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Cooper River Brewing

Exploring Charleston’s Signature Beverages and Breweries (2024)

Uncover the transformation of Charleston into a brewery bastion with our definitive Charleston brewery list. In recent years, the city of Charleston has emerged as a craft beer Mecca, delighting tourists and locals alike with its amazing craft beer scene. Whether you’re staying in the bustling hotels on King Street in Charleston, SC or venturing from other parts of the city, visiting Charleston’s Brewery District is a must. From robust stouts to intriguing sour beer, the offerings here are as complex and layered as Charleston’s own history. Your journey through South Carolina’s brewing pride starts here.

A Look at Charleston’s Brewery District

Nestled in the northern part of the Charleston peninsula, the Charleston Brewery District has rapidly become a haven for craft beer aficionados. What started in the early 2010s as a handful of breweries has blossomed into a bustling hub showcasing some of Charleston’s best breweries. Its strategic location — near downtown and enveloped by historic architecture — makes it an irresistible draw for those looking to enjoy great beer. The area’s unique combination of history and modern flair has solidified its reputation not only in the state of South Carolina but also among tourists and locals as a go-to destination for a cold brew.

The popularity of the Charleston Brewery District can’t be overstated. Loved by both locals and visitors, the district offers a diverse array of ale houses, each featuring its own atmosphere and beer selection. It’s common for these favorite breweries in Charleston to collaborate on special brews or partake in community events, adding a collaborative spirit to the district. Whether driving in or taking advantage of the free Saturday trolley service from 1-9 p.m., you’ll find the area easily accessible from all parts of North Charleston and beyond. With such a rich selection and a strong sense of community, it’s easy to see why the Charleston Brewery District has helped position Charleston as a key player in the craft beer scene.

Cooper River Brewing

Location: 2201-B Mechanic St, Charleston, SC 29405

Founded in 2015, Cooper River Brewing is a family-run gem that’s made a mark with its small-batch, handcrafted beers. Known for a range of brews—from award-winning IPAs like “The Tides Have Turned” to robust stouts and tangy sours—there’s a flavor for every palate. While they don’t serve food, food trucks often provide delicious options right outside, which also cater to customers frequenting other breweries in the area. The brewery isn’t just about great beer. It’s also a community hub hosting trivia nights and live music. Its relaxed, friendly atmosphere includes indoor and outdoor seating options, making it a go-to spot for beer enthusiasts.

Cooper River Brewing, Charleston

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Edisto River Brewing Company

Location: 505 Railroad Ave, West Ashley, SC 29485


Edisto River Brewing Company, founded in 2013, specializes in small-batch, handcrafted beers. Their beer lineup includes award-winning brews like the Edisto Blackwater Black IPA. Besides great beer, the brewery also acts as a community gathering spot, offering live music and even yoga classes in a laid-back, welcoming setting with indoor and outdoor seating options.

Fatty’s Beer Works

Location: 1436 Meeting St Rd, Charleston, SC 29405

Established in 2016, Fatty’s Beer Works has quickly become a local favorite. Known for beers like their award-winning Fatty’s Pilsner, this family-owned brewery also hosts trivia nights and live music. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor seating, the atmosphere is laid-back and perfect for a casual outing with friends or family.

Freehouse Brewery

Location: 2895 Pringle St, North Charleston, SC 29405


Freehouse Brewery, in business since 2012, prides itself on small-batch, handcrafted beers, including their gold medal-winning Ashley Farmhouse Ale. Besides top-notch brews, Freehouse also provides a relaxed, casual space for all that offers more than just beer. Here, you can enjoy live music events and even join in yoga classes, making it a multi-faceted venue for community engagement.

Frothy Beard Brewing Company

Location: 1401 Sam Rittenberg Blvd Ste 1, Charleston, SC 29407


Frothy Beard Brewing Company, established in 2013, is a family-owned brewery known for its diverse beer offerings, including the gold medal-winning Andale! Jalapeño Cream Ale. But it’s not just about the beer here—they also serve up a variety of tasty pub fare like burgers and tacos. With trivia nights and live music events on the calendar, the atmosphere is relaxed, whether you choose to sit indoors or enjoy their outdoor space.

Ghost Monkey Brewery

Location: 522 Wando Ln, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464


Ghost Monkey Brewery, founded in 2016, has carved a niche with its award-winning Monkey Business IPA among other unique brews. They host events that range from trivia nights to live music, making it a community hub where you can also sip on a stout or sour. The atmosphere invites relaxation and casual hangouts, offering indoor and outdoor seating options for those who visit.

Lo-Fi Brewing

Location: 2038 Meeting St Rd, Charleston, SC 29405

Lo-Fi Brewing, another family-owned venture, launched in 2016 and quickly gained attention for beers like their gold medal-winning Lo-Fi Blueberry Wheat. It’s a hotspot for trivia enthusiasts and live music lovers, providing a laid-back atmosphere perfect for family and friends. Whether you opt for indoor comfort or an outdoor breeze, Lo-Fi Brewing is a testament to the quality of handcrafted beers in the area.

