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Waikiki Beach - Best place to visit in Hawaii

Visit Hawaii: List Of Places To Explore The Cultural Heritage And Scenic Beauty Of Hawaii (2024)

Hawaii, a collection of eight islands growing to be a top tourist destination, is known for a rich scenic beauty and unparalleled holiday feel. Whether it is your first visit to Hawaii or you have been here before, you will find something new and exciting every time. Tourists coming to Hawaii find incredibly attractive sights that are camera-perfect; ultimately, taking photos is the whole point of any trip. Hawaii’s magnificent hidden sea caves and sun-kissed beaches lure visitors into spending their holidays enjoying some breath-taking Hawaiian gorgeousness.

Visit Hawaii: List Of Places To Explore The Cultural Heritage And Scenic Beauty Of Hawaii

It is impossible to cover every spot at once, so tourists must have a list of places they must visit. Have a look at these Best places to visit in Hawaii so that you don’t miss out on the real fun.

1. Waikiki Beach

The most beautiful spot in Hawaii, Waikiki beach stretches long on the oceanfront. It offers dining, shopping and sports activities all day long. It covers surfboarding inspired by Duke Kahanamoku, the gold medallist surfer. Cafes and diners are located at the boardwalk named Waikiki beach walk where a range of cuisines and native meals are encountered.

Waikiki Beach - Best place to visit in Hawaii

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Waikiki was designated as the first government centre in Hawaii. The shoreline of Waikiki in South Oahu used to accommodate a vast area of Manoa and the Palolo Valley during prehistoric times. The Waikiki title essentially refers to the freshwater flowing into the sea.

2. Historic Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbor is an army facility and a National Historical monument which was used during the USS Arizona attack in 1941. Today, several tourist spots within the monument are found which form part of the Second World War, such as the Memorial of the USS Arizona.

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No entry fee is levied for tourists to visit the monument, but it is recommended that you make reservations before visiting, given the popularity of the place in Hawaii. Most of the international visitors, as well as the U.S citizens, prefer visiting Pearl Harbour in Hawaii almost every year. Free guided tours are available between 8 am and 3 pm daily. The place is also used as a meeting spot for excursions and trips and offers transportation to the Pacific Aviation Museum where tourists can find aircraft and war memorials.

3. Na Pali Coast State Park

Na Pali in Hawaii is a little isolated and hardly visited coastline because you can only reach there by walking. But this doesn’t change the fact that it has the most scenic beauty and is surrounded by rich Hawaiian cultural heritage. Best Hawaiian flora and fauna, natural food resources, abundant waterfalls, and the aquatic sea is found at this tourist destination where Hawaiian royalty has lived for years.

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This coastline showcases some most beautiful landscapes which have gained popularity through Jurassic Park that captured a range of waterfalls flowing from the enormous cliffs named the ‘Wall of Tears’. Tourists claim they have enjoyed helicopter rides to the mountains with flowing water and a fantastic view from the top. Hikers also love to take a trail to Kalalau, which stretches for 11 miles covering a line of five valleys.

4. Kona Coffee Farm

Kona is the only existing living history farm in this historical and heritage-filled destination in Hawaii. Visitors of Kona Farm also love touring to Mountain Thunder plantation. The farm contains a staff of translators to reach to the diverse crowd coming from anywhere across the world.

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They interpret every activity and connect to the visitors the process from farming to food preparation. Also, exploring planting activities and coffee production is a part of this tour. Kona Nightingales are spotted here, at a specific time, and visitors enjoy exploring this destination; especially coffee growers.

5. Mauna Kea

Mostly suitable for expert hikers and one of the Best places to visit in Hawaii, Mauna Kea is the highest climb on the Big Island of Hawaii, located away from the grounded heaven of Hawaii. Only a robust vehicle and great enthusiasm can help you reach this peak.

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An Observation Center, the Mauna Kea Observatory, welcomes visitors during the day. This is a 6-mile route that leads to an elevation of 13,800 meters from the Visitor Information Station. Evening programs held in the visitor centre are popular among visitors as well as locals and are located approximately 9,200 feet.

6. Maui Ocean Centre

Ocean centres are the deep dive into the oceans on a safer side. Maui Ocean centre in Hawaii can be a treat to those who wish to see the ocean’s underwater life and learn about the marine heritage of the Hawaiian region. Over 40 marine species are accommodated at this centre, making it the core destination for marine lovers.

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Visitors are required to walk through a submarine tube that includes the underwater world of shark, stingray and other aquatic wildlife in the 750 thousand gallon Open Ocean display. Another typical spot is the central Turtle Lagoon, where sessions are held for the feeding of turtles.

7. Polynesian Cultural Centre

Hawaii is home to natural scenic beauty and great cultural heritage. Proving this fact, Polynesian Cultural Centre depicts the daily life of natives through performances and shows of dance, music and art events. These performances display the life of Hawaiian folks including habitants of Tahiti, Tonga and Fiji islands. Sections and separate exhibits are made for each of these places.

Best Visiting Place In Hawaii-Polynesian Cultural CentreImage Source

Performers are authentic experts from the cultural areas, so there is no chance of duplication and imitation. Tourists are welcome during the day to appreciate the beauty of the location and in the evening to watch the shows and enjoy the authentic culture exhibition.

8. Volcanoes National Park

A close-up view of the active volcano is almost impossible to encounter if it was not for Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii. This centre glorifies the natural occurrences of the volcano system and provides deep learning into the volcano activities. Visitors have appreciated this destination for the surrounding landscapes that are formed by cooled lava in a forced flow.

In the most active periods of this region, tourists can experience the thrill of volcanic waves, hear the increase in emissions of coal, or even see a cloud of ash floating into the air. The core attraction of the park, Kilauea was recently seen active in 2018 and thrills of this lava eruption. It must be noted that visitors are not allowed here during active seismic occurrences to avoid a threat.

9. Hana Road

A thrilling treat to riders, the spectacular Hana road scenic highway stretching for 52 miles along the borders of Maui island that runs from Pāʻia through dense forests and along the ocean to the remote region of Hana in Hawaii. A range of hiking routes, treks, beaches and waterfalls are covered along the way.

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The thrilling ride and sightseeing are worthwhile even if you do not wish to visit the Hana town (where the road leads). The village of Hana, somewhat isolated from the main island, enabling it to retain more of Hawaiian tradition than other cities.

10. Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace is the state’s official royal property, and a national heritage landmark in the U.S. King Kalakaua and the Queen Liliuokalani was the formal residents of the Hawaiian monarchy who ruled from 1882 to 1893. The state’s earliest electrical light system, sewage systems, and in-house telephone lines were inspired by European architecture.

Attraction Tourist Place In Hawaii-Iolani PalaceImage Source

One can imaginably visualize the lavish events, such as dance and music while strolling down the halls. Tourists are also allowed to visit the royal family rooms, a spectacular staircase, glamorous portraits, decorated furnishings and much more.


A complete trip to Hawaii and adjoining islands must make your holiday worthwhile. Use these recommendations of Best places to visit in Hawaii and utilize your days accordingly, so you don’t over visit similar sites and miss seeing the important ones.

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