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Hawaii - Best States To Explore In The USA?

Which are the 10 Best States To Explore In The USA? (2024)

The United States of America, popularly known as the US, is a nation comprising 50 states and covers a large area in North America. Alaska is in the northwest of the country, and Hawaii extends the country’s domain into the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most powerful nations in the world with the bustling and noisy streets. The skyscrapers penetrating the sky, sparkling white sandy beaches with blue waters, and the stunning parks make the USA an entertainment center as well. The US is a federal republic and was founded in 1776.

Which are the 10 Best States To Explore In The USA?

Being the world’s third most populated and fourth largest country, the USA has unquestionably too much to explore. It is said that one life is not enough to explore and flock to the places of the US. The US can surely brag about its geographical diversity. Be it from Alaska to Hawaii, the more the distance between the locations; the more is the difference in their culture and variety. The varied cultures and diversities proffer heterogenous travel experience. The country has an enticing vibe in it, which allures the tourists to enter into its land. Be it the mountains, serene beaches, or the historical places or the museums; the US always has so much to be explored. The best states to flock into the USA are as follows:

1. California: With a population of 40 million people, which is twice of Great Britain, California is a miniaturized version of America, which proffers a remarkable experience to its visitors. Be it the rural area or the cities, mountains to oceans, each bit of America can be explored in the borders of California. The south of the state can be explored to visit the glamorous beaches and bays, zoos and the insanity of the International Comic-Con, the annual Godzilla of comic convention held in July which is much liked by the cosmic aficionados. One could also go on a trip to Los Angeles, which is an ideal place for the movie buffs as it has many eminent studios like Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, and Universal.

California - Best States To Explore In The USA?

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