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The Prince House in Calgary

Unveiling Calgary’s Haunted History: Exploring the Most Spooky Places and Paranormal Encounters (2024)

Calgary is beautiful, bustling, vibrant, and stunning. But as soon as you flip the coin, Calgary harbors a dark and mysterious side as well. Not many know, but the city of Calgary and areas neighboring it are steeped in paranormal encounters and ghostly tales. Join us in this article as we uncover the most spooky places and explore the haunted history of Calgary. It is surely going to send chills down your spine.

Calgary is a huge metropolitan in the Alberta province of Canada. This city has witnessed multiple mysterious events and unexplained phenomena. As you will venture through Calgary’s most haunted places, you will learn how it gained its reputation as one of the paranormal hotspots in Canada. From those eerie landmarks to spectral apparitions and haunted houses, Calgary is home to spooky secrets that fascinate locals and visitors alike. The city has stories and legends passed down through generations. All of the places and experiences here create an aura of intrigue and fascination, inviting enthusiasts from different parts of the world.

The article will discover places like Deane House, known for a roaming ghost of a former resident, or the Old Calgary Courthouse, where paranormal activities are reported from time to time. And for more spine-tingling encounters, the tales of paranormal activity at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel are right there.

Unveiling Calgary’s Haunted History: Exploring the Most Spooky Places and Paranormal Encounters

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1. Deane House

Located in the heart of the city, Deane House is the hotspot for paranormal activities in Calgary. This historic building, constructed in 1906, has been known for long for its spine-tingling encounters and spooky adventures. One of the stories suggests that visitors have encountered the ghost of a man with a tobacco pipe roaming inside the house. It is speculated as the ghost of Captain Deane or a murder-suicide involving a married couple. Other unexplained phenomena include a disconnected telephone that occasionally rings and fire alarms going off when no individual or incident is vital. Or visitors have also experienced an Indigenous man telling trespassers to leave the sacred ground. Deane House has been a hub for peculiar deadly accidents, stabbings, and suicide over the years, and if you are a believer in the supernatural, do visit this place.

Deane House, Calgary

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2. Old Calgary Courthouse

Old Calgary Courthouse is a historic house that served as a courthouse from 1911 to 1979. It has experienced trials, tragedies, and dramatic events throughout its serving period. And after that, it has certainly witnessed paranormal activities and spooky encounters. The staff members here, and even some visitors, suggest experiencing some supernatural phenomena within the walls of the courthouse. Some individuals have listened to the sound of disembodied footsteps that echo through the corridors when no one is present around. Or some other claims suggest that shadowy figures peer from the windows or dart around the corner but vanish as one approach. The former courtroom is the focal point for paranormal activities.

According to rumors, the spirits of former inmates and individuals who met untimely ends within the courthouse wander here. But if these rumors are just another story or real can only be found once you visit inside the courthouse.

3. Fairmont Palliser Hotel

Fairmont Palliser Hotel is an iconic landmark in Calgary, which has gained popularity for its spooky encounters. This grand hotel dates back to 1914 and is believed to be haunted by multiple spirits. One of the famous speculated ghosts here is a former bellman named Sam Macauley. Sam lost his life in a tragic accident, and despite his demise, his spirit still wanders here. Staff and guests often claim to see a man in his old-fashioned uniform engaging in activities like assisting guests with luggage, opening doors, etc. Another speculation involves a woman in a red dress who often dances alone in the grand ballroom and suddenly vanishes into thin air. Some believe her to be a residual energy imprinting from the past, whereas others believe her to be a guest who met a tragic fate. Moving objects, flickering lights, and unexplained footsteps have been reported throughout the hotel.

4. Bowman Arts Center

Another popular landmark in Calgary that attract people for its paranormal encounters as well is the Bowman Arts Center. This heritage building has a long and intriguing history that today contributes to its haunted reputation. Some claims float around, suggesting a young girl often cries in the women’s restroom, similar to Moaning Myrtle, a famous Harry Potter character.

However, the claims are speculative and not yet confirmed or even researched. Some visitors also claim that unexplained sounds echo through the empty corridors, that too when the building is unoccupied. Some stories also suggest figures lurking in the corners of visitors’ vision. Or, some spine-shivering claims suggest sudden drops in temperature in certain areas of the center.

