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Whitefish Travel Guide : 11 Popular and Diverse Activities To Do in Whitefish in Montana (2024)

Montana is so much full of tourism towns that its residents barely have to step out of the state for entertainment. And one of such several Montana towns includes the Whitefish. This resort town is home to nearly 7500 residents though it welcomes millions of tourists every year. It serves as an ultimate base for both summers and winters and a getaway to much of Montana’s wilderness. Even if you haven’t planned, Whitefish will still make you rest down for a day before you head up into the ultimate landscape beauty of Montana.

Whitefish in Montana is an ideal weekend getaway town, and it has so much to offer to its tourist. You will be able to go hiking around the Whitefish town, skiing around its wilderness, mountain biking the roads and have fun. From the endless fun to several events and festivities that come and go with months, Whitefish offers a range of diverse activities to have fun with.

Whitefish Travel Guide: 11 Popular and Diverse Activities To Do in Whitefish in Montana

So why wait? Let’s get into the fun ride and learn about all that you can do in Whitefish. Have a look:

1. Play and Ski at the Whitefish Mountain Resort

Located in the Big Mountains, the Whitefish Mountain Resort is just 4 miles from the Whitefish town. Though it is a Ski resort, adventure activities here are offered during both summers and winters. The resort spans over 3000 lovely acres and has landmasses for hiking, biking, horseback riding, skiing, snowshoeing and more. During winters, visitors can rent ski gear, go for quick lessons and then ski down the pristine white mountains. It has a total of 41 runs, of which 10% are for beginners, 35% for intermediates, 40% for advance, and 10% for experts. They have a terrain park and operate night skiing on Fridays and Saturdays. The longest skiable run here is 3.3 miles, whereas the vertical drop is 2353 feet.

Whereas for fun during summers, visitors can access the Aerial Adventure Park and have the ultimate fun of their life. They offer Ziplining 300 feet above the forest floor with the lines crossing 2000 feet across. Besides, visitors can go for scenic lift rides, enjoy the alpine slide, tube down the slopes, go mountain bike etc. Or have the ultimate fun by enjoying your lunch at the summit in the only mountain top restaurant in Montana.

2. Enjoy Craft Beer In Whitefish

When in Whitefish, one of the best things to do is head to a bar. There are plenty of them around the city to ski bars in and around the town. For example, visit the Bonsai Brewing Project, a microbrewery that offers a great combination of food, beer, and music. On their menu, you will find everything from Bretta Saison barrel to milkshakes, yummy burgers, hot dogs, etc. What makes their beer special is the usage of local ingredients to prepare the same. The Brewery is operational throughout the year from afternoon to evening except during winters. For more brewery options, you can always hop around the town.

3. Visit A Local Distillery

Like beer, Whitefish is also famous for other spirits dedicated to its distilleries. And one such amazing place is the Spotted Bear Spirits, a local craft distillery. It is popular for its spirits like vodka and gin, along with its quaint rustic vibes. Even though it is settled amidst the vibrant mountain town sitting here feels like you are somewhere in an alpine town. As you visit inside, you step into a tasting room full of cocktails featuring local & organic ingredients, locally made gifts, and bottles for sale. They serve on the spot the house spirits combined with citrusy lemonade making up for excellent lemonade. For reaching here, navigate to 503 Railway Street, Whitefish throughout the week from 12 pm to 8 pm.

4. When in Whitefish, Go Art Hopping

Its exterior image might not project like, but Whitefish is a hub for art enthusiasts. You might not want to visit here, especially for art, but on a visit, you cannot even miss it. Begin from the heart of town on Central Avenue and visit Whitefish Pottery and Stillwater Gallery. This local gallery is known for its handmade stoneware pottery. Art pieces on exhibit here are works of both regional and national artists. Besides observing their vividness, you can also shop for them to take along. Next, head to the Stumptown Art Studio and bring out your creative side. They offer classes for visitors of all age groups ranging from glassmaking art, clay art, pottery painting, and more. Or visit the Sunti World Art Gallery and explore foreign culture and diversity. Their collection has Indian Zardozis (thread work), American-made raku, Cambodia Khmer carvings and more.

