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Sir Walter Scott: The Scott Monument

Edinburgh’s Literary Legacy: Trace the Footsteps of Iconic Authors in Scotland’s Capital (2024)

Edinburgh, the hallowed ‘Athens of the North,’ is a city steeped in culture, heritage, and literature. It’s the birthplace of countless classic novels and a cherished home to some of the world’s most influential authors. From the historic Old Town to the tranquil Princes Street Gardens, this UNESCO City of Literature is teeming with literary haunts that have inspired, hosted, and celebrated renowned writers.

Edinburgh’s Iconic Authors and Their Treasured Locales

Embark on a journey through Edinburgh’s storied streets and trace the footsteps of famous authors in this vibrant city.

Sir Walter Scott: The Scott Monument

As one of Scotland’s most celebrated authors, Sir Walter Scott’s presence permeates throughout Edinburgh. The imposing Scott Monument, the largest monument dedicated to a writer anywhere in the world, is a testament to his literary legacy. Within the monument, a marble statue of Scott with his beloved dog Maida welcomes visitors who come to marvel at this gothic structure. Climbing the monument’s 287 steps rewards you with panoramic views of Edinburgh – a sight that is as awe-inspiring as Scott’s writings. 

Robert Louis Stevenson: Princes Street Gardens 

Renowned for classic novels such as ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,’ Robert Louis Stevenson found inspiration within Edinburgh’s landscapes. He fondly referred to Princes Street Gardens as ‘a dream in living, breathing reality.’ The Gardens’ quiet charm continues to inspire literature enthusiasts, who can trace the atmospheric descriptions in Stevenson’s works to this peaceful retreat.

Robert Louis Stevenson: Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

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J.K. Rowling: The Elephant House and Greyfriars Kirkyard 

For contemporary literature lovers, the name J.K. Rowling is synonymous with Edinburgh. The Harry Potter author penned early drafts of her iconic series in local cafes, including The Elephant House, which now enjoys international fame as the ‘birthplace of Harry Potter’. A short walk away is Greyfriars Kirkyard, a historic graveyard where Rowling found inspiration for character names, including the infamous Tom Riddle.

Edinburgh’s Literary Festivals and Events

Edinburgh International Book Festival 

Every August, Charlotte Square Gardens hosts the Edinburgh International Book Festival, one of the world’s leading literary events. Here, writers and readers from all corners of the globe gather to celebrate literature, fostering a sense of community in this literature-soaked city. From author talks and workshops to book signings, the festival offers an immersive experience for book lovers.

The Royal Mile’s Literary Walk 

Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, a historic stretch connecting the Edinburgh Castle and the Holyrood Palace, is a treasure trove of literary landmarks. Embarking on a literary walk down this bustling street reveals hidden gems like Lady Stair’s Close, home to the Writers’ Museum, and Makars’ Court, where quotations from Scottish authors are inscribed into the pavement.

Bookstores and Literary Landmarks

Armchair Books 

Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, Armchair Books is a second-hand bookstore that exudes an old-world charm. Stacked floor-to-ceiling with books, this cosy shop transports visitors into a world of fantasy, mirroring the charm of Edinburgh’s literary heritage.

The Writers’ Museum 

Dedicated to the lives of Scott, Stevenson, and poet Robert Burns, the Writers’ Museum houses rare books, personal items, and portraits of these literary giants. This homage to Edinburgh’s literary heritage is a must-visit for literature enthusiasts.


In the winding alleys and historic buildings of Edinburgh, the whispers of literary legends come alive. Tracing the footsteps of famous authors in this city not only reveals its rich literary heritage but also connects you with the captivating narratives that have sprung from its streets. So, immerse yourself in the literary wonders of Edinburgh and be prepared to pen your own story in this inspiring city.

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