5. The Prince House

The Prince House is a Victorian-era mansion nestled in the historic neighborhood of Mount Royal. Known for its rich and intriguing history, it was built back in 1896 and, for decades now, has been a hotspot for supernatural phenomena. As per claims and some experiences, the ghost of a young girl named Evelyn haunts the property. Visitors claim to see a translucent figure of a child and the sound of playful laughter echoing throughout the house. Back in 2010, during the Halloween season, some ghost hunters set up monitoring equipment throughout the house, and they documented some paranormal activities. One claim suggests that the equipment picked up the phrase ‘Come over here.’ It was an EVP, but the details and evidence about the incident are limited.

The Prince House, Calgary

Image Source : Flickr (Jasperdo)

6. The Lougheed House

The Lougheed House is another haunted landmark in Calgary. However, it is a popular wedding venue but also renowned for its paranormal activities and spooky encounters. Several unexplained incidents have reportedly revolved around this place for years now. One story involves seeing the spirit of Isabella Hardisty Lougheed, the senator’s wife, dressed in Victorian-era clothing. As per people who experienced it, the spirit roams through the hallways and often leaves a faint scent of roses. The atmosphere of the mansion often changes suddenly, making people feel uneasy and watched. Some staff members have also witnessed a mesmerizing sight of a translucent couple gracefully dancing in the ballroom. However, if these are thus, speculation or reality can be discovered by visiting the place.

7. Doll Block Building

Some small spooky stories also revolve around Doll Block building in Calgary. Individuals walking past this building in the evening claim to spot the presence of a small girl or lady at the window. As per claims, it is either Mr. Doll’s wife or perhaps his 10-year-old daughter, Florence. The spirit frequently occupies the bay window and has captured the sight of many people. One, in fact, can spot it from the street itself without needing to get inside the building.

8. Devil’s Playground

Devil’s Playground was once a site of dark rituals and occult practices. This truth and some uncanny experiences give rise to speculation of paranormal activities on the grounds. Devil’s Playground is located on the outskirts of the city, and reports of ghostly apparitions, unexplained sounds, and strange phenomena are common here. Some visitors have claimed to experience a profound sense of unease and dread upon entering the place. As per a few stories, a shadowy figure darts amongst the tree. Or some claims also suggest mysterious EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recordings while investigators were checking the Playground. Over the years, visitors and passers also report the sound of children playing around the charred foundation. Stories of spooky adventures are so common here that once a film crew wanted to shoot a short story there.

9. Nightmare Creations Presents The Asylum

Nightmare Creations Presents The Asylum is a spine-chilling attraction nestled in Calgary. Individuals can push their boundaries of fear and participate in a harrowing journey of the depths of an abandoned mental institution. The experience involves jump scares, psychological torment, and nightmarish encounters. It is purely an entertainment center, but as you will walk through the visitors and navigate the dimly lit corridors, the experience will feel worst real. Visit this landmark in Calgary if you are interested in an adrenaline-pumping and unforgettable experience.

10. Calgary Ghost Walks

Calgary Ghost Walks are tours led by knowledgeable guides for a unique and thrilling experience. The guides walk participants through the haunted past of Calgary on a journey through Calgary’s most haunted locations. As the evening starts turning into a dark night, participants can wander through dimly lit streets while the guide will narrate spine-tingling tales of ghostly encounters, tragic events, and unsolved mysteries. Each step of this tour reveals haunted heritage buildings and eerie alleyways, adding a new layer of Calgary’s haunted history. No matter if you are a paranormal believer or just a skeptic, the Calgary Ghost Walks offer an unforgettable experience. This blend of history, folklore, and the supernatural is surely to live for.

11. True Crime Walking Tours

On the underbelly of Calgary’s history takes you the True Crime Walking Tours. This immersive and spine-chilling experience unveils the most notorious crimes in Calgary. The tour is led by knowledgeable guides who walk participants through a street where infamous crimes unfolded. These tours are only recommended for participants 16 and above since some experiences can get really scary. From notorious criminals to high-profile trials and unsolved mysteries, this tour provides a gripping narrative that sheds light on the criminal past of Calgary. Delve into the minds of criminals and listen to the captivating stories that bring these dark chapters of history to life. With each step, you’ll gain insight into the social, cultural, and historical context that shaped Calgary.

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