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Book Reliable and Affordable Hyderabad to Bapatla Prepaid Taxi

Book Reliable and Affordable Hyderabad to Bapatla Prepaid Taxi Service with Thetoptours.com (2024)

When you are looking forward to Hyderabad to Bapatla Taxi Service, trust Thetoptours.com. We are committed to providing the best Hyderabad local and outstation services throughout the year.

Hyderabad to Bapatla taxi service is always in high demand since it is a very common route. People from Hyderabad choose to travel to Bapatla on a day-to-day basis, whether for personal or professional reasons. You can now book your Hyderabad to Bapatla prepaid taxi service and get flexible options depending on your budget and requirement.

Book Reliable and Affordable Hyderabad to Bapatla Prepaid Taxi Service with Thetoptours.com

For Booking your Hyderabad to Bapatla Cab Service, Call Us at 7075982162 or 7075482162

For a Hyderabad to Bapatla ride, taxis and cabs are one of the most comfortable options. And when you book one with us, Thetoptours.com assure you quality & reliable services within reach of one easy call. Book Reliable and Affordable Hyderabad to Bapatla Prepaid Taxi

If you are curious and confused about booking a prepaid taxi from Hyderabad to Bapatla, you can call us at 7075982162 or 7075482162. Our booking executive will assist you with the most reliable services. Thetoptours.com is focused on providing quality services at affordable and reasonable rates to customers. As you avail of our Hyderabad to Bapatla Cab services, we assure you the most comfortable experience. Book with us once, and you will come back time and again for all your Hyderabad local and outstation cab services.

Hyderabad to Bapatla Cab Service, Distance, and Duration| Thetoptours.com

Hyderabad and Bapatla are two cities in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, respectively. Hyderabad is a major center for the technology industry, whereas Bapatla is an ideal destination for spiritual travelers. Not only Hyderabad but people from all across South India travel to Bapatla on a regular basis.

The distance from Hyderabad to Bapatla is 311.9 kilometers via National Highway 65 and National Highway 167A. A road trip on this route takes nearly 6 hours and 16 minutes. Another route that connects Hyderabad to Bapatla via National Highway 65 is 352.3 kilometers. A road trip on this route takes nearly 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Simultaneously, the route via National Highway 167A connects Hyderabad to Bapatla, covering nearly 340.1 kilometers. A road trip on this route takes nearly 7 hours and 19 minutes.

Hyderabad to Bapatla Prepaid Taxi Fare, Cab Service Packages, and More| Thetoptours.com

Call Us at 7075982162 or 7075482162 for all your Hyderabad to Bapatla taxi service needs.

The road trip from Hyderabad to Bapatla can be covered in optimal time with our taxi services. Thetoptours.com offer prepaid fare price for your Hyderabad to Bapatla taxi covering a specified maximum of days and specified maximum kilometers.

Our prices for your Hyderabad to Bapatla taxi services are affordable and transparent. We are focused on providing the best deals, which are ideal for small family weekend trips to Bapatla. You can enjoy yourself with your family and friends and explore several tourist attractions in and around Bapatla.

What Do We Consider When Calculating Your Hyderabad To Bapatla Taxi Fare?

Thetoptours.com is extremely transparent with its customers. Here’s what we calculate while deciding your Hyderabad to Bapatla prepaid taxi fare:

Base Fare of Taxi Comprises Of:

  • Fuel prices depend upon the estimated kilometers from Hyderabad to Bapatla and cab maintenance charges which are kept minimal.
  • Driver’s allowance (Additional if it is a round trip or includes multiple days).
  • 5% GST

Additional Fare:

  • Parking Charges (if paid parking had been used)
  • Toll Tax/ Road Tax (Panthangi Toll: 90 INR). The number of tolls may increase depending on the route you choose.
  • State Tax

The cost of booking a Hyderabad to Bapatla outstation cab may vary from person to person. The cost of booking also depends upon the type of cab you choose. Hyderabad to Bapatla taxi fare often increases during the festive and holiday season as well.

Hyderabad to Bapatla Cab Service Options| Thetoptours.com

Individuals can book Hyderabad to Bapatla one-way or round-trip prepaid taxi service depending upon their requirements. One-way trips bring affordability, whereas round trips bring more convenience.

For all your Hyderabad to Bapatla taxi service needs, Thetoptours.com offer the following cab options:

  • AC Sedans, including Tata Etios, Swift Dzire, etc. These cabs are good enough for 2 to 4 passengers.
  • AC SUVs, including Toyota Innova, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, etc. These cabs are good enough for 4 to 6 passengers.
  • Force Traveler 3350 Wider, Tempo Traveler, and Mini Van for large groups and families. These cab types are good enough for 10 or more passengers.

*Mini and other large cab rentals are available on selective routes only.

Hyderabad to Bapatla Tourism Overview: All That You Can Do

Bapatla is a beautiful city in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district. Agriculture is one of the most important features of the town, and that’s what has also made it picturesque.

However, in addition, Bapatla is also known for its Spiritual and Coastal draws. Here are a few things you can enjoy in this city:

Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple: It is a popular Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Bhavanarayana. The Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple is what gave Bapatla its name, identity, and popularity. The temple dated back to the 14th century and was built by Chola rulers of the region. For someone who is inclined towards spirituality or seeking Indian architecture, it is a must-visit place.

Venkateswara Swami Temple: Also known as Lord Venkateswara temple, it is another must-visit spiritual place in Bapatla. This Hindu temple is located in 13th Ward, Satyanarayana Puram, and is quite popular amongst the locals. In addition, the Sai Baba Temple in Bapatla is also a must-visit place.

Suryalanka Beach: Also known as Bapatla beach, it is the most popular tourist attraction in Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh. The beach is right on the Bay of Bengal, 9 kilometers from the famous Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple. This picturesque, secluded, and serene beach is a perfect place to spend some time with friends and family. Nearby the beach are also some popular resorts and the Indian Air Force base.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hyderabad to Bapatla Taxi Services| Thetoptours.com

Why Choose Thetoptours.com for all Hyderabad to Bapatla Outstation Cabs?

What makes our taxi services truly a convenient choice are factors like:

  • Affordable taxi services and transparent deals.
  • Professional drivers who are well versed with the route and local entities.
  • Safe and comfortable on-road experience.
  • 24*7 cab availability and customer support.
  • Easy telephonic booking.

What Is The Best Time For Renting A Car With A Driver From Hyderabad To Bapatla?

If you are looking to grab the best deals and offers, book your Hyderabad to Bapatla taxi service at least a week in advance. Early booking allows us to provide you with cabs of your preference.

Do I Need To Make Payment In Advance To Book Hyderabad To Bapatla Cab?

Yes, when booking a taxi service from Hyderabad to Bapatla, individuals need to pay the base fare in advance. In contrast, the additional charges are to be paid during the ride.

What Are The Payment Options For Booking A Hyderabad To Bapatla Prepaid Cab On Thetoptours.Com?

UPI, Paytm, Net Banking, and other Online transactions allow easy payment options while booking a Hyderabad to Bapatla cab.

Do I Need To Carry Any Id Proof To Avail Of Prepaid Cab Services From Hyderabad To Bapatla?

Thetoptours.com do not ask for any ID proof, though we recommend customers carry one. ID proof can be crucial during road travel, especially if there’s any external checking going on.

Can I Make A Hyderabad To Bapatla Round-Trip In A Day?

It is possible to make a Hyderabad to Bapatla round-trip in a day. However, since a one-way journey takes at least 6 hours, the experience can become super hectic. Bapatla has several affordable accommodations available, and staying back for a day is perhaps an intelligent choice.

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