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Exploring Finland: Essential Tips for an Unforgettable Visit

Exploring Finland: Essential Tips for an Unforgettable Visit (2024)

Finland is a Nordic country renowned for its pristine lakes, vast forests and the Northern Lights. Pack your bags for a magical journey across this land of over 187,000 lakes and endless natural beauty. Be prepared with some key travel tips so your exploration of Suomi (Finnish name for Finland) creates memories to last a lifetime. This article provides essential advice for UK travellers seeking an unforgettable Finnish vacation.

1. Plan Routes Before You Travel

Finland covers over 130,000 square miles, and driving times can be longer than expected. Carefully plan driving routes and modes of transport between destinations using a mapped itinerary. Consult top 100 destinations from Finland lists to plot your adventure in logical stages. Allow ample time for traversing long distances so you avoid missing booked stays at various stops. With some advance organisation, your customised road trip across Finland should go smoothly. 

2. Pack Proper Outdoor Gear

Finland’s northern climate brings cold temperatures much of the year, so packing appropriate apparel ensures you stay warm and dry. Bring waterproof jackets, a hat, scarves, gloves, thermals, and medium-weight sweaters to layer clothing as the weather shifts. Closed-toe shoes or hiking boots with ankle support also prove sensible footwear when you areactive in Finland’s great outdoors. For overnight trips, carry quality sleeping bags and torches. Don’t let inadequate gear dampen your ability to appreciate Finland’s natural splendour.

3. Explore Nature

Lush green forests blanket most of Finland, so hiking or boating through woodlands lets you bask in Mother Nature. Walk a section of an epic trail like Karhunkierros in Oulanka National Park over bridges, along rivers and past waterfalls. Paddling kayaks or canoes across endless lakes immerses you in Finnish elements with opportunities to spot wildlife. Appreciate nature by wandering through the Finnish landscape – the pure air and verdant vistas enhance mind and body.

4. See the Northern Lights

Travelling to northern Finland during autumn/winter months gives you an excellent chance of viewing the magical Aurora Borealis light display. Take a chairlift ride up Levi Fell to escape light pollution and lay under a blanket gazing skyward, hoping to witness these ethereal green dancing lights. Sign up for a Northern Lights alarm system to alert your phone/smartwatch when solar activity suggests high probability of aurora visibility. Then venture out into the dark Finnish night, armed with your camera and tripod, poised to capture shots of this celestial wonder.

5. Try the Local Cuisine

Beyond the renowned salted liquorice, contemporary Nordic fare makes heavy use of local berries, fish, game meats and mushrooms. Sample reindeer or elk meat, smoked salmon, cloudberry jam, mämmi Easter pudding or salty liquorice to taste authentic Suomi flavours. Karelian pasties with rice fillings offer a quick snack, while foraged chanterelle mushrooms or crayfish shine when in season. Order Sandels, Finlandia vodka, or Koff beer to wash down such traditional tastes. Then finish meals satisfied by the innovative yet comforting cuisine that warms Finland’s harsh climes.

An escape to Finland promises UK travellers special access to unspoiled nature, Northern Lights and distinctive local culture. Just prepare properly with suitable outdoor gear, mapped travel routes and warm attire before embarking on your Nordic adventure.

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