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Mount Monadnock - ‘Worth-It’ Attraction In New Hampshire

‘Worth-It’ Attractions In New Hampshire (2024)

New Hampshire is not very huge in terms of size, but one of the ideal destination places encircled with countless sightseeing spots. Despite being the shortest coast, New Hampshire is a complete outdoor activity arena that encourages many activities such as hill-walking, seafaring, flora, fine-looking campgrounds, and exciting rides to mountain tops. Many places in New Hampshire prove to be indispensable for a divine outing in certain theme parks and water parks. The kids can enjoy a lot of amusing rides and other fancy kinds of stuff. The other attractions in the list of beautiful places to visit in New Hampshire catch the visitors’ attention towards this eye-catching state are outstanding beaches and lakes.

‘Worth-It’ Attractions In New Hampshire

Here, we going to make you witness some of the most iconic and ultimate points of the State- New Hampshire

1. Mount Monadnock

One of the most incredible factors representing Mount Monadnock’s uniqueness is none other than its tag of being the most climbed mountain globally. The Mountain stands tall to give the travelers some of the unobstructed outlooks from the summit. The clear view from the peak gives an image of a stunning forest dipped in red and orange colored shrubbery. Besides, the Monadnock region is also known as ‘Currier and Ives corner’ for its heavenly farmland with church pinnacles and coated bridges’ richness. This mountain can seem to be a must-visit destination in New Hampshire. Mount Monadnock - ‘Worth-It’ Attraction In New Hampshire

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2. Hampton Beach

New Hampshire is filled with many great family resorts and amazing sight-seeing destinations in New Hampshire. Also, Hampton Beach has withstood its resorts for every age group, and it also has a casino. Many people think that this casino is designed for gambling and gaming, but it is meant for hosting live melody concerts and comedy shows. Other deeds such as beach walks and fireworks are also enjoyed by the visitors coming to Hampton Beach. In June every year, the whole beach turns into a giant art gallery that allows large participation in the Hampton Beach Master Sculpting Competition.

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3. Santa’s Village

A fine ride for the Santa Village would be the right choice in making the vacation more energetic. Kids with you can imagine a massive Christmas Land full of alluring toys and rides. A broad range of tremendous rides such as penguin roller coaster, peppermint twist, chimney drop, and bounce ride by which the kid can envision real Santa falling from the Chimney. Jingle of Christmas, pastry shops, winter costumes, and many amusing activities would give the children and the adults the image of the Christmas period. The best destination to visit in New Hampshire, we can say.

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Address- 528 Presidential Hwy, Jefferson, New Hampshire

4. The Lost River Gorge

It is often called a natural wonder of New Hampshire State, gives you a blissful joy of some the long walkways and tumbling waterfalls. The Lost River Gorge can be a perfect option as it’s an amazing sight-seeing destination in New Hampshire. Many tourists gone there have given so many affirmative responses about the Lost River Gorge. At the top, you can hit upon an estate of feral flora followed by a suspension bridge that allows entering into the Glacial Boulder Caves. You can find all the caves along with a narrow passage shaped by wrecked sandstone ledge or evade them using the boardwalks or stairway.

Top Tourist Place In New Hampshire-The Lost River Gorge

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Address- Route 112, Kinsman Notch, New Hampshire

5. Clark’s Bear

For more than a couple of decades, Clark’s Bear is responsible for enduring many people by its professional Bear shows. The audience tends to get delighted from the live performances of the bear. So this spot can be a great place to visit in New Hampshire. In addition to the bears, numerous daily shows comprise act done by the group of gymnasts. Among shows, families can ride a steam engine through the woodland, join in the splash park, learn to “drive” Segways, and stopover the peculiar fun houses and museum set all along the Victorian Main Street. On a hot summer day, this place can become a refreshing time for every generation, combining some spectacular water rides and swimming pools.

Address- US Route 3, Lincoln, New Hampshire

6. Fall Foliage Drive

Although every road that you pass, you may find a bunch of maple leaves around roads. It confirms to be a must-visit destination in New Hampshire in September and October; New Hampshire tends to shine in orange, red, and yellow shades. This gives the sight seekers a great pleasure of admiring this wonderful experience. Bird watching, Photography, and a long stroll through the paths are some actions that would be sufficient in making your journey breathtaking. Catch plane roads into town next to picture-perfect Walpole at the southern end for white church spires and village forests bounded by blistering maple leaves.

Best Visiting Place In New Hampshire-Fall Foliage DriveImage Source

7. Story Land

Designed perfectly for kids, the story land reflects the site’s image mentioned in books or fictional clips. The magic of this beautiful place known as Story Land lies in its giant pumpkin ride, which fascinates many tourists going there every year with their relatives. The Story Land gained a lot of popularity for giving such exceptional and unimaginable rides to its visitors. Some of the rides include- the large wooden shoe ride, sailing in an imaginary ship of pirates, giant teacup ride. These are some of the worthy and eye-catching rides for those visitors coming with their families. Thus the Story Land is believed to be a must-visit destination in New Hampshire.

Must Visit Place In New Hampshire-Story LandImage Source

Address- NH Route 16, Glen, New Hampshire

8. North Conway and Mt. Washington Valley Ski Resort

North Conway is a foremost home for ski, and also it was the first Ski resort of North America. The destination offers skiing, sledding, ice skating, sled rides, dog sledding, etc. The North Conway is quite popular for the shoppers to its skiers, with one of New England’s largest concentrations of outlet stores and duty liberated shopping. The Wildcat Mountain is one of the most dreadful for skiers, has concentrated and incredible views of Mt. Washington from its height, where the skiers’ gondola takes sightseers in the time of summer and autumn. Hence, this can be a great exploration for sports lovers and a great place to visit in New Hampshire.

Sightseeing Place to Visit In New Hampshire-North Conway and Mt. Washington Valley Ski ResortImage Source

9. Market Square and Portsmouth’s Historic Houses

Market Square has been observed as the city’s busy centers seeing as the days when New Hampshire’s Grand Governing body assembled here. Disregarded by the notably big North Church tower, the square and the block lined streets that give out from it are bordered by respected commercial buildings that at present residence shops, eateries and cafés.

As it winds its way along the seafront through Market Square and into avenues of dignified vintage homes, the Portsmouth Harbour way joins beyond 70 of its chronological sites and charming magnetism. A far-fetched spot to hang out with the family members has some of the most delicious dishes, desserts, liquor, etc. So, along with Portsmouth Harbour, the market square can turn out to be a great place to visit in New Hampshire.

10. Kancamagus Highway and White Mountain National Forest

The Kancamagus Highway is not a highway, but the winding dual-lane NH Route 112, which climbs over the spike of the White Mountains by the use of New Hampshire’s Kancamagus Pass. In accumulation to the pretty road, comprehensive sight widening 35 miles from Conway in the east to Lincoln in the west. That offers entrance to some natural and artificial tourist structures. The Kancamagus Highway would be an amazing sight-seeing destination in New Hampshire. The entire division is a fraction of the big White Mountain National Forest that guards 148,000 acres of forest.

Nice Place to Visit In New Hampshire-Kancamagus Highway and White Mountain National ForestImage Source


We gave out our best instances to let you know some of the cool and interesting facts about various sites of New Hampshire. That was some of the profound locations of a great and incredible state of New Hampshire. It is a satisfactory state to provide a lot of fun and admiring activities that you can execute with your acquaintances. So do you also want to visit thee amazing sight-seeing destinations in New Hampshire?

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