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8 Popular Things To Do In Polson, Montana (2024)

Polson is a small city and a charming lakeside community on the southern shore of Flathead Lake. It is northwest Montana’s most fertile farming region and thus is a major cherry grower. Thus, when it is the cherry season, the Polson community turns into a shade of sweet and savory red. You will find cherries all over the place, and not only in the form of fruit but in festivals and events as well. Besides that, the city also has a small yet interesting history which is well exhibited in some of the visit-worthy museums here.

The positioning of Polson near Flathead Lake also makes it a prime water adventure destination. The city covers several miles of lakefront and also provides several outlets for enjoying a lakeside stay. Though travelers arrive here throughout the year, the best time still is the summer months. It is when water adventures are at their best and Cherries ripe into the juiciest and luscious fruits ever. And guess what? Summers are here to arrive. So why not plan your next Montana vacation to Polson. We hope our recommendations below will make you do so.

8 Popular Things To Do In Polson, Montana

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1. Attend the Flathead Lake Cherry Festival

Summers in Polson means the entire town comes to life with the color, fragrance, and sweetness of ‘Cherries.’ The presence and climatic influence of Flathead Lake provide Polson with rich fruit fertility. And this brings the season of cherries and the popular event of the Flathead Lake Cherry Festival to life. The festival organizes during the end of July or depending upon when the cherry fruit reaches its peak of ripeness. The season ideally falls between Mid-July to Mid-August. It is when Orchards are blown with shades of red, road-style stall line paths of Polson, and everyone is talking about Cherries. The festival generally lasts for two days, with vendors selling cherries, baked treats, and a curated selection of eatables. Visitors can even shop for handmade regional arts and décor. Besides that, visit the Hockaday Orchards or other facilities for hand-picking your own cherries and taking them home along.

2. Introduce Yourself to the Local History at Polson Flathead Historical Museum

Polson Flathead Historical Museum is a local facility located at 708 Main Street. The museum was established back in 1972 to preserve the Flathead Indian Reservation and the Mission Valley history. A walk inside will introduce you to the time period when Flathead Indians opened the land to homesteaders in 1910. The collection here includes artifacts and memorabilia from the early 1900s. It includes a stagecoach, a replica of a trading post, antique tools, boats, and several examples of the home interiors of homesteaders. Besides that, you can also explore the recreations of homes and schools from the time period. Their display is also home to a 180-pound fish, Nessie (claimed as famed Flathead Monster, though unsure). An entry to the museum costs $5 to $10, depending upon the visitor’s age.

Polson Flathead Historical Museum

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3. Admire the Art Scene at Sandpiper Gallery

If you are an art lover, then visiting the Sandpiper Gallery is a must-to-do thing for you in Polson. Local artists founded the Sandpiper Gallery during the 70s and today it promotes the region’s local art scene. A visit inside the gallery will introduce you to several paintings and other kinds of art pieces. Upon browsing up the sections, you will find beautiful jewelry, paintings, ceramics, and items of home décor. And the best part is, besides observing the wondrous art, you can even buy them back for your personal use. Sandpiper Gallery, though it is a small facility, a visit here feels fulfilling and rejuvenating.

4. Play a Game of Gold at the Polson Bay Golf Course

Polson Bay Golf Course is one of the best Montana Golf Course operating for the public since 1938. It is 18 hole championship course, and the 9 holes Olde Course is spectacular and impressive beyond what you can think of. The immaculate playing conditions accomplished by scenic vistas and knowledgeable staff makes a visit here fulfilling like anything. The gold course operates May through September throughout the week. The entry fee for 9 hole course is $29, whereas, for the 18 hole course, it is $49 to $54 depending upon weekdays and weekends. The beautiful lake views accomplish Polson Bay Golf Course. Hence even if you aren’t into golf, you can still visit here to soak into the panoramic settings and tranquillity.

5. Spend Your Day at the Sacajawea Park and Salish Point Park

Sacajawea Park is a day-use park in Polson with a wide long Broadwalk along Flathead Lake. The Broadwalk goes all the way under the US-93 bridge to a park on the other side. The park has playgrounds and open fields that often operate for entertainment shows and live performances. Its waterfront also offers access to water sports, including boating or fishing. It is also a great spot for picnicking and soaking under the sun.

Whereas the Salish Point Park is located on the southern shore of Flathead Shore in Polson. It is popular for offering open-water swimming and roped-off swimming facilities. The fresh and clear water at the shores also operates for wonderful fishing and boating opportunities.

6. Visit the Miracle of America Museum

The Miracle of America Museum is a popular and must-visit tourist attraction in Polson. The museum is home to thousands of artifacts focusing on a range of Americana (basically its culture, characteristics, and civilization). The collection here comprises a turn-of-the-century schoolroom, several vintage motorcycles, historic automobiles, firearms, and endless artistic sculptures. Unlike several other museums you may have explored, the Miracle of America Museum is eclectic and diverse with no real overarching theme. Some of the notables from their collection, which everyone must focus upon, include victorian hair art, UFOs, Vietnam-era bumper stickers, an 1880s hearse, moonshine stills, and Native American folk art. The museum operates daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

7. Dine and Shop in Polson

The central downtown district of Polson is a hub for shopping and eating enthusiasts. It offers a surplus of excellent restaurants and local shops. Some of the famous local eateries you can try to include Cherries BBQ Pit (for slow-cooked meats), Scoops Ice Cream Shack (for excellent deserts), and Fiesta En Jalisco (for Mexican food). The options further extend to the Cove Pizza, Betty’s Diner and Deli, Finley Point Grill, and Mrs. Wonderful’s Café. And for shopping, you can try modern-day mercantile, local galleries, home décor shops, artisan cheese shops, and more.

8. Go Skating in the Polson Skate Park

The Polson Skate Park is a skating space built back in 1995 by the locals of the town. It is also known as Polson Skate 7th or simply 7th and is a favorite amongst locals. The park has well-maintained tracks that individuals often use for practicing the art of skating. Or in case you want to cycle down the lanes, the park also welcomes the same. It is where visitors of all skill levels and ages gather for some skill development and fun. The Polson Skate Park operates daily for 24 hours and is free to access for all. It is also a great place to warm up before you enter the surrounding wilderness for adventurous recreation.

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