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Visit the Schmeeckle Reserve In Stevens Point, Wisconsin

10 Fun and Unique Things To Do In Stevens Point, Wisconsin (2024)

Whether you are looking for art and cultural experience, family-friendly fun, outdoor recreation or a simply relaxing holiday, Stevens Point is the apt location for you. Stevens Point is a riverside city located in the middle of the Wisconsin River Valley. This part of Wisconsin is known for natural beauty, historic sites, a thriving art culture, great recreational trails and year-round recreational opportunities. You may reside in any part of Wisconsin; this centrally located city calls in for both a quick weekend excursion or a long holiday.

Though Steven Point alone as a city boosts in variety of tourism, neighbouring towns