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Tips for Traveling to Montreal on a Budget

Tips for Traveling to Montreal on a Budget: Your Ultimate Guide (2024)

Are you planning a trip that falls under your budget? Montreal can be a good place to visit with friends or family. The “European” city in Canada has no shortage of entertainment options. It is one of the five largest French-speaking cities globally and is the perfect Canadian city to experience hospitality, fascinating history, and a unique natural setting.

Does French culture and cuisine fascinate you? Then, visiting Montreal can be the best option for you. If you are fascinated with outdoor activities, biking and mountain hiking are the perfect choices! The buzzing cosmopolitan city in Quebec province of Canada offers many attractions and activities. Montreal can be among your top action-packed attractions, even on a tight budget. Here are some essential Montreal travel tips to make your trip to the buzzing cosmopolitan, budget-friendly, yet cherishable.

Tips for Traveling to Montreal on a Budget

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Tips for Traveling to Montreal on a Budget: Your Ultimate Guide

Follow the travel guide to get maximum savings on your travel budget.

1. Transportation Cost

Are you planning to book your flights to Montreal? Well, the flight price may vary depending on where you come from. However, flights to Montreal are comparatively cheaper than in any other Canadian city.

Tips for Traveling to Montreal on a Budget - Transportation Cost

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Once you reach Montreal, there are many options to travel around. The city has an extensive yet excellent metro system. Metro service is available throughout the city with four lines and 68 stations. Buses and car rentals are also a good option to opt for a budget-friendly way to explore the city. Montreal has well-built streets offering the best option, which makes it comfortable to explore the city by walking. Date back to history while strolling around the cobblestone streets and historic greystone buildings here.

2. Save Accommodation Costs

It is not hard to find budget-friendly accommodation in Montreal. The city has all types of accommodations, from cheap to luxury. So do not have to worry if you are on a tight budget. Even if cheap, the hotels are reliable, customer-friendly, and do not compromise quality.

You can also opt for a hostel to get the lowest accommodation charges. There is also no shortage of affordable homes and rooms. The prices for staying at these places start from approximately $90 a night. Accommodation charges are much lower in hotels on the city’s outskirts and outside the downtown.

3. Tour Pocket-Friendly Attractions

No matter the time of the year you visit Montreal, you can find several free and affordable places to explore that won’t break the bank. The best way to start your Montreal budget tour is by visiting the nearby neighborhoods to explore the local culture and meet people residing there.

Do you seek adventure? If yes, travel to Mont-Royal, the small mountain outside the city, which is the perfect place to enjoy a hike. Delight in experiencing the mesmerizing view of the city from the top of the mountain, or hike through different trails to feed your adventurous soul.

Old Montreal is another attractive place you should never miss on your trip. The key attractions in Old Montreal include the historic waterfront area, the European-style cobblestone streets, and the centuries-old Notre Dame Basilica. It is the best way to make a trip that fits your budget while exploring all the key attractions at a low cost.

4. Delightful Cuisine On A Budget

Smoked meat sandwiches, bagels, and poutine proudly enrich Montreal’s culinary scene. If you’re in Montreal, you must try this delicious cuisine once. More intriguing, there is no need to spend a lot to explore the foods here. You can easily find delicious French fries, gravy, and cheese curds, anywhere in the city.

There are plenty of options, whether you crave traditional favorites or innovative dishes. Many restaurants and casual eateries are enough to fulfill your gastronomical experience in Montreal. You can visit the famous open-air food markets to taste fresh food items, like mozzarella sticks, tacos, crepes, ice cream, or oysters. These will not cost your pockets much.

5. Budget-Friendly Festivals And Shows

Are you someone who wants to take your fun Montreal trip to the next level? Then do join the festivities of the city. And yes, you can add this to your Montreal tour under budget. Get an immersive experience to enjoy AURA, the two-part multimedia event hosted by the Notre Dame Basilica. You can book the tickets for this event at $24.50 (for adults).

If you are traveling in the summers, then make sure to attend the “Just for Laughs comedy festival.” You can accommodate it in your budget and enjoy live entertainment and comedy. Tickets for this festival cost up to $100 per person. Even if you are traveling to Montreal in winter, you may be able to attend Montreal’s Igloofest.

6. Never Miss To Look Out On Discounts And Deals

Several websites in Montreal offer attractive discounts and coupons for popular resorts, theaters, concerts, restaurants, and more. Never miss out on keeping an eye on these websites. You can book tickets through these websites to get huge savings.

If you wish to collect souvenirs, choose places where you can shop affordably and where good deals are available. Local street vendors, thrift shops, and flea markets are your best bet for saving massive amounts.

7. Off-Season Travel Plan

Are you taking a trip after saving a lot? Then you must spend it in the right manner. One of the best ways to minimize expenses on your trip is to visit during the low travel season. It helps in saving flight costs, accommodation costs, shopping expenses, and more. Do your research and find when you can find less crowd and when the holiday season is over.

8. Prefer a Museum Pass and Passport MTL

Montreal has a rich history dating back to the sixteenth century. The best way to explore the French colonial history of the city is by taking tours of its museums. Also, visiting the museums gives you a glimpse of the local culture. So if you want to explore the museums here, buy a Montréal Museum Pass to ensure good savings. With a Montréal Museum Pass, you can access over 40 museums in and around Montreal. A three-day museum pass costs 75 CAD (or 80 CAD if you take a three-day pass with unlimited transportation).

Passport MTL is the official city pass. It is much like the museum pass. With this city pass, you can tour five top attractions in the city (from a list of 28 major attractions mentioned on the pass). The car costs 95 CAD. In addition to the five primary attractions, you can use the pass to get attractive offers at other places.

Summing up

To top it all, we advise getting travel insurance. Having travel insurance is mandatory while traveling to Canada from any foreign land. Montreal, the fascinating Canadian city, thrives in adventure, fun, and amazement. The city brims in activities for all age groups at any budget. So, why wait for more to book your Montreal tour packages? Start creating your itinerary and remember the Montreal travel tips for structuring your trip accordingly.

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