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New River Gorge Bridge - Great Tourist Destination To Visit in West Virginia

Visit West Virginia: 10 Great Tourist Destinations To Visit in West Virginia (2024)

West Virginia is packed with ongoing outdoor adventure experience for breathtaking and challenging environments on the east coast. In West Virginia, there are perfect holiday destinations with charming historical places as well as breathtaking retreats of the mountains. Things to do here in West Virginia will never run out of options for the adventurous traveler in West Virginia. Popular activities like rock climbing, caving, uphill, boating, harpooning, sleep outdoors to the riverside and river rafting, zip-lining, ice skating, snowboarding, and more one can do in West Virginia. In the valleys of West Virginia, cathedrals give a specimen of how civic wars, overseas life lend a hand in shaping American culture.

Visit West Virginia: 10 Great Tourist Destinations To Visit in West Virginia

1. New River Gorge Bridge

The New River Gorge Bridge is considered one of the world’s greatest Mega-Bridges and always a major obstacle for riding mates in West Virginia. One of the attention-grabbing facts about this bridge is everyone and anyone can jump off the bridge on the third Saturday of October each year; it’s a lawful act to do.

New River Gorge Bridge - Great Tourist Destination To Visit in West Virginia

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The passageway was built in 1977 and united both sides of the West Virginia Gorge. It was the world’s longest of its own kind. The bridge has been a hotspot for BASE jumpers at 876 feet above the level and 3,030 feet long after two years of opening for the public. Rock climbing, fishing, swimming, camp out, boating across the board lack of the Bluestone Dam activities are available in West Virginia.

2. Pumpkin House of Kenova

Kenova is the community with 3,000 people located in the far west with West Virginia. At the time of Halloween, around 3,000 pumpkins a year used to decorate the home of the former mayor into a huge Halloween indulgence. Each year before Halloween, the former mayor spends three weeks in his house with pumpkins. The purpose behind the growth of 3000 pumpkins was to arrange one pumpkin to each resident.

Great Tourist Destinations To Visit in West Virginia-Pumpkin House of KenovaImage Source

It has been a common attraction in the city to visit Pumpkin House in West Virginia. There is no charge or gift to visit the home, which is for almost three decades.

3. Grave Creek Mound

West Virginia Grave Creek Mound is located in Moundville. It is considered the biggest prehistoric burial site in the U.S., but it may appear as an old grass hill. The Grave Creek Mound is built in a hundred years from 250 to 150 BEC and includes the bones of an ancient living West Virginia people. Estimates suggest it must have taken roughly 60,000 tonnes of soil to construct to the 69-foot-high-slope.

Tourist Destinations To Visit in West Virginia-Grave Creek MoundImage Source

In the late 1700s Joseph Tomlinson, an English Immigrant who built his home right across the mound. It was discovered by him. The Grave Creek Mound today has a nearby museum and observation center to study the discoveries and burial grounds.

4. World’s Largest Teapot

In the 1900s, the 14-feet high and 14-feet in a width teapot were installed for Hires Root Beer in Pennsylvania. It was home to a small souvenir shop where tourists enjoyed refreshments. However, in 1980, the teapot was shut down for business operation and was relocated to its present location ten years later.

Best Destinations To Visit in West Virginia-World’s Largest TeapotImage Source

It has been added a new spout, and the new flooring and the golden basketball replaced the glass ball “knob” on top of the teapot. The building, valued and preserved since 2015 by the Chester People. The “teapot” was opened again after nearly 50 years to sell munchies to tourists. The world’s biggest teapot stands together with the small creamer.

5. Spruce Knob

The Highest Point in Western Virginia is Spruce Knob, the peak of Spruce Knob Mountain is 4863 feet, surrounded by tall Spruce forest as it’s suggested by its name. You can take advantage of the summit view by walking on the footpath and paved lane. There is also a seating area and toilet facility on the top of the hill.

Top Tour Destinations To Visit in West Virginia-Spruce KnobImage Source

In the south of Appalachia, the word “square” is used mostly to describe the mountain’s highest point. The picturesque views to the East of Germany’s Gorge, North Fork Mountain, and Allegheny Plateau to the West are visible from the top of the range. In the Chesapeake Bay, Spruce Knob is also the highest point in in West Virginia.

