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Red Dirt Waterfall - Place To Visit In And Around Waimea Canyon

Visit The Whispering Island Of Waimea Canyon in Hawaii (2024)

Quite frankly, who doesn’t get fascinated by the idea of visiting a paradise like Hawaii consisting of breath taking creations of nature like mountains, beaches, waterfalls and even volcanoes. Haven’t we all at some point in our life day dreamed about exploring this island of dreams? You must be lying if you said no. But are you aware that this land of magic also boasts of being home to the extremely beautiful Waimea Canyon. Although, the Waimea Canyon is the sort of location that the vast majority of the people find difficult to picture in the islands of Hawaii, yet it is one of the best picturesque spots in Hawaii.

About Waimea Canyon:

Extending 14 miles in length, one mile wide, and around 3,600 feet down — Waimea Canyon one of the most amazing spot to visit in Hawaii. Waimea Canyon is located in Kauai which is the number one Hawaiian Island because of the large variety of activities available to do here. You could undoubtedly go through an entire day simply visiting the various landscapes or climbing trails in Waimea Canyon State Park on the off chance that you want to! Cut by the Waimea River very long ago, the gorge’s name signifies “Red Waters” in Hawaiian. It is so called because the river water is stained red/orange by the canyon’s red, disintegrating volcanic walls.

While a lot more modest than Arizona’s renowned Grand Canyon, the views offered by the canyon are amazingly great — which drove the essayist Mark Twain to nickname the territory “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific” after he explored it for the very first time.

Home to a variety of scenic landscapes and views, the Waimea Canyon offers a great number of public activities and attractions to explore and visit. Apart from that, the Waimea Canyon also offers various lookout points located in its premises. Not just that, the Waimea canyon has various trekking trails too which you can undertake to make the hiker in you extremely happy and satisfied. All these astounding activities combined with breathtaking views make the Waimea Canyon a must-visit spot while travelling to Hawaii. So, let us know about it in some detail.

What Exactly is Waimea Canyon?

Waimea Canyon, alternatively referred to as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’, is an enormous canyon, which is roughly ten miles (16 km) long and goes up to 3,000 feet (900 m) in depth, and is situated on the western side of Kauaʻi , one of the Hawaiian Islands of the United States. Waimea is Hawaiian for “reddish water”, a reference to the disintegration of the canyon’s red soil.

About the Waimea Canyon:

The gully was formed by a profound incision of the Waimea River emerging from the extraordinary precipitation on the island’s focal pinnacle, Mount Waiʻaleʻale, which is among the wettest points on the earth. The canyon is cut into the tholeiitic and post-shield calc-basic magmas of the canyon basalt. The magmas of the gorge gives proof of the enormous blaming and breakdown during the early history of the island. The west side of the gorge is all meager, west-plunging magmas of the Napali Member, while the east side is extremely thick, level lying magmas of the Olokele and Makaweli Members. The different sides are isolated by a colossal flaw along which a huge piece of the island moved downwards in a major breakdown. The canyon has an extraordinary geologic history as it was framed by the consistent interaction of disintegration as well as by a cataclysmic breakdown of the spring of gushing lava that made Kauaʻi.

Like the other Hawaiian islands, Kauaʻi is the highest point of a tremendous volcano ascending from the sea floor. With magma streams dated back to around 5 million years ago, Kauaʻi is the oldest of the enormous Hawaiian islands. Approximately 4 million years ago, while Kauaʻi was all the while ejecting constantly, a segment of the island imploded. This breakdown shaped a depression which at that point loaded up with magma streams. Since then, water from the inclines of Mount Waiʻaleʻale have eroded Waimea Canyon along one edge of the collapse. On the east side of the gorge, the wall dividers are formed from thick magma streams that pooled in the downturn. Over the long run, the uncovered basalt has endured from its unique dark color to splendid red.

Places To Visit In And Around Waimea Canyon:

The best places to explore in and around the Waimea Canyon are the various lookout points located on and around its premises. You can visit them and enjoy the various locations around it from up close.

