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10 Fun and Adventures in Billing(Montana) That One Must Not Miss (2024)

Located on the banks of Yellowstone River and on the base of Rimrocks, Billings is a beautiful Montana City. Though Billings is a metro city, its magnificent rugged landscape gives it a mountain town vibe. One can observe seven popular mountain ranges from the city of Billings, including Beartooth, Pryor, Big Horn, Bull, Crazies, and Big Snowy mountains. Their presence not only adds to its scenic beauty but also makes up for recreational opportunities. And with that, this mountainous influence also keeps the temperature mild through most of the year.

Also known as the ‘Magic City of Montana’, Billings attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. It has so much stored for tourism, and besides that, the proximity of Yellowstone and Little Bighorn Battlefield adds more magnetism. This is also one of the reasons that Billing’s economic growth is highly influenced by tourism in and around the city. If you are wondering ‘What can I do in Billings’, you have arrived at the right place. This article is all about the popular and fun things to do in Billings. We hope our literature will help you.

10 Fun and Adventures in Billing (Montana) That One Must Not Miss

Let’s get started:

1. Explore the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is an hour’s drive from Billings. Towards its northwest. Also known as the Custer’s Last Stand, it is the most prominent heritage feature and a historic landmark within the State. The landmark is built to memorialize the Battle of the Little Bighorn held in 1876. Upon visiting here, you will come across a museum, and a visit memorialized operating from 8 am to 4:30 pm every day. Both the facilities exhibit stuff related to the 1876 Battle. Here one can find out about the history of the Battle, plain Indian life, about the soldiers, Custer, weapons, archaeology, and more.

Adjoining the museum and visitors center is a huge cemetery that is open for exploration. Over 4000 gravesites of both men and women who lost their lives in the Little Bighorn Battle as well the Korean and Vietnam wars. This is a must-visit place near Billings for anyone interested in history and the military.

2. Float Down The Mighty Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River flows across the northern Great Plains past the city of Billings. Its presence and a beautiful riverfront in the town open opportunities for several modes of fun and adventure. You can rent a tube and float down the river from several spots like Josephine Park for recreational purposes. Or Yellowstone River in Billings is also popular for its fly-fishing opportunities. The clear, clean, and cold water makes it easier to catch brown trout, rainbow trout, and especially native Yellowstone cutthroat trout. Or, reach near the Duck Creek Bridge for a fine Yellowstone swimming experience. Just southwest of the city, there are some deep and fantastic swimming holes.

3. Visit the Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market

The Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market is a local Saturday market in Billings. If you enjoy a lively environment and people, you must not miss visiting here. The market has been taking place at 2nd Ave N and N Broadway for almost 37 years now. The idea behind it is to bring local produce and business together on one single platform. If you are a Billing resident, you can visit here to purchase local produce as well as seasonal ones. The market deals in fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more. You can even visit here for buying delicious bakery goods, jams, jelly, squash, and fresh local meat. You can find local vendors dressed in impressive long skirts scarves, similar to that of Amish. Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market is also a great place to catch up for coffee with friends and family.

4. Watch a Show at the Alberta Bair Theater

Alberta Bair Theater is a cultural hub located at 2801 3rd Ave North. Watching a show here is recommended when visiting Billings. This performing art center has been operating since November 13, 1931, and was originally known as the Fox Theatre. Inside the Theatre, there are 1400 seats with an art deco-style interior that impresses guests to no end. It operates music shows, dance performances, theater performances, and a few comedy shows. Some notable shows you can expect here include classical music performances, jazz, and country music concerts. Besides that, even stand-up comedy and opera and ballet showcases too are quite popular here. The Theater also operates the ever-popular Montana Renaissance Festival during the summer months. The festival is all about historic musical acts, comedic characters, non-stop entertainment, and delicious treats. For a fun and engaging evening, this is definitely one fine place to visit.

