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Pad Kra Pao - Top Thai Street Food That will Make You Drool Over Thai Cuisine

Top 10 Thai Street Foods That will Make You Drool Over Thai Cuisine (2024)

Thai food is popular worldwide and most of the authentic Thai dishes have their own variations in different countries. Which is why it is mandatory for you to try the original and authentic taste of these famous Thai dishes when you are in Thailand. It is common knowledge that Thai street food is one of the most popular one in the world. It won’t be wrong to call Thailand as a food lover’s paradise and the fact that these street food items are available at budget-friendly prices makes them all the more appealing. This list has 10 of the most popular and must-try Thai street foods that will truly transform your taste buds and make you drool over Thai cuisine.

Top 10 Thai Street Foods That will Make You Drool Over Thai Cuisine

1. Pad Kra Pao

This traditional Thai street food comprises of white rice which is served along with Thai basil and chilies and either minced pork or stir-fried chicken. At some places, they also serve a fried egg. People who do not like too much spice can request the vendor to reduce the amount of chilies used in the dish. The combination of savoury pork/chicken with peppery flavour of Thai basil will definitely leave you wanting for more.

Pad Kra Pao - Top Thai Street Food That will Make You Drool Over Thai Cuisine

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2. Som Tam

Som Tam is one Thai street food which is extremely common and found at almost every street food stall across Thailand. The dish is basically a green papaya salad which comes with a host of other ingredients as well. Overall, you will enjoy a burst of flavours such as sweet, sour, and spicy when you taste this dish. This juicy dish typically consists of unripe green papaya, lime juice, sugar, tomatoes, green beans, shrimp, peanuts, chilli peppers, etc.

Best Dishes Try When You are in Thailand-Som Tam

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3. Kai Jeow

This simple dish of omelette served over rice is one of the cheapest and most common street food of Thailand. Though it sounds like a simple fare, the Thai omelette is unlike the western-style omelette. The Thai omelette is fluffy from inside and crispy and golden from outside. It is a very common breakfast dish and is cooked with chillies, fish sauce, and herbs. The Kai Jeow is a popular on-the-go dish for many of the locals.

4. Guay Teow

Guay Teow translates to Noodle soup and is another dish which is common at most of the Thai street food stalls. It is said that this is one Thai street food which can be customized right down to the size and type of the noodle. You can order a plate of egg or rice noodles which is served either in a thick stock of vegetables or wontons, or meat (chicken, beef, pork). It is truly one of the most satisfying dishes which is available in different tastes at different places, depending upon the condiments used.

5. Kao Niew Ma Muang

This Thai street food is a sweet dish which is made using fresh mango pieces, coconut cream syrup, and sticky white rice. It is yet another dish which is simple but extremely delicious and fulfilling. The coconut cream syrup gets absorbed by the white sticky rice, giving it the perfect texture and sweetness. Though this Thai cuisine is usually popular during the season when mangoes are available in plenty, there are many stalls which serve it throughout the year.

6. Pad Thai

When it comes to Thai street food, almost everyone is familiar with the extremely popular dish – Pad Thai. Not many are aware that Pad Thai is considered as the national dish of Thailand which just proves why you should definitely try the authentic version when you are in Thailand. The dish is basically stir-fried noodles with an assortment of vegetables, variations of meat, eggs, bean sprouts, lime, tamarind pulp, and crushed nuts. It is not just a filling dish but also a healthy one.

7. Satay

When in Thailand, one street food that you will find a number of people eating as they are walking around is Satay or Grilled Meat Skewers. This is a popular dish in Thai cuisine and basically consists of meat skewers served with some delicious peanut sauce. Different street vendors sell different marinades with the Satay, but you can rest assure that it will be mouth-watering. You have the option to choose from beef, chicken, pork, fish balls, and in some places, they also offer intestines. These grilled meat skewers are great to munch on as you stroll around.

8. Pa Pia Sod

Pa Pia Sod are streamed spring rolls which come with both vegetarian as well non-vegetarian stuffing. These spring rolls are available in bite-sized pieces and are often served with an array of dipping sauces. The dish is prepared using wheat or rice dough sheet filled with vegetables and meat, rolled, and steamed. Some places also serve the fried version which is called Poh Pia Tod.

9. Kluay Tod

This Thai street food can be termed as an appetizer, a breakfast dish, or even a dessert. The main ingredient is bananas which are either just ripe or unripe. The banana pieces are then covered in a batter of coconut and sesame seeds and finally deep fried. As you bite into it, you will first get to taste the crunchy outside and then the delicious gooey centre. Some places offer this dish with a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top to add an extra dose of sweetness while some offer chocolate sauce. It is highly recommended to eat this dish while it is hot. Once it turns cold, it becomes soggy.

10. Kafae Yen and Cha Yen

When it comes to Thai street food, you will not just have options to choose from sweet and savoury food items but also delicious drinks. The Thai style iced coffee and tea are also extremely popular and a great way to quench your thirst after all the sightseeing and shopping expeditions. The drinks are made using cream and condensed milk and you will often find both locals as well as tourists moving around with either of the drink in their hand. Some people may find the drinks overtly sweet; however, they go extremely well with your spicy Pad Thai or peppery Thai green curry.

So, there you have it – the 10 best Thai street food which will make you drool over Thai cuisine. Street foods are not just something to taste and fill your stomach but also great for learning more about the culture of a place and interact with the locals. With this list of 10 best Thai street foods in hand, go ahead, pack your bags, and let yourself immerse in the rich culinary culture of Thailand!

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