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Portugal’s Golden Visa Program: A Perfect Choice for Global Investors (2024)

Portugal’s Golden Visa program has never failed to impress the global financial industry and attract investors worldwide. The program’s popularity has been increasing continuously and, at the present time, can be seen topping the charts. 

Apart from offering the world’s best wine and being associated with Cristian Ronaldo, Portugal is also renowned for providing one of the best Golden Visa programs. The program allows foreigners to invest in the country’s different platforms and get residency permits in return. 

Being a member of the European Union, Portugal has many benefits for people seeking an improved life condition. The need remains to fulfill the asked criteria and get through the application process. This is where Golden Visa consulting firms, such as the Global Residence Index, come into the picture.  Portugal Golden Visa's Program

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Guide To Portugal Golden Visa’s Program For Global Investors 

Let us walk through the Portugal Golden Visa program and why it is beneficial for international investors. 

Overview of the Portugal Golden Visa Program 

The Portugal Golden Visa program was initiated in the year 2012 and has been highly popular since then. It is also known as the program of residence permit for investment activity and works intending to attract investors worldwide. 

Non-EU investors can make use of the program to invest in Portugal and acquire permission to reside, work, and get an education in the country. Also, an investor with Portugal’s Golden Visa can apply for permanent residency in the country after a period of five years. 

Who All Are Eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa Program?

The eligibility criteria for participating in the Portugal Golden Visa Program include these points:

  • The individual should be a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen;
  • The individual should be 18 years or older;
  • The individual should have a clean criminal record;
  • The funds being used for making investments in Portugal should come outside the country;
  • The individual should be able to make a qualifying investment as asked by the government;
  • The individual can include the family members who are eligible as per the criteria laid down by the government;
  • UK citizens have gained permission to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa Program since 2021. 

What Are the Requirements Laid Down For Getting a Portugal Golden Visa?

Here are the requisites set by the Government of Portugal for participating in the country’s Golden Visa program:

  • The investor should be able to give proof showing that they have individually made the investment.
  • The investor needs to maintain the minimum investment for at least a period of five years. After gaining permanent residency, you can liquidate your investment in the country.
  • As per the Portugal Golden Visa program, the investor needs to stay in Portugal for a period of a minimum of seven days.
  • The investor needs to submit all the specified legal and essential documents as asked by the Portuguese government.
  • A document that is not in Portuguese should be translated, certified by a notary, and then submitted along with other documents.
  • The principal investor should have an account in a Portuguese bank and make an investment from there only. Getting a bank account in Portugal for people interested in the Golden Visa program is relatively easy and can be done in half a day. 

What Documents Are Required To Be Submitted for the Portugal Golden Visa Program? 

The Portugal Golden Visa program requires the applicants to submit the following documents:

  • Passport or a travel ID;
  • Statement from a Portuguese bank which can confirm the transfer of funds for your investment in the country;
  • The document stating the health insurance to cover the expenses of stay in Portugal;
  • A copy of a background check performed by your home country;
  • A document giving your declaration of being compliant with the requirements laid down by the Portugal Government for investment;

All the documents should be translated into Portuguese and should be submitted within 90 days of the application submission. 

What are the Different Investment Options Given by Portugal? 

The Portugal Golden Visa program offers the following investment options for investors:

Acquiring Real Estate  

Foreign investors need to invest and purchase a real estate property in Portugal which is more than €500,000. Also, investors can buy multiple properties and meet the minimum requirements of the specified investment. 

However, the new law being proposed states that foreign investors would not be able to apply for the program while making a real estate investment.

Making a Fund Subscription 

Foreign investors can make a minimum €500,000 amount of subscription to a Portuguese fund. However, as per the new law being proposed, the investors may not be able to make a subscription to real estate funds.

Making a Donation 

Foreign investors can make a donation of a minimum amount of €500,000 for the research and development sector’s growth in Portugal. In addition, these investors can also donate a minimum of €250,000 for projects working to preserve the country’s heritage.

Create Job Opportunities

Foreign investors to qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa program can also create a firm that can create full-time jobs for at least ten people. In a low-density population, investors can create eight full-time job opportunities.

In addition, the investors can invest a minimum amount of €500,000 in an already existing Portuguese business. 

Final Words

Portugal Golden Visa has many takers in the international financial world due to the immense benefits it offers. A favorable tax regime, an opportunity to invest in the ever-booming business world of Portuagal, and access to the country’s healthcare and education system are some of the benefits that make it stand apart from the crowd.

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