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Dhow Cruise, Dubai

Top Things to Do in Dubai (2024)

Dubai is the epitome of grandeur; it never seems to shy away from being the perfect host for any traveler. The city offers endless choices to explore, thrill-seeking activities, luxurious staycations, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. So, set your expectations high, as we share some of the top things to do and see in Dubai.

Dubai Bucket List: Best Things to Do with Friends and Family

1. Burj Khalifa

A trip to Dubai will not be complete without the mention of the world-renowned Burj Khalifa. It has become the icon for Dubai and stands by its grand stature. So, a trip to the top of Burj is an awesome way to witness the picturesque panoramic view of this Emirate. Explore one of the highest observatory decks in the entire world. Do plan your visit during sunsets to capture some candid shots for your social media followers. The tickets start at AED 166 and the timings are from 8AM to 11.30 PM.

2. Desert Safari Dubai

As the name suggests desert safari has become very popular among young couples and friends from across the world. The thrill of action-packed activities and that too in arid and wild deserts makes an exciting excursion. With numerous tour operators to choose from, tourists can plan activities based on their preferences and budget and get the most out of it. From early morning cruises to bone-crunching dune bashing, this desert safari has every thrill-seeking public’s attention. The package starts at as low as AED 60 and goes up to a couple of hundred dirhams for other activities.

3. Museum of the Future

Dubai and its genius architectural moguls never cease to amaze the world. This modern marvel has seen and witnessed the same admiration from the masses as this lets you see the possible future tech innovations blended with traditional art fares. This is the latest entrant to this city and has been made public in February 2022. It is just 2kms from the city center and the tickets start at AED 145.

4. Dhow Cruise, Dubai

A trip to Dubai cannot be complete without this epic Dhow cruise along the beautiful coasts. This perfect family setting is a great way to end your trip with lifelong memories. Come experience the heritage of Dhow Cruise Dubai with various culture-inspiring locations and famous landmarks on the route best served with exquisite local cuisine for dinner. You could choose from Dubai Marina or Deira Creek. The tour encompasses 2-3 hours, and the menu boasts varied cuisines from over the world to satisfy your taste buds. The price starts from AED 80 to AED 240.

Dhow Cruise, Dubai

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5. Dubai Fountain

This amazing water marvel has been curated by California agency WET who also has the credit of making the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas. This mesmerizing 150 feet water fountain is housed inside the Burj complex.. This water fountain dances to various Arabic musical masterpieces and other international numbers. This is a free event and can be witnessed from various vantage points. The view of this attraction is best observed from the Dubai Mall, or you can take a boat ride

6. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

As mentioned above, Dubai Mall has its own set of attractions, and this beautiful underwater zoo is the perfect example, housing over 30000 attractions. Venture to the ground floor of the Dubai Mall and witness this grand structure filled with majestic colorful marine species. See through the aquarium tank, which houses varieties of sting rays and fishes. Marvel at the giant sharks in their natural habitat and marvel at the beauty of such creatures. They also have a zoo section that houses adorable Humboldt penguins, dwarf crocodiles, and the dreaded piranha fish. Ticket prices can go up to AED 145.

7. IMG Worlds of Adventure

Dubai without IMG Worlds feels like something is amiss. So, bring out the kid in you and explore the endless realm of fantasy and cool cartoon characters. Sprawling over 1 million square feet of area, this entertainment giant is every child’s dream vacation. Do explore the epic rides themed after some of the world-famous Superheroes. The ticket prices are from AED 158 to AED 258.

8. Ski Dubai

Why would you need to go to any hill station and seek snow, when you are already in Dubai? Ski Dubai brings the whole arena to your doorstep with over 22,500 sq m of fun and all that in an indoor setting. You have an ice museum, snow parks, and an academy that hosts various programs for the patrons. Eat at the Avalanche café by the slopes and sip on hot chocolate while you enjoy the unique outing. Prices start at AED 150 – AED 220 with a 3-4 hours duration enough to explore the entire arena.

9. Hot Air Balloon Flight

As the name itself is enough to bring out the adventure geek, this amazing activity is a must in Dubai. It lets you witness the entire city from marvelous angles with an adrenaline rush. As the city falls beneath you and the backdrop of the mountains takes over, you are at a divine portal. Though the tickets are on the expensive side, this trip is worth taking while in Dubai. Prices start from AED 800 to AED 1200.

10. Al Bastakiya

While in Dubai, do explore the historic side of the nation in areas like old Dubai. This will not only give you a much-needed break from the modern hectic life but also reflect on the importance of heritage and old human values. Antique houses, museums and marketplaces adorn this place, giving you a glimpse of past lifestyle. There is no entry fee here. Just relax and relive the beautiful history of this amazing city.


In Dubai you will be spoilt for choices; one trip is not sufficient to explore all that’s on the plate. Do make a few trips to have the full platter of amazing activities here. Bring the family or even a solo trip is quite safe and will make a lasting impression for a lifetime.

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