Munkle Brewing Co.

Location: 1513 Meeting St Rd, Charleston, SC 29405

Munkle Brewing Co. is known for its mastery of Belgian-style beers, a passion evident in its award-winning Holy City Saison. Founded in 2017, this welcoming brewery doesn’t offer food but keeps things lively with trivia nights and live music. With seating indoors and out, it’s a great place to gather for those who appreciate a relaxed setting and top-notch Belgian brews.

Palmetto Brewing Company

Location: 289 Huger St, Charleston, SC 29403

Palmetto Brewing Company is South Carolina’s oldest brewery, established in 1993. Specializing in traditional and experimental beers, they have won multiple awards, including a gold for their Huger Street IPA in 2019. Although they don’t offer in-house dining, they keep the atmosphere vibrant with live music and trivia nights. The atmosphere lends to casual hangs, offering indoor and outdoor seating options.

Revelry Brewing Co.

Location: 10 Conroy St, Charleston, SC 29403

Revelry Brewing Co. not only serves a variety of award-winning beers like their Gullah Cream Ale but also offers an expansive pub menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, and tacos. Founded in 2014, they specialize in small-batch, handcrafted beers. A prime spot for live music and yoga classes, Revelry Brewing offers a warm and inclusive atmosphere, with indoor and outdoor seating available.

Tradesman Brewing Co.

Location: 1647 King St Ext, Charleston, SC 29405

Established in 2014, Tradesman Brewing Co. crafts small-batch beers that have garnered awards, including a gold medal for their Circuit Breaker IPA. While they don’t serve food, they do host trivia nights and live music events, making it an appealing destination for a night out. The venue is conducive to great times and good chats, offering both indoor and outdoor seating options.

More of the Best Breweries in Charleston, SC

As vibrant as the Brewery District is, the Charleston area has even more to offer when it comes to craft breweries. Beyond the district’s borders, you’ll find an array of establishments contributing to Charleston’s dynamic beer scene. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, our picks for the best Charleston breweries outside the Brewery District offer a taste of the creativity and craftsmanship that define this Southern city’s burgeoning beer culture. From the classics to the experimental, these additional locales give beer enthusiasts even more reasons to raise a toast.

CHS Fermentory

Location: 809 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407

Located in Charleston’s Avondale neighborhood, CHS Fermentory is lauded for its traditional, simple beers. The taproom serves as a gathering spot seven days a week, featuring a rotating cast of local chefs and food trucks. While the brewery hasn’t racked up awards, its community events and founder Adam Goodwin’s pedigree—experience at renowned breweries—ensure quality brews.

Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co.

Location: 1505 King St. Extension, Charleston, SC 29405

A spin-off from its popular restaurant, Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co. opened its doors in 2017 as a key brewery in downtown Charleston. Specializing in Belgian-style beers, it captured a gold medal for Sour Blackberry Raspberry in 2019. This modern, industrial venue elevates the craft beer experience with a pub menu featuring burgers and salads—perfect for beer lovers.

Holy City Brewing

Location: 1021 Aragon Ave, Charleston, SC 29405

Established in 2011, Holy City Brewing is an inviting locale that appeals to all ages. Known for its range of IPAs, stouts, and the award-winning Pluff Mud Porter, it’s a must-visit for beer drinkers in Charleston. Beyond brewing beer, Holy City offers pub fare like tacos, adding a gastronomic layer to your visit. They also host trivia nights and live music events.

Indigo Reef Brewing Company

Location: 2079 Wambaw Creek Rd Unit 1, Charleston, SC 29492

Indigo Reef Brewing Company, launched in 2020, offers amazing craft beer in a contemporary setting. Although they don’t serve food, the ambiance is enriched by live music and food trucks. Known for its Indigo Reef IPA, which won gold in 2021, it’s a vibrant place for beer and culture enthusiasts.

Low Tide Brewing

Location: 2863 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island, SC 29455

If you’re seeking top Charleston breweries, Low Tide Brewing, established in 2014, should be on your list. With a relaxed vibe conducive to socializing, the brewery is known for its award-winning Coastal Wit. They serve a variety of pub fare and keep the spirit high with trivia nights and live music.

Two Blokes Brewing

Location: 547 Long Point Rd, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Two Blokes Brewing opened in 2016 and has quickly become a local favorite for its small-batch beers, including the award-winning Bushfire Chipotle Amber. While the brewery doesn’t offer a food menu, the atmosphere is enriched by trivia nights and live music events. This Mount Pleasant brewery is a casual, welcoming space for those looking for a laid-back evening.

Westbrook Brewing Company

Location: 510 Ridge Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

Westbrook Brewing in Mount Pleasant is a go-to for fans of creative, flavorful beers. With 22 rotating taps, the tasting room offers something for everyone. While food isn’t on the menu, food trucks frequent the venue. Known for experimental beers like Mexican Cake, founder Edward Westbrook’s passion for brewing is evident, making it a memorable stop for beer aficionados.

