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Canyon Lake - Amazing Road Trip Destination in San Antonio

10 Amazing Road Trip Destinations in San Antonio (2024)

Texas State has surprising things for every age group. Are you looking to spend a good vacation in this state? You can discover countless towns and topographies in Texas. San Antonio is one such city of Texas that is ideal for road trips and nightlife. Besides being a city full of historic locations, San Antonio is a great place for road trips.

10 Amazing Road Trip Destinations in San Antonio

We have listed some of the most charming road-trip-able places in Texas:

1. Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is 43 miles north, just a 45-minute drive from San Antonio. Usually, the Canyon remains crowded every year. It has something for those desires for an outdoor atmosphere. Canyon Lake provides many adventurous opportunities such as fishing, hiking, and playing golf. Canyon Lake - Amazing Road Trip Destination in San Antonio

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Things to do: When on the road, try to keep your eyes open for outdoor entertainment. You may feel delighted in enjoying activities bird watching, listening to live music at a local café, etc. Take a stop at one of the scenic parks near Canyon Lake, where you can find some of the tremendous views of Canyon Lake.

To have a comfortable stay at this site, you must bring a tent and a cooler. You can experience the best sunset in Texas at Overlook Park. For more fun, play a game of golf at a well-designed Golf course on this site. Actions like jet skiing, kayaking, boating, and swimming can be performed here. Availability of rentals and lessons are also there.

2. Fredericksburg

Over 160 years ago, German settlers came to Fredericksburg. Many elements of the German settlers are still conserved in this area; it incorporates some of the impressive historic houses and their delectable cuisine. There are nearly 55 wineries in Fredericksburg, and it is known as one of the most excellent wine countries in San Antonio. To reach here, you can decide to drive from vineyard to vineyard. Another option is to walk from the tasting room to the tasting room located on Main Street of Fredericksburg. The Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is just half an hour from Fredericksburg. It is mostly liked by those who are in love with nature. Here you can find a large pink granite rock offering tracks of 11 miles. 
Amazing Road Trip Destinations in San Antonio-Fredericksburg, St. Mary’s Catholic ChurchImage Source

Things to do: You can find numerous places around at the time of your road trip in Fredericksburg, including the visitor center, National Museum of the Pacific War, Main Street, Wildseed farms, Grape Creek Vineyard, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, and Willow City Loop.

3. Shiner

Shiner comes on the list of most visited places in Texas. Shiner is about 90 miles east of San Antonio, takes 1 hour 30 minutes drive to get there. You can hit upon various bars of Texas offering Shiner beer, the speciality of Texas.
Best Road Trip Destinations in San Antonio-Shiner, Spoetzl BreweryImage Source

Things to do: In this tiny city of Shiner, you can visit the Spoetzl Brewery and can understand the procedure of preparing the classic drinks. You can taste some while you are in this town. The road trip to Shiner city can take many houses and cottages. Spoetzl Haus is one of the most preferred accommodation options.

4. Lockhart

Lockhart is around 70 miles northeast of San Antonio. It takes one hour to reach the destination. Lockhart is popularly the home of the most excellent barbeque in the country. Chow down is the key reason tourists approach Lockhart that is quite famous for its dry-rubbed hunk of meat. There are varieties of trees in the Lockhart State Park, which are pecan, oak, ash, and elm trees.
Top Road Trip Destinations in San Antonio-Lockhart State ParkImage Source

Things to do: Head to Black’s Barbeque with your friends or family to enjoy a happy mealtime. The Lockhart State Park comprises a 9-hole golf course where you can enjoy a nice game of golf.

5. Bandera

This site originated in 1853 at the center of the Great Western Cattle Trail. Bandera is 54 miles from San Antonio. It is often called the Cowboy Capital of the World, its trademarked nickname. The visitors coming here can observe numerous old buildings and feel a John Ford movie set.
Popular Road Trip Destinations in San Antonio-Bandera, Frontier Times MuseumImage Source

Things to do: Go for a self-guided tour to witness many historical locations of Bandera. The self-guided tours can be booked from the official tourism website. You can stop at the Frontier Times Museum that is renowned for a taxidermied two-faced goat. Do some fishing at the Lost Maples State Natural Area or Bandera County Park at Medina Lake.

6. Hamilton Pool Preserve

There used to be a cave around this circular swimming hole. It has been thousands of years since the collapse of the cave, yet several of its traits are present at this place. Waterfalls and grottoes are a couple of traits of this site. The folks can obtain ample shade from rocky overhang parts of the pool. For maintaining a healthy ecological balance, travellers are needed to make advance bookings.
 Famous Road Trip Destinations in San Antonio-Hamilton Pool Preserve, Circular Swimming HoleImage Source

Things to do: The popular activities performed by the visitors of the Hamilton Pool Preserve include climbing, swimming, and bird viewing.

7. San Marcos

Human beings are drawing to this location for 12 000 years due to its natural springs. San Marcos is just 50 miles from San Antonio. San Marcos’s area is also on the list of historic places, but the town’s most eminent locations are the two outlet shopping centers; these are Tanger Outlets and Premium Outlets.
Road Trip Destinations in San Antonio-San Marcos RiverImage Source

Things to do: Bathe in the natural springs where the water temperature is nearly 72 degrees Fahrenheit. You can experience many learning tours at the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment. The San Marcos River allows its visitors to take part in numerous actions; you can have fun while swimming, kayaking, tubing, or canoeing.

8. Longhorn Cavern State Park

This is a 645.62-acre property that is categorized as a scenic park. In 1932-1937, Longhorn Cavern was acquired from private possessors. It was opened in 1938 as a state park and was dedicated as a natural attraction in 1971. The initial formation of the cave began when the ground levels of water started to decline. The water started dissolving the limestone due to the downfall. This descending drainage remained until underground steam beds were incised out of solid rock. This odd mixture of dissolving and cutting by water makes Longhorn Cavern one of the world’s most extraordinary caves.
Attraction Road Trip Destinations in San Antonio-Longhorn Cavern State ParkImage Source

Things to do: Glance at the display that describes how the Civilian Conservation Corps cleaned up the Longhorn Cavern in the 1930s. Hiking is one exercise that vacationists can do.

9. Garner State Park

For camping purposes, Garner State Park is one of the awesome places in Texas. The campgrounds are mostly occupied in the afternoon at the time of tourist season. The site-seekers get amazed by its pristine and quiet Frio River and lovely summer evening dances. Garner State Park is 93 miles away from San Antonio.
Top-rated Road Trip Destinations in San Antonio-Garner State ParkImage Source

Things to do: You can engage in plenty of activities within Garner State Park, such as swimming, paddle boarding, fishing, hiking, mini-golf, and canoeing.

10. Honey Creek State Natural Area

Honey Creek State Natural Area is about 52 minutes from San Antonio. This place is a confined natural site. For accessing this area, the visitors may require a guided tour due to its sundry geology, flora, and fauna. Like other state parks, you won’t be finding any fishing and camping spots here. Make sure that you are not taking your pets along with you to Honey Creek State Natural Area.
Incredible Road Trip Destinations in San Antonio-Honey Creek State Natural AreaImage Source

Things to do: If you are carrying a camera, then do not forget to capture photographs of Honey Creek and some unique plants and animals. Also, you can witness the day and night programs available at Friends of Honey Creek, a helper association that sustains the natural site’s timetable.

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