  • Red Dirt Waterfall – Waimea Canyon opens up below to its right side whereas to its left side, is a peculiar little cascade pouring over red volcanic soil with a couple of short trails, carrying a magnificent view with it. Red Dirt Waterfall - Place To Visit In And Around Waimea CanyonImage Source
  • Hohonu Awawa Lookout – Hohonu Awawa Lookout is the first established platform sitting above Waimea Canyon State Park and is an excellent lookout point.
  • Waimea Canyon Lookout – This lookout point most probably offers the best perspective of the canyon. There is also a huge review stage here.
  • Pu’u Ka Pele Lookout – Pu’u Ka Pele Lookout provides one of the best perspectives of Waipoo Waterfall.
  • Pu’u Hinahina Lookout – A last stop that gives you some more incredible perspectives, with a somewhat different point of view. It is also the beginning spot of the famous Canyon Hiking Trail which is located beneath the canyon.
  • Kalalau and Puu O Kila Lookouts – These aren’t in fact part of Waimea Canyon, they are situated in Kokee State Park, a couple of miles further North. Simply continue driving and check out these unfathomable viewpoints of the renowned Na Pali Coast!

Activities to do Around Waimea Canyon

Trekking is the most popular activity to do around this canyon owing to the presence of a lot of trekking trails near it. Some of them are:

  • Iliau Nature Loop – iliau Nature Loop is a short quarter mile loop climb that features a portion of the zone’s vegetation and bird watching. Don’t forget to look out for the nearby Iliau Plant! In the event that it’s in full bloom, you’re excessively fortunate.
  • Kukui Trail – This hike brings you down to the stream at the actual bottom part of the canyon. It’s precarious, and can get tricky when wet because of the red mud. It is suggested only for experienced climbers who should camp at one of the camping areas at the lower part of the gulch.
  • Gulch Trail (Waipoo Falls) – This climb takes you to the highest point of Waipoo Falls, the dazzling 800 foot cascade you see as you drive along the gorge edge. Remaining at the top isn’t the best spot to be photographed of this cascade, however the climb actually has other extraordinary views, and just requires about an hour full circle.
  • Flying over the Canyon – Another cool method to encounter the massiveness of Waimea Canyon is flying over it in a helicopter! The canyon is often part of the island helicopter visits, and whipping through the gorge, particularly with the doors off, is quite stunning. Furthermore, flying up near the enormous Waipoo Falls is phenomenal.

How to Reach Waimea Canyon?

There are two ways to reach the extremely popular Waimea Canyon by car. Either by driving up to the Waimea Canyon from the town of Waimea — Waimea Canyon Drive or through the Kokee Road (Highway 550). They both ,at last, meet before you enter the gorge edge, so it truly doesn’t make any difference which you pick. Passage into Waimea Canyon State Park is free (no license required), however there might be some expense for stopping in certain mainstream zones close to the main location. If you don’t have your own vehicle, then you can book one for exploring the area. The best site to book your vehicle is with a Discover Card. They search both nearby and global vehicle rental organizations to help you locate the most ideal cost. This is the least demanding approach to lease a vehicle and drive on Kauai. Also, leasing a vehicle offers the best adaptability to explore distant spots on the island. Kauai has two significant highways, Kaumualii and Kuhio. It can require an hour to get to the opposite side of the island.


Q1. What Are Some Of The Points To Keep In Mind While Exploring The Waimea Canyon?

Ans: These tips might come handy:

  • The temperature gets a lot cooler on the high canyon edge. Bring a downpour coat or jacket. Wear shoes with footing to deal with rough, sloppy landscapes.
  • Parking spaces at main parts can top off quick, as it’s a mainstream traveler location. Attempt to show up sooner than expected, before 9am if conceivable.
  • How long do you need to investigate? At any rate a large portion of a day, however in the event that you need to do a lot of hikes, you could without much of a stretch go through an entire day here.

Q2. What Other Places Can We Visit Around Waimea Canyon?

Ans: Subsequent to exploring the Waimea Canyon’s path, keep driving North and visit Kokee State Park. In the event that the climate’s acceptable, you’ll have magnificent views peering down on the Na Pali coastline!

Q3. Is the Waimea Canyon Chargeable?

Ans: While there’s absolutely no charge for the residents, the visitors have to pay some amount of money to explore the Waimea Canyon and the Koke State Park.

However, the sum is not very large.

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