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New England Aquarium - Sightseeing Place To See in Boston

What To See In Boston? (2024)

Boston is a welcoming city that is amongst the oldest ones in the USA. It takes you down the memory lane due to its rich history of the past 400 years. The verifiability of its history is evident from the Sight-seeing places in Boston and books.

Though Boston is a big place, due to it’s very- walkable attribute, you can sight many places during your stay. Be it the Castle Island park, the public garden or the Franklin park zoo, there are umpteen attractions to visit in Boston which will make you visit the place again and again.

Another interesting fact is that Boston was renovated for a period of 15 years known as the “big dig”. Due to such renovation, the Sight-seeing places to see in Boston are more enticing than ever.

What To See In Boston?

Let us have a glance at the various sightseeing places to see in Boston.

1. New England Aquarium

If you are a sea creature fanatic then New England aquarium is ideally meant for you. It is edged on the central Wharf and is located near the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Be it the jellyfish, exotic seals or string Rays, there are umpteen sea creatures in this aquarium. The aquarium also houses an IMAX Theatre that exhibits various aquatic movies and themes. The New England Aquarium was initiated in 1969 and has a variety of Penguins as well.

New England Aquarium - Sightseeing Place To See in Boston

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Moreover, the startling and outstanding feature of this aquarium is that it houses a Giant ocean tank. The capacity of the tank is 2 Lac gallon and it is edged in the main buildings. The place where this tank is edged exhibits the coral reef environment. To get a closer view of the sea turtles, small fishes, barracuda and sharks, you can stand on the spiral walkaway. This spiral walk away is forged around the tank. The visitors can also integrate the admission ticket of the aquarium with a cruise ticket. Moreover, many whale watching tours are also available.

2. Franklin Park Zoo

Be it the animal aficionados or the kids, Franklin Park Zoo is much loved by the tourists. It is edged on the emerald necklace and circles the city. There are umpteen species housed in this, so you can roam around the gardens in the tranquil environment of the zoo. The modern playground and the other species of animals dwelled in the cages are loved by the children.

This stupendous place is much enjoyed by the kids and the tourists due to its open space and the greenery of nature. The exciting fact about this zoo is that it has been in Boston’s Franklin Park for a span of 100 years. Moreover, the area of the zoo is 72 acres of land. Apart from displaying various animals, the zoo performs other features as well. Many celebrations and events are conducted in this place.

3. Freedom trail

Freedom Trail is one out of the 16 significant War sites of Boston. The Freedom Trail initiates from the oldest park of the United States, which is the Boston common. The initiation point is marked with a line of red paint and the Freedom Trail is of 2.5 miles or 4 kilometres. This walking pathway is America’s first trail. During the journey, you can have a glimpse of the old State House, the site of the Boston massacre. The Old State House is the place where the British troops had killed a huge crowd of protesters.

Best Place to See In Boston-Freedom Trail

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Other places that come on the way of this trail are Paul Revere’s house and the old North Church. The old North Church is a place of significance because it hangs two lanterns. These lanterns were to warn the people about the approach of the British. The pathway converges with the Harbour walk in its end and leaves the visitors to the USS constitution.

4. Castle Island Park

This place is much loved by nature lovers and is edged on a 22-acre land. This urban park is edged along the waterfront. It has many paths for running, biking or walking, along with many playgrounds and beaches. The visitors can take a break from their frenetic lives too, and rest in this Boston attraction.

Top Place to See In Boston-Castle Island ParkImage Source

The urban beaches of the park entice a huge gathering of the locals and tourists during the summer. Apart from this, the plane lovers can also enjoy the take-offs and landing of the place due to the excellent view of Logan that this place proffers. Moreover, the guests can enjoy a sumptuous lunch while being at Castle Island.

5. Fenway Park

One of the most wonderful locations of Boston, the Boston Red Sox baseball team was located in the Fenway Park since 1912. Hence, the park is a must visit location in Boston for all the sports fanatics and is one of the oldest stadiums in America.

Amazing Place to See In Boston-Fenway ParkImage Source

The old architectural design of this park is quite famous and alluring. The left-field wall of the park is known as the Green Monster. With a size smaller than an average of the field, the various tours of the parks are also available. Due to the Green Monster, the verdict of the games is difficult to predict.

6. Institute of Contemporary Art

This is one of the most breathtaking places to be visited in Boston by the art fanatics. A perfect whisk of creativity with the designing techniques can be sighted in this Institute. There are beautiful galleries and a water flow building that houses many shows.

Place to See In Boston-Institute of Contemporary ArtImage Source

The best attribute of the Institute of contemporary art is that it is even loved by the kids due to its contemporary and Marvel art designs. It is an ideal place to be visited with the family and also has playdates every month. But to explore the non-playdate days, you can visit the 4th-floor area for further research.

7. Boston Public Library

Are you a passionate and voracious reader? Do the books entice you towards their information? If yes, then the Boston Public Library should unequivocally be visited by you. It is the first Public Library in the United States. The best attribute of the Boston Public Library is that besides having umpteen books, it also exhibits the creations of excellent artists. The permanent works of the library remain here, whereas the temporary works are changed constantly. The temporary works integrate the sculpture and the paintings.

Best Place to See In Boston-Public LibraryImage Source

The library houses over 6 million literary works. Apart from the books, the structure of the building will tantalise you towards itself and you would spend hours in viewing its beauty. But wait, the benefits do not hold here. After getting exhausted from viewing the place, you can rejuvenate yourselves in their restaurant or cafe. You can also enjoy the serene and tranquil climate of the courtyard of this place. Some of the rare books and manuscripts are also found in this breathtaking location.

8. Boston Harbour Islands

These islands are unequivocally one of the best attractions to visit in Boston. These beautiful islands proffer stupendous views of the whisk of the glowing sun and the azure waters. The tantalising sites of these islands integrate the Civil War Fort Warren, on Georges Islands, and the glowing sandy white beach on the Spectacle Island.

Top Place to See In Boston-Harbour IslandsImage Source

The Boston Harbour Islands are 34 in number. However, the Boston Harbour Islands National Recreation Area houses 13 of these islands. Apart from this, the nation’s oldest lighthouse is located in the Georgia Island. Another island called the Louisville’s Island is a popular camping spot. This is because it has many trails that facilitate camping and exhibits forest views, swimming facilities, beach views and sandy dunes.

9. Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

It was due to the Tea Party that the Patriots raged a full-scale war. Thus, the visit to the Tea Party ships and museum takes you down the memory Lane and you can relive the American Revolution. First of all, you would be taken to a town meeting on your trip. Secondly, you would aboard on a ship and go to the Harbour. In the end, a movie about the time period would be shown to you with the oral reports of the incident.

Boston Tea Party Ships and MuseumImage Source


Thus, the above list displays many attraction to visit in Boston. You can choose your favourite according to your budget, preferences and interests. Be it the Azure waters, the glowing sunsets, the tranquil parks or the historical library, you can visit any place that entices you. So before fabricating your itinerary, do not forget to mention the above places in it. They will give you a quirky experience which will tantalise you towards this place all over again.

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