5. Enjoy a Whitefish Event Or Festival Like A Local

The town of Whitefish, though is small in size with a lesser population its spirit is high like any other city. Regardless of the seasons, Whitefish hosts several events and festivities with full bloom throughout the year. Here are a few of them which you can attend and enjoy on your trip:

  • Under the Big sky art and music festival (It gets organised at the Big Mountain Ranch in July. The festival is about art, music, food, dance and celebration. Being at the Ranch alone is an experience of its own, especially when you get to grab such astounding views around).
  • Huckleberry Days Arts Festival (It takes place in the month of August and is a great draw for foodies. To add life to the event, 100s of artists, craftsmen and food vendors gather at Depot Park. Come here empty stomach as the food options will make it difficult to stop trying them all.)
  • The Whitefish winter carnival (Organizing in the month of February, the Whitefish Winter Carnival is all about fun. Here, you can enjoy a grand parade, skijoring, lively parties, penguin plunge, pie social, and so much more).

6. Grab The Bird-Eye View Of Whitefish Resort Town

Whitefish is a small part of everything Glacier Country and North-western Montana offers. And even though you cover them all on land, it still can beat the experience of overlooking the beauty up from the sky. For that, book yourself a trip with Glacier Backcountry Flying Experience that operates from BigFork, 40 minutes away from Whitefish. They basically offer traditional wheeled plane tours and floatplane that takes participants around the entire Flathead Valley and its neighbouring mountain ranges. The wheel plane tours depart from Whitefish city airport and Glacier Park International Airport. The Whitefish-based floatplane tours operate right from Whitefish lake’s “The Marina at The Lodge”. As a participant, you will get to sit on the co-pilot seat for an unforgettable experience with the Cessna 180.

Some Of Their Popular Tours Include:

  • The 2.2-hour Glacier Country Tour.
  • The 1.8-hour Mission Mountain Tour.
  • The 1-hour Glimpse of Glacier Tour.

7. Visit the Les Mason State Park

Whitefish’s hidden gem the Les Mason State Park, is a must-visit. Especially if you are interested in catching the glowing water sunset, visit here during the sun settling hours. The park is located on the east shore of Whitefish Lake and is popular for its 585 feet of sand and gravel lakeshore. It offers great sun-bathing, swimming and beach opportunities. Close to the shore, there are a few picnic facilities available as well.

NOTE: The Les Mason State Park operates only from April 1st through November 30th and remains closed for the snow season. During its operating month, you can visit here anytime from 8 in the morning to 8 at night.

Other Popular Activities To Try When You Are Visiting Whitefish:

8. Relax at “The Spa at Whitefish Lake”: While you are returning from a tiring trip to Glacier National Park, nothing more than a relaxing spa and appeal to you. And for that, the best stop is at The Spa at Whitefish Lake. You can reach it right along the water for an ultimate rejuvenating and refreshing experience.

9. Go Golfing in Whitefish: You cannot just go back without having a day of golf at one of the many Whitefish Golf courses. The most beautiful and enjoyable one is Whitefish Lake Golf Club, surrounded by stunning mountains. It offers a truly amazing experience to both locals and visitors.

10. Go Skydiving in Whitefish: Besides and above Skydiving, there isn’t any other adrenalin-pumping experience. And when in Whitefish, go for Tandem skydiving and grab the mind-blowing free fall from 10,000 feet and unbeatable glacier views. Due to weather restrictions, Whitefish only allows for skydiving from June to October.

11. Try and Buy Huckleberry things: Huckleberry is a native blueberry species of North America. It is a popular staple of Rocky Mountain and Montana and is quite popular in Whitefish. When in the town, shop for Huckleberry coffee, lollipops, liquor ice, chocolate, jam, syrup, pie filling and other products. Do not miss them because they aren’t easily available everywhere.

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