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Liverpool Street Station

7 Hauntingly Fascinating Supernatural Spots in London (2024)

Curious about the otherworldly and eerie? Doubting specters and spookiness? If yes, then Welcome to our guide into London’s supernatural realm!

No ghost believer here, but we’ve got some spine-tinglers up our sleeve. Just like your buddy, we’re not making ghost proclamations, but we’ve got places and opportunities to keep you up at night. So join us as we dive into the spine-chilling side of London, where the unexpected is the name of the game.

Dimly lit alleyways, historic sites, and tales whispering through time, there’s more to London than what meets our eyes. This city in England holds secrets of a supernatural nature layered with tales that will widen your eyes. Get ready for a wild ride through the unexplained and grab a seat to get spooktacular.

7 Hauntingly Fascinating Supernatural Spots in London

Here are the 7 Best Places for Supernatural Experiences in London.

1. Liverpool Street Station

Hold on to your hats because Liverpool Street Station, one of the bustling transport hubs in London, isn’t just about trains and schedules. This public place has got a touch of spookiness with multiple claims over time. Over the years, multiple station workers have claimed to have seen a man dressed in a worker’s costume waiting on the Central Line platform very casually. Wondering what’s unusual about that? Well, the sight isn’t of every day, but sometimes this man comes out of nowhere, especially when the station is closed for the day. This appearance during after-hours of the platform has scared many.

Liverpool Street Station

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But wait, that’s not all. A few years ago, a burial pit was unearthed underneath the station. The pit was filled with remains of those who fell victim to the plague in times past. So, if you are curious, do plan a visit to this place.

2. Byward Tower

With an approach of mixing curiosity and skepticism, head towards Byward Tower, especially if interest in London’s supernatural side. It is where history and supernatural stories meet. Back in the morning of the 1980s, a Yeoman Warder (or Beefeater), while going to his duty, saw a truly astonishing sight. Before his eyes, two figures resembling Beefeaters from a much earlier era appeared. Dressed in old-fashioned attire, they were casually chatting and puffing away on pipes as if caught in a moment from the past. Very usual, right?

But here’s the spine-chilling twist- As the Warder gazed at them, one of the figures suddenly locked eyes with him. In the next second, both phantoms vanish into thin air, leaving fear and curiosity behind. While there were no more such stories, this one in particular calls ghost enthusiasts around.

3. The Ghosts of the Tower of London

Want to have the most exciting supernatural experience in London? Head no further than the Tower of London. This iconic landmark with tales of the eerie and unexplained calls for your presence. With a rich centuries-long past, the Tower of London has now transformed into a hotspot for ghostly stories and encounters. Although the authenticity of ghostly tales can be a matter of debate, they surely catch high attention.

Here are a few of the well-known ghostly stories that revolve around the Tower:

  • Anne Boleyn: She was the second wife of King Henry VIII, who, in 1536, was famously executed at the Tower. Since then, claims suggest that her restless spirit wanders the Tower grounds. Visitors claim to see a headless figure similar to Anne Boleyn.
  • Lady Jane Grey: Also known as Nine Days’ Queen, Jane Grey was imprisoned in the Tower before her execution at a young age. Visitors and staff have reported seeing a mournful young girl in white wandering the battlements.
  • Thomas Becket: Also known as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Becket was murdered in 1170, and his ghost is believed to walk the halls of the Tower. Some claims also link his presence to the chapel.
  • The Princes in the Tower: The young princes, Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury, were famously imprisoned in the Tower and disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Their ghostly figures are claimed to play around the White Tower.
  • The White Lady: A very popular member of the Tower of London’s ghostly family, the White Lady, claimed as the ghost of a governess, is often spotted near the Salt Tower.
  • The Unfortunate Sentry: It’s said that a sentry was executed for falling asleep at his post. Until today, still on duty, his ghost wanders inside the Tower.

4. Per Burial Ground at Hyde Park

Cemeteries carry that air of mystery that evokes a sense of spookiness, and London boasts its fair share. The Per Burial in Hyde Park is the one burial ground known for its uniquely surreal nature. It is nestled just behind Victoria Gate Lodge, a no-ordinary cemetery but a final haven for pets. Per Burial Ground rarely opens’ for public visits but has a captivating and unusual experience.

Individuals interested in covering the ghostly side of London must keep an eye out for those coveted special tours. For around £12, lucky participants can explore this hidden gem. The burial ground dates back to the 1880s and is home to the remains of 1,000 pets, each with petite headstones. The tranquil garden setting of this pet cemetery lies in proximity to Tyburn, a historic site steeped in darker history. This place has seen countless executions over centuries. Therefore, there’s something beyond this world between the peaceful pet graves and the somber echoes of Tyburn’s past. If you are a ghost enthusiast in London, do check out this place.

5. Bruce Castle Museum

The Bruce Castle Museum is a popular tourist destination in London. It is home to history, classes, workshops, and a touch of the eerie to Tottenham. Tottenham has its own castle, and visiting here can send a chill down your spine (not everyone may experience the same). Stories and claims suggest that Lady Constantia Lucy haunts the castle’s history. Her ghostly figure might just appear, gazing out from a window most during the nights of November.

Mystery behind the same? Well, during the 17th century, Lady Constantia Lucy committed suicide, taking along her child by leaping off the castle balcony. What adds an unsettling touch to the tale is how her husband confined her to a small room with an odd treatment. So, if you’re brave enough to venture forth, Tottenham’s castle awaits your visit. But there’s more to the castle, and make sure you check the mini museum that operates from Wednesdays to Sundays.

6. Old Operating Theatre Museum

When in London, step back in time and witness the macabre at the Old Operating Theatre Museum. This unique museum in London is also the oldest surviving purpose-built operating theatre in Britain. But it isn’t just a theatre and has something more to it. The theatre dates back to 1822 and is nestled within the roof of St Thomas’s Church. Originally, it was designed for the care of impoverished women, but the picture changed eventually.

Today, stepping inside the museum will introduce you to the 19th century’s original furniture and equipment. There’s a lot to check out, from the collection of surgical instruments to pathological specimens and an antique operating table. Further, be ready for a vertiginous ascent via a wooden staircase that directly leads to a pre-anesthetic operating theatre. It is where different operations took place; many patients died (unfortunately), and things took a spine-tingling twist. While ghost encounters aren’t evident here, the surgical tools could easily be mistaken for instruments of torture. For a soft heart, the sight of instruments is scary enough.

7. The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities

Last but not the least is the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, revealing the spooky side of London. When planning to visit here, be ready for a strange and uncanny experience. Unlike a museum, it is a tiny shop that’s brimming to the edges with a peculiar assortment of oddities. Everything here on display is for the curious public. Everything here is creepy from old McDonald’s kids’ toys to two-headed kittens, occultists’ paintings, and bones of a dodo. It isn’t your typical museum collection but a bit more of an unsettling sight.

You’ll find a hint of the mundane and the downright gross among the elegant and intriguing artefacts. Taking the traditional essence of a museum and flipping it on its head, the museum challenges one’s expectations. A visit here is likely to send shivers down your spine, especially if you have a faint heart. But don’t worry, while it’s bound to give you a good scare, it’s not necessarily haunted.

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