5. Do Stop at the Yellowstone Cellars & Winery

Producing incredible wines using the highest quality grapes, the Yellowstone Cellars & Winery in Billings is just spectacular. It is a boutique winery that produces fresh wine using premium hand-picked red and white grapes. The grapes are freshly imported all the way from Washington’s Rattlesnake Hills and Yakima Valley. They crush grapes right within 30 hours of harvesting at the vineyards. Whereas the rest of the process, including pressing, fermentation, cellaring, and bottling, continues at the Yellowstone Cellars. Besides that, their tasting room is lightly decorated with wine-themed accessories. There’s even an inviting outdoor patio with a small garden around. Not extensive though, they even have a mini food menu that goes well with the wine. Every Wednesday, the Winery also organizes live music from 7 pm to 9 pm.

6. Drive All The Way To Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary

Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Red Lodge, nearly an hour’s drive from Billings. The Sanctuary was formed back in 1983, encompassing about 7.5 acres. Though later, it grew bigger and better. Today the Sanctuary is home to indigenous Montana animals who basically are unfit for surviving in the wild environment. Some of the animals you can expect to see here include Montana mountain lions, black bears, wolves, coyotes, bobcat, lynx, hawks, falcons, owls, and foxes. The Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary operates from March through December (Wednesday to Monday). The operating hours may go from 10 am to 4 pm or customized depending upon the weather conditions. The sanctuary authorities also organize tours and educational programs upon visitors’ demands.

7. Explore the Montana Audubon Conservation Education Center

The Montana Audubon Conservation Education Center is within minutes of the urban centre of Billings. The centre lies in the heart of the 72,000 square mile Yellowstone River Basin and has been operating since 1976. It operates to preserve and promote Montana’s ecosystem and wildlife to the current and future generations. A visit here will introduce you to native bird species and other wildlife. Upon exploring the conservation, you will observe how bird species live in a preserved natural environment. There are several exhibits, and the center keeps on organizing educational programs for greater visitor engagement. From Earth Day to Public Land Day and National Forest Week, every month has some other event going on here.

8. Visit the Four Dances Recreation Area

Four Dances Recreation Area is another natural landscape two miles east of downtown Billings. It is bordered by Coburn Road on the east side, whereas the stunning river cliffs and the Yellowstone River are on its west. Four Dances is full of native flora and fauna, notably native sagebrush, Yellowstone River cottonwood riparian, and ponderosa pine. The recreation area ideally sits on a plateau which is edged with cliffs dropping 200 to 500 feet to the river. Reaching atop requires hiking .75 miles from the Recreation Area Parking Lot. Four Dances Recreation Area is a popular outdoor spot for hiking, photography, and wildlife watching. Even if you are a beginner, the trails here will make you feel comfortable and at ease. During winters, it also operates for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. However, motorized vehicles, horses, and other commercial activities aren’t allowed here.

9. Spend a Day at the Lake Elmo State Park

Lake Elmo State Park is 123 acres of natural area on the northeast side of Billings. Around the shores of Lake Elmo, this State Park operates for endless recreational activities. Gaining an elevation of 3,199 feet, the park has several small hiking and nature trails. Walking here isn’t strenuous but fun, especially when you stretch your legs around the leg or reach the south shore to fish from Roger’s Pier. Some of the popular recreational activities here include swimming, boating, sailboarding, picnicking, and bird watching. Though for stepping down into the water, only non-motorized boaters are allowed. Besides that, there is a 200-acre off-leash dog park on the west banks of Lake Elmo. The State Park is also a popular place for catching some spectacular sunset views.

10. Beat the Heat at Reef Indoor Water Park

The reef is Montana’s largest indoor water park and a must-visit place in Billings. It is a 25,000 square foot facility bigger than a large football field. Inside the facility, multiple rides and slides are ideal for visitors of all ages. Upon climbing three stories up, you will get to rocket down the Tropical Twister and the Barracuda Blaster. And further, when you emerge from the tubes, you will shoot right down the plunge pool. Some of the popular interactive activities here include a 55,000-gallon wave pool featuring waves over three feet high and a 250-gallon water dumping bucket. Besides, visitors can also gather for a round of water basketball. The waterpark also has a hot tub where you can relax after a tiring day of fun and adventure. Once done with it all, go and get your energy back by enjoying the meals at Ripp’s Café.

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