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Lexington Battle Green

List of the 6 Best Nature Attractions Near Lexington That Every Tourist Should Visit

If someone wants to know about the American Revolution that began in April 1775 then he or she has to visit Lexington, Massachusetts. Some people call Lexington the treasure trove of America that is filled with history at every nook and corner. This small suburb in Boston is filled with the country’s history. It is located nearly 10 miles North West of the city and is filled with museums, historic landmarks, and more.

List of the 6 Best Nature Attractions Near Lexington That Every Tourist Should Visit

If you want to know in detail about the best nature attractions near Lexington then keep reading this write-up.

1. The Lexington Battle Green

First start by visiting this spot, as it is known as the place where the American Revolution had begun on 19th April 1775. It is located in the middle of Bedford Street and Massachusetts Avenue. People also call it the Lexington Common and now it is converted into a public park. This green park is covered by trees and some iconic statues of John Parker, Henry H. Kitson Minuteman Statue, and more. The Lexington Battle Green is one of the 8 locations of the US where the national flag is authorized to fly 24 hours a day. To know more about this place, take the help of the guide, he will be able to guide you better and at the same time answer all our questions. In this one-hour Battle Green Walking Tour, you will get to know a lot about the bloodshed of military men.

2. Minuteman Statue

When one hears the name of the city Lexington the first thing that comes to mind is the life-size bronze figure of a colonial farmer. This was made by a Boston sculptor Henry H. Kitson. You will find this statue at the southeast corner of the Lexington Battle Green. This sculpture was unveiled on 19th April 1900 marking the 125th anniversary of the battle. This sculpture is called the ‘Minuteman’ because he represents a member of the Lexington militia. This is the first thing every visitor wants to see as soon as they reach this city. This is something that every person of this city takes pride in showing off the world. Though it has become a tourist attraction native people had gone through a lot to achieve this freedom.

Minuteman Statue in Lexington

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3. The Battle Road Trail

This is one of the best nature attractions near Lexington that every student reads in his or her history book. This 5-mile trail connects the American historic sites from Meriam’s Corner to the park in Lexington. This trail shows the original remnants of the Battle Road where thousands of military men were killed. Apart from the battlefield, this trial has its scenic beauty, natural resources, and biodiversity. If you are someone who enjoys nature and history at the same time then you should come here. Most of the people staying in Lexington come here to spend their weekends as they feel rejuvenated here.

4. Pine Meadows Golf Club

This golf ground of Lexington, Massachusetts has 9 holes. This place is owned by the Town of Lexington and to date, it is managed by the New England Golf Corporation. According to the Tee Time policy of this place, a person should make a booking one week ahead of the actual date and this can be done via telephone, online, or in person. If you are someone who plays golf then you should visit this place, it will give you a different gaming experience. Bring your golf kit if you are willing to play here.

5. ACROSS Lexington

This is a project belonging to the Greenways Corridor Committee that has made paths for walkers, bikers, and runners. The route connects the town with most of the schools, historic sites, and conservation areas. Visitors and local people enjoy this place a lot, some come here to do their everyday workout. And if you are someone who loves to post their yoga pictures on social media then you should come, you will enjoy practicing yoga and clicking pictures at the same time. This ground is perfect for meditation as it is close to nature and now one is there to disturb, just leave your electronic gadget back at home.

6. Minute Man National Historical Park

This spot commemorates the opening battle of the American Revolutionary War and it is the home of 3 noted American authors. Right now, this park is being operated by the National Park Service. The location of this park is between Lexington, Lincoln, and Concord. It covers an area of 900 acres, visitors can enjoy the multimedia theatre programs, exhibits that take place here.

Do not forget to visit the bookstore that is within the premises of the park, it has some rare collections of books on American history. If you have a pet dog then you can bring him along with you, the open sky is something the dogs do enjoy as well. The best part is no one has to pay a penny to enter the Minute Man National Historical Park, just come and enjoy. Since the covid pandemic is still going, please do wear a face mask and keep sanitizing your hands within the park and maintain at least 6 feet distance from unknown people. The timings remain the same throughout the year i.e., from sunrise to sunset and it is open for common people every day.

Plan at least 2 to 3 days stay in Lexington, Massachusetts, or else you will not be able to cover the entire area. From a school student to a 60 years old man everybody will enjoy this place. The stores of American history will give you goosebumps and a new experience altogether that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Lexington is one of the few places in the United States of America where people can enjoy nature, there are a lot of outdoor activities that people can indulge in.

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