6. Mystery Hole

What is America without the countless thousands of roadside sights and quirks loved by the families for decades? In Ansted’s, West Virginia Mystery Hole was revealed to the public by a man called Donald Wilson in 1973. He believes that the underground is mainly against gravitational laws.

Inside the galleries, balls and liquids are flowing upwards; people are clumsy and driven to the top of difficult surfaces. But this place is not the areas only highlight.

Incredible Place to Visit in West Virginia-Mystery HoleImage Source

Wilson built a present store on top of the ground that was decorated in the finest colors and covered with the odd yet interesting artwork. Such as a huge Gorilla hovers above the store and an ancient Beetle smashed into the shop. New owners Will and Sandra Morrison are running the store nowadays.

7. Gauley River National Recreation Area

The Gauley River National Recreation Area is located in South West Virginia between Summersville and Fayetteville, is one of the best locations for White water rafting in Eastern America. It features class III to V rapids.

Amazing Destination to Visit In West Virginia-Gauley River National Recreation AreaImage Source

The 25-miles river flows through picturesque Gorges and valleys, providing a popular outdoor adventure destination in West Virginia. Many tour operators in in West Virginia with a permit order offer a guide rafting tour to the tourists. Just below the Summersville Dam, The National Park Service authorities operate basic camping on the ground.

Full facilities are provided at the Summersville lake camping by the Army Corps of Engineers. The solid cliffs are suitable for rock climbing and mounting.

8. Mothman Museum

The residents of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, claimed between 1966 to 1967 that they had encountered a strange, human-like beast with red eyes and wide wings. Around one month, the creatures were spotted there, which is why it was known as a “Mothman.”

This museum is the first small shop museum in the world devoted to the original and legendry Mothman. The Mothman Museum is the only museum of its kind. Having been popular for a decade, the “Mothman” was the subject of numerous films and television shows.

Magnetic Attraction of West Virginia-Mothman Museum

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The museum displays newsprint clippings from time to time, like dolls, dummies, and other similar objects. The museum owner has not only given suspected Mothman a book but also hosts a festival annually.

9. Curious Rock

For years, West Virginia has been fascinating audiences with a twenty-foot rock table formation at Spencer- some say it is a natural formation; some say it may be an ancient Native American totem.

Must-Visit Attraction of West Virginia-Curious Rock

Photo by Ryan Stanton  Image Source

The rock is situated at the heart of nowhere, looking like a “God” who meditates on a large stone cap peak. A two-hours long walk will take you to these mysterious stones. The shape of such rocks is not known till now, but there’s a definite term for such kind of formation as opposed to “Jug Rock,” “Turnip Rock,” for a table rock formation.

Curious Rock in West Virginia mostly attracts tourists and is open to all. The actual owner, meanwhile, is still attempting to obtain final rock age and history records.

10. Snowshoe

There are three areas to choose from West Virginia, having a hundred percent snowmaking. Snowshoe Basin has 38 routes, operated by seven stairwells that accommodate all stages of experiences, including High speed and rotating quad. All these things are experienced on a vertical drop of 800 feet.

Amazing Place to Visit In West Virginia-SnowshoeImage Source

The steep sturdy land of the West territory area has a vertical drop of 1500 meters, the most advanced of its kind. Steep in the Cup runs are designed by legendry Olympic Jean Claude Killy, and Shy’s Revenge reach 52 percent pitch.

The events at the Reven Golf Club include mountain biking, sun-shoeing outings, horse riding, trampoline, zip-lining, swimming, paddle boating, camping, fishing, golf, canoeing, geocaching. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is not far away, in Greenbank.


In all the above places, you can get an idea of West Virginia’s rich historic culture and striking landscape with amazing facts. The museum tour, hiking, paddle boating, river rafting, caving, and sleep outdoors are a ‘must-visit experience’ for every tourist when in West Virginia. The landscapes in West Virginia are the photography hotspots, and many nature lovers have been already loving it. By capturing some insane scenery views, you can post it your gram feed. Our specially curated list of places to visit in West Virginia at the right time and right place is certainly worth it!

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