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Explore the Best of Arkansas’ Culinary Scene : Top Restaurants and Local Cuisine (2024)

Arkansas is not only known for its stunning natural landscapes and outdoor adventures but also boasts a vibrant culinary scene that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. From traditional Southern comfort food to innovative farm-to-table creations, the state offers a diverse array of flavors and culinary experiences.

Explore the Best of Arkansas’ Culinary Scene: Top Restaurants and Local Cuisine

Join us as we embark on a gastronomic journey through Arkansas, exploring the top restaurants and local cuisine that showcase the state’s rich culinary heritage and innovative culinary creations.

1. The Hive:

Located in Bentonville, The Hive is a renowned restaurant that combines Southern traditions with global influences to create a unique dining experience. Led by acclaimed chef Matthew McClure, The Hive’s menu highlights locally sourced ingredients, including farm-fresh produce and artisanal products. Indulge in dishes like Benton’s Bacon-wrapped Quail, Arkansas Shrimp and Grits, or the famous Heritage Hog Chop. The Hive is a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable culinary adventure.

2. Doe’s Eat Place:

Doe’s Eat Place, a legendary steakhouse with locations in Little Rock and Bentonville, has been serving up mouthwatering steaks and Southern comfort food since 1941. Known for their juicy, hand-cut steaks and tamales, Doe’s offers a rustic and inviting atmosphere that exudes Southern hospitality. Treat yourself to a perfectly cooked ribeye or a plate of their famous hot tamales, and savor the flavors that have made Doe’s a beloved institution in Arkansas.

Best Restaurants and Local Cuisine in Arkansas - Doe's Eat Place

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3. The Root Café:

Nestled in the heart of Little Rock, The Root Café is a community-driven eatery that celebrates local farmers and sustainable practices. This farm-to-table restaurant focuses on serving fresh, seasonal ingredients in creative and delicious ways. From their renowned grass-fed burgers and homemade soups to their mouthwatering brunch offerings, every dish at The Root Café is a testament to their commitment to quality and local flavors. Don’t forget to try their famous handmade pies, a perfect ending to your meal.

4. The Venesian Inn:

Located in Tontitown, The Venesian Inn is a treasured Italian restaurant that has been delighting patrons for over 70 years. This family-owned establishment offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, reminiscent of an Italian trattoria. Indulge in classic Italian dishes like homemade spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmesan, or the famous Venesian Inn fried chicken. The hearty portions and authentic flavors will transport you to the heart of Italy.

5. Catfish Hole:

For a true taste of Southern comfort food, head to Catfish Hole in Fayetteville. This casual eatery specializes in perfectly fried catfish, hushpuppies, and all the fixings. Dive into a plate of crispy catfish fillets served with coleslaw, fries, and homemade tartar sauce. The laid-back atmosphere and generous portions make Catfish Hole a favorite among locals and visitors alike.


Arkansas’ culinary scene offers a delectable blend of traditional Southern flavors and innovative farm-to-table creations. From upscale dining establishments to casual eateries, the state’s top restaurants showcase the best of local ingredients and culinary expertise. Whether you’re craving a juicy steak, mouthwatering barbecue, or authentic Italian cuisine, Arkansas has something to satisfy every palate. So, pack your appetite and embark on a culinary adventure through the state’s top restaurants and savor the diverse flavors that make Arkansas a hidden gem in the world of gastronomy.

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