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Lake Metigoshe State Park - Popular Resorts in North Dakota

5 Most Popular Resorts to Stay When in North Dakota (2023)

North Dakota is known for its spectacular landscape. The beautiful countryside that has actually been featured in the animated movie Spirit is a sight to behold. From bold, deep canyons to towering limestone pillars or the Badlands, the sweeping grasslands of North Dakota are sprawled around everywhere. Home to hundreds of mustangs and buffalos, the state of North Dakota is a magnificent place to explore.

The best way to explore this stunning state is to spend a few days amidst this spectacular frontier of wheat fields and magnificent windmills. There are many relaxing B&Bs, hotels, inns, and resorts you can check into to spend the weekend in North Dakota. Whether you want to make a trip of visiting a country in sitting amidst lush natural beauty, or you want to check into a resort in the city, there is a resort for every visitor in North Dakota.

5 Most Popular Resorts to Stay When in North Dakota

Here are the most popular resorts to stay in when you visit North Dakota.

1. Woodland Resort

Located on Devil’s Lake, the Woodland Resort is the perfect destination for camping and fishing. This lakeside resort is the best place to relax and rejuvenate. This is a full-service resort, and it is famous for having the largest fleet of pontoons and boats available in the area. Along with a magnificent lakeside bar and restaurant, the resort is a delight for fishing enthusiasts. There is a general store on the grounds itself that is well-stocked with the line, rods, bait, and everything else you could possibly need to have the perfect fishing trip.

For camping enthusiasts also the Woodland Resort is the best place to stay when in North Dakota. The campground has many cabins, motel rooms, and even modern suites. They provide a great range of room options to suit the requirements and budget of any guest. These cabins contain several bedrooms depending on which type of cabin you choose, laundry, kitchen, and a separate living area. These cabins are perfect for cooking the day’s fresh catch and just sit back and think about the beautiful day you had.

2. Grand Lodge, Rolling Plains

The Grand Lodge, Rolling Plains, is the perfect place for those who want to hunt. This is a guided hunting service lodge located in some of the best areas to hunt deer and pheasant. There is a separate team at Rolling Plains that maintains the Grand Lodge and offers it as an accommodation for hunters taking their guided tours. The Lodge is one of the most renowned traditional timber hunting lodges in North Dakota. It is decorated with fantastic detail to truly capture the essence of the entire experience.

The Lodge has a large central room where guests can get together and swap hunting stories with one another as they wind down after a day of hunting. Located within walking distance of deer and pheasant hunting zones, The Lodge ensures guests can make the most out of their time when they stay at this property.

3. Haybale Heights Campground and Resort

Another wonderful resort located on the Devil’s Lake, the Haybale RV Resort, is known for its guided fishing tours. The resort is especially famous for the ice fishing seminars. The operates at the Haybale RV Resort run the Snowbear winter fishing tours that allow guests to take part in ice fishing on the Devil’s Lake while staying in the comfort of the Snowbear.

There are only a handful of cabins here, but the campsite has many RV and tent sites. However, there are minimal amenities here as the focus remains on hunting and fishing tours. If you are primarily in North Dakota for hunting and fishing, and you are not looking for the comfort of expensive cabins, then this is the ideal place for you.

4. Lake Metigoshe State Park

If you want to experience a holiday within the beautiful Lake Metigoshe State Park, you are in luck as the US Department of Parks and Recreations maintains accommodation inside the park. Though there is not too much space here, you will still find three family-size cabins, a yurt and group dorms, and a primitive cabin that are available for booking. Reservation has to be done directly through the Department itself. It is possible to book the cottages throughout the year, and in the winter season, you can get skis and snowshoes on rent at the park office.

The stunning Lake Metigoshe State Park is located in the heart of the Turtle Mountains, and this heavily wooded area is also a nature reserve. In the summer, there are many summer activities that take place around the lake, including rafting, canoeing, fishing, etc. Many winter activities as well take place here, including exploration of the nature trails at the park through the snow-laden oak forest.

5. Moose Creek Lodge

The Moose Creek Lodge is located in the heart of the state’s Rendezvous region. This lodge is another stunning and rejuvenating resort for conservationists and hunters. The lodge is spacious and big enough for a small family or small team. The lodge provides you with everything you need for a memorable stay, including TV, stereo, kitchenette, and even outdoor barbecue facilities.

The Moose Creek Lodge is surrounded by a breathtaking landscape filled with wildlife. The place is an excellent destination for bird watchers or those who want to go on authentic hunting expeditions and/or photo safaris. The region is also known for its rich history, owing to the significant Native American populations that live in this area. There are many historical tours and opportunities you can indulge in here, including a visit to Moose Creek.

While these are the most popular resorts in North Dakota, you can find many other beautiful places to stay at on your vacation to this wonderful state. The Indian Hills Resort, Spirit Lake Casino and Hotel, Prairie Knights Casino and Resort, Sky Dancer Casino and Resort, and the Bismarck KOA RV Resort are some of the other well-known resorts in North Dakota you can consider. If you are on a budget, checking out the RV resorts in the state is a great idea.

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