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White House Christmas Ornaments - Best Things to Buy in Washington DC

What Can You Buy In Washington DC? (2024)

Washington DC is a very popular tourist destination. It is important as a political district, and that drives in a lot of tourists due to the history and architecture of the place. There are many souvenirs that are popular with tourists. Washington DC is quite a creative place, that hosts a myriad of amazing things, you could take with you. They are all over the city from big shops to roadsides and thrift shops.

Washington DC is the capital of the United States and it is no surprise, that the number of tourists it attracts is a lot. Washington DC is a popular tourist destination because of the numerous attractions, including political status, beautiful gardens, incredible food, a sneak peek at the government, the rich culture, and the many festivals that are celebrated in the town.

Thus, buying souvenirs might be on top of your list of things because who doesn’t want to bring back a part of a place. Washington DC is just the right place for buying things. Its significance, cultural importance, and explicit trends make Washington DC a unique place to buy things for yourself as well as take something back to gift others.

Check out the list of the ten best things to buy in Washington DC, and you are sure to find the best choice for yourself and your friends.

What Can You Buy In Washington DC?

Here’s a list of the 10 Best Things to Buy in Washington DC.

1. Neighborhood Prints

There’s a local artist called Anthony Dihle who makes and designs prints that represent the culture of Washington and America. These prints actually take hold of the wonderful spirit of the district, showcasing its essence and uniqueness which is very different from what is shown of DC in popular culture. Make sure you check out the prints, and you can even purchase them online. They are one of a kind, and have a super cool vibe to them! 

2. Einstein Bobbleheads

The famous Air and Space Museum makes these cool Albert Einstein bobbleheads. The fun thing about these items is that the bobbleheads actually move according to the same concept of Physics that Einstein had introduced to the world. This is something that kids enjoy a lot, because of its quirky nature. Most of the profits from this sale actually go into supporting Science, and it is a great buy if you are an incoming nerd!

They are motivational in nature, and represent the fact, that one should never stop being curious, and always question. This comes as a representation of how the guy who discovered E=Mc^2 used to think! It is a wonderful gift for kids and adults alike, as nobody can hate a good bobblehead! 

3. DC Brau Memorabilia

Beer is one of the biggest attractions in Washington DC. The craft beer that is fast growing in and around the neighborhood, is super attractive to everyone. DC Brau was one of the first breweries to have started. It has incredible glasses, super cool graphic t-shirts and ornaments, and beer cases for you to indulge in. You should definitely buy a pack of beers to celebrate the cheerful spirit of DC! Have a look at how Washington destresses and moves around. Chill the DC way and get something for your house and for the friends back home!

4. White House Christmas Ornaments

You should take a look at the collection of ornaments that exist. These ornaments are historically significant because every year the White House Historical Association allows an ornament to be commissioned, so as to honor the president. This has been happening since 1981 and there are 35 ornaments that currently exist. These are valuable, stylish, and very important. You should totally take a look at these, as they are available in the White House Visitor Center. This would be especially interesting if you have an interest in jewels and precious metals.

White House Christmas Ornaments - Best Things to Buy in Washington DC

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5. Taxation Without Representation Stickers

A true representation of the DC culture would be its license plates. The slogan on the plates is:- “Taxation without representation”. This basically points to the fact that none of the politically important positions actually specifically showcase any of DC’s true culture. It is quite a political statement to make in all its irony, as Washington DC constantly rallies and protests to gain statehood, but ends up being vetoed.

These stickers act as a true sign of allying with all the residents of Washington in their support for getting the right to vote and have an autonomous state. It would be a symbol of stance and a way for you to show which side you are on. DC is known to have all the political importance of the country, but it truly has a paradoxical impact on DC and its residents. They have been wanting something for a really long time, but it has been ignored for far too long.

6. Currency Sheets

Yes, you heard it right, you should use some money to buy more money. This money actually costs way more than its worth, but you shouldn’t look at it as if you are getting robbed, you should look at it as if you are robbing the government! It can act as a thrill, even though $8 might cost you $25 because this is a unique souvenir that can be brought from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

7. The FBI T-shirts

The FBI T-shirts, sold by thrift shops is one of the most sought after items by tourists. They are sold by vendors along the sidewalks and come in most sizes. Agreed, it is a hyped-up souvenir but it also happens to be one of the most classic ones. It is exciting, quirky, fun, and pretty cool to have an FBI t-shit to show off in your next party, because it acts as a universal sign, that you have visited Washington DC. 

8. The Pentagon City Mall

This place sells ornaments and decorations for Christmas that are DC themed. This can be a great souvenir to gift to people as well, as it is useful, pretty, and light. You should also be able to find something for everyone. It is wonderful to get the essence of DC for your Christmas!  The Pentagon City Mall - Finest Things to Buy in Washington DC

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9. Virginia Peanuts

Peanuts are an American pride, and even more so in places like Georgia, the home to President Jimmy Carter. Every owner of Virginia peanuts agrees that they are a superior variety. The peanuts are bigger and crunchier. Many corporations sell a roasted version of these peanuts and other delicacies made using these as raw products. They make up amazing gifts and you should definitely try some of this. Don’t just stop at the peanuts, go one step further to taste the brittle, pie or soup also made up of these peanuts. Most grocery stores or other wholefoods would be selling those, and you definitely want to buy some when you are in DC. 

10. Palladian Book Ends

These are bookends that are designed to sort of replacing and look like windows of the 1700s architecture. This is quite beautiful and would look amazing at your home. You could use it as a decoration on your bookstand or a table. It has a royal essence to it, due to the history that is attached to it. It costs around $50 USD if you buy a pair. 


Thus, comes an end to this list of things to buy in Washington DC. But, you could find a million more things when you visit. Explore more, and go check out every nook and corner of the place. It is important to know that this is a big district with a multitude of attractions including historical monuments to cultural references. Choose your pick as you are sure to find one. Washington DC is a large place with a variety of different people living there. Thus, be it souvenirs, food, places to visit, or places to live, there’s surely something for everyone.

Apart from this list, some other things you could buy at Washington DC are the famous Blue Canton China, diamond necklaces, Supreme court cufflinks, Lego Whitehouse building blocks, Lanterns, Gargoyle statue, Dominion Brew, Wine glasses, paintings and much more! Thus these are good examples of the fact that this place offers a variety of items to indulge in, try out and buy!

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