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Bryant Park - Where To Stay In New York When Visiting For The First Time

Where To Stay In New York When Visiting For The First Time? (2023)

Being the most populated city in the United States of America, New York City is an extremely humming place. The streets of New York show an extraordinary blend of cultures, languages, personal styles and neighbourhoods. The place is quite distinctive and quirky due to the existence of the modern architectural skyscrapers with the ancient buildings. At its center is Manhattan, a commercially as well as culturally significant place. The stunning locations encompass the towers like the Empire State Building, that would engage you with their high tops penetrating the blue skies. The striking Statue of Liberty would arrest your gaze. The spectacular and serene parks are the Central Park and the Macy’s.

Where To Stay In New York When Visiting For The First Time?

To have a perfect stay, you must make sure to choose the ideal lodging in New York, by answering the question, ” Which is the best place to dwell in New York?” This sprawling metropolis has the following favourable places to reside in your first tour:

Midtown Manhattan

Midtown is the perfect place for 90% of the visitors to dwell in New York. The reason being that it is a well-known district for hotel searches with hotels under the budgets of different types of people. Numerous mesmerizing locations like the gleaming Times Square, Chrysler Building, the Grand Empire State Buildings, renowned Broadway Theatres, and many more embellish the town with their glamour and charm.

Midtown Manhattan is a vibrant place with many hotels and sites which can be reached in the shortest time possible. The most well-known area is Times Square, which is full of the hustle and bustle of the town. Apart from Times Square, there are many other districts in which you can reside affordably. Down below is the list of the neighbourhood hotels around Downtown where you can stay when visiting New York for the first time:

  • Times Square: Being the best place to dwell for the tourists, Times Square has the bustling and rejuvenating energy needed to make adrenaline rush into you. Eminent for its bright billboards and neon lights, the place is noisy and loud late into the night due to the umpteen tourists present here. The best budget-friendly hotel in a perfect location beside Times Square is Hotel Edison Times Square. Another posh hotel at a 5 minutes’ walk from the Times Square is InterContinental New York Times Square, which is worth each penny spent.
  • Bryant Park: A serene tourist temptation, Bryant Park has many Midtown attractions. As opposed to Times Square, the area is quiet at night, giving a composed and ethereal vibe to the place. The Bryant Park Hotel is a luxury hotel opposite the site, which provides a comfortable stay. Bryant Park - Where To Stay In New York When Visiting For The First Time Image Source

Downtown Manhattan

Lower Manhattan or Downtown Manhattan with interesting villages like the Easy Village, Little Italy and NoLita is a perfect spot for an evening stroll. The area also inhabits some iconic tourist spots like 911 Memorial, the sprawling Battery Park, the grand Wall street district, and SoHo, a prime shopping district. The list of the places to dwell in Downtown Manhattan when visiting New York for the first time are:

  • Financial District: A prominent financial hub, the Financial District has an ethnic architectural structure of the Gilded Age. The region is adorned by many enticing locations like the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 911 Memorial, and many more. The hotel to dwell in is the World Trade Centre Area/ Residence Inn New York Downtown Manhattan, which proffers stylish and elegant rooms with excellent service.
  • Little Italy or Chinatown: These two adjacent locations, provide the guests, stay at affordable prices. Hotel 50 Bowery NYC is a beautiful 4-star hotel in Chinatown that proffers elegant and spacious rooms and a rooftop bar. Little Italy or Chinatown - Where To Stay In New York When Visiting For The First TimeImage Source
  • SoHo: SoHo stands for South of Houston Street and is a shopping district liked by the shopping fanatics. Umpteen retail stores are inhabited in the building alongside the cobbled pathways. The best hotel to live in this region is City rooms NYC SoHo, which provides all the comfort needed by the tourists.
    Where To Stay In New York When Visiting For The First Time - SoHo

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  • East Village/Lower East Side: If you are allergic to mornings, then this place would be loved by you as it is famous for its vibrant nightlife. The Gatsby Hotel is a good hotel in the region which is worth each cent. East Village/Lower East Side - Where To Stay In New York When Visiting For The First TimeImage Source


One of the five boroughs of New York City, this place was written as the top US travel destination in 2015. This diverse and cultural region has the ethnic enclaves of the Indians, Latin Americans, and the Chinese. The food lovers would love this place because of its mouth-watering cuisines like the Indian Biryani, Greek food, Tibetan dumplings, etc. The place to reside here is:

Long Island City: This posh middle-class estate is eminent for its tranquil waterfront parks, restaurants, trendy bars, and upscale buildings. A terrific hotel to stay here is the Home2 Suites by Hilton New York Long Island City/Manhattan View, which proffers spacious and opulent rooms equipped with a kitchen. Located near the 39 Avenue Station, the hotel is at a 20-minute subway ride from Times Square. The hotel also proffers a full-sized refrigerator and commendable room service to its guests.

Long Island City - Where To Stay In New York When Visiting For The First TimeImage Source

Upper East Side

Edges on the east side of the Central Park, Upper East Side, is eminent for its opulent residence, high-end shopping, posh hotels, and majestic museums. This upscale district in New York houses some of the world-class museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET), the Frick Collection, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. You could stay in the following affordable places in this otherwise expensive neighbourhood when visiting New York for the first time:

Budget-friendly hotel: Finding an economical hotel in this costly place is a daunting task. The hotel Hannah’s One Bedroom Apartment, located near the 72 Street Station, is a rare find and a clean and lively place to stay at. It costs less than USD 100 per night. You can enjoy a beautiful home economically by staying here.

Semi luxury: You can now get the cosy vibes without even breaking your bank! The hotel which proffers this facility is the Loews Regency New York Hotel, which has impeccable service and elegant, spacious, and neat rooms with the required luxury and the amenities at relatively reasonable prices which the middle class can afford.

Luxury: If you wish to have the most luxurious experience by breaking your bank, no other hotel in the area is as opulent as The Pierre New York- A Taj Hotel. This 5-star hotel has a top-notch service, an elevator, and luxurious rooms to make your tour a comfortable one. This great location is right beside the 5 Avenue Station.

Are you visiting New York for the 1st time? If yes, then this is the perfect article you have come across. Finding a place to dwell in New York can be a Herculean task if you have never visited New York. The city is expensive, but the price is worth each moment spent by you. Being the most populated states of the US, New York is packed with skyscrapers to accommodate the large population. You can choose wisely from the above list of places to reside in New York. Enjoy your vacation!

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