Behind the Brew: A Look At Charleston Brewing Operations

Brew Mastery: A Glimpse into Charleston’s Brew-Making Methods

Charleston’s thriving craft beer scene owes much to the mastery behind the brew. Utilizing a blend of traditional and innovative techniques, the city’s breweries have gained recognition for offering some of the best craft beer in the region, if not the country. Specializing in various types, such as IPAs, stouts, and sours, these breweries often use locally sourced hops and grains. But they don’t stop there—many also dare to experiment with unconventional flavors, including fruit, coffee, and spices. This gives Charleston’s best breweries a unique edge in the selection of beer they provide.

Visitors interested in the craft behind their favorite pint have plenty of opportunities to delve deeper. Many breweries offer brewery tours and tastings, where you can explore the intricacies of the brewing methods and the quality of ingredients used. If you’re a beer enthusiast who wants to take it a step further, several establishments also provide homebrewing workshops. These experiences can be particularly enlightening for those who want to know which breweries go the extra mile in their brew-making methods.

Affiliated Breweries and Collaborations: Building Charleston’s Brew Syndicate

The communal spirit among Charleston breweries is a testament to the city’s robust craft beer culture. Collaboration is frequent, whether it’s breweries working together to craft unique beers or hosting joint events. This sense of community is particularly strong in the Charleston Brewery District, a concentrated hub for craft beer lovers. Located in the northern part of the peninsula, it houses 11 top breweries in Charleston, each offering its own unique twist on beer craftsmanship.

These affiliations extend beyond brewery walls. Some local establishments collaborate with the best restaurants in Charleston to offer exclusive food and beer pairings, enhancing the city’s culinary landscape. It’s not just about the beer but about creating an enriching experience that celebrates Charleston’s best food and drink. So whether you’re looking to explore a wide selection of beer or are interested in unique collaborative events, Charleston’s craft beer scene provides a rich tapestry of choices.

Where to Stay When Visiting Charleston Breweries

Deciding where to stay while visiting Charleston’s breweries can be a challenge. Each neighborhood has its charm, so your choice will depend on what you want to get out of your visit. Whether you prioritize being close to the action or prefer a quieter stay, Charleston has something to offer for every kind of traveler or even locals looking to have a Charleston staycation. Here’s a breakdown to help guide your choice:

Downtown Charleston

Downtown Charleston offers a vibrant atmosphere, making it ideal for first-time visitors. You’ll be in the heart of the action with close proximity to popular breweries and iconic attractions like the Battery and White Point Garden. The area is also rich in nightlife and dining options — from trendy bars to upscale restaurants, you can effortlessly transition from brewery hopping to a night out. Downtown is also home to various Charleston, SC, hotels with pools, giving you a perfect place to unwind after a busy day. Not to mention, you’ll find some amazing pet-friendly hotels in Charleston, SC’s historic district as well. It’s no wonder that this central location makes it incredibly convenient for exploring other neighborhoods or even nearby cities like Savannah.

French Quarter

For those interested in history and architecture, the French Quarter is the go-to neighborhood within Downtown Charleston. Here, cobblestone streets and historic churches captivate your attention. Hotels on Meeting Street in Charleston, SC, are always in high demand, offering various options to suit your needs. The French Quarter also provides an ideal backdrop for walking tours, featuring numerous breweries, museums, and galleries just a stroll away.

Mount Pleasant

If you’re traveling with family, Mount Pleasant is worth considering. Located 8 miles east of Downtown, this area is notably safe and family-friendly. Natural beauty abounds in parks like Mount Pleasant Waterfront Memorial, perfect for family picnics or leisurely walks. Plus, you’ll have easy access for day trips to Downtown Charleston’s breweries and other attractions.

North Charleston

For a more peaceful environment, consider North Charleston. Located conveniently near the Charleston International Airport, this area is great for quick visits or layovers. You’ll also find the famous North Charleston Coliseum nearby, making it easy to pair your brewery tour with other entertainment options.

West Ashley

Lastly, West Ashley is ideal for budget-conscious travelers. Situated just 5 miles away from Downtown, the area offers affordable accommodations and is excellent for those traveling without a car. Nature lovers will appreciate attractions like Magnolia Plantation Gardens, and the area boasts some of the best shopping malls and local BBQ dining spots.

Parting Sips: Summing Up Charleston’s Brewery Scene

Navigating through Charleston’s extensive beverage and brewery offerings, you quickly realize this bustling city is by far the best spot for craft beer enthusiasts. With each establishment offering up a remarkable tap list and full fridges featuring both conventional and experimental brews, Charleston has positioned itself as a key player in the craft beer landscape. The community-oriented spirit that permeates each brewery—reflected in frequent collaborations and local events—adds depth to the thriving scene. Whether it’s the beer garden atmospheres, the picks of the best breweries, or the array of award-winning beers, there’s something for everyone. So, raise a glass and toast to Charleston’s finest—a haven where every pint tells a story, and the best beer is just a sip away.

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