explore the chicken pen. The surroundings are a symphony of greenery and flowers.

Comfortable Accommodations: Choose between a standard or large bedroom, both equipped with TV, Wi-Fi, and cosy beds. Each room boasts a terrace and a private bathroom.

Scenic Retreat: Clean rooms provide scenic views, allowing you to soak in the beauty of nature. The homestay, crafted in wood, offers an earthy and serene ambience.

Nature’s Embrace: Experience the serenity of lush landscapes and the tranquillity of nature. The homestay ensures a comfortable stay with all essential amenities.

Homestays and Community Tourism in Thailand- Essential Tips

  1. Embrace Thai customs and traditions with an open mind.
  2. Learn and respect the “wai” greeting – a slight bow with hands pressed together.
  3. Be aware that Western toilets may be less common and thus familiarize yourself with squat toilets, a common bathroom fixture.
  4. Respect Thai conservative dress standards. Even in warm weather, locals often wear full pants and long-sleeved shirts. Therefore, when exploring community tourism and staying in a homestay, pack modest clothing.
  5. Recognize breakfast as a substantial and important meal and expect meat or seafood with rice, veggies, and sauce in the morning.
  6. Acknowledge the reverence for the King throughout Thailand.
  7. Utilize colourful Tuk Tuks for a unique and efficient mode of transportation.
  8. Understand that each host family experience is unique, and the levels of English competency may vary; thus, use simple words, writing, or gestures.
  9. Remember, non-verbal communication is key; thus, use body language effectively. You can also utilize photos, translation apps, or gestures to support your explanations.
  10. Be patient and understanding when communicating in English.
  11. Expect to have ample free time during your homestay.
  12. Have reasonable expectations and ask before taking pictures.
  13. Take advantage of unique opportunities presented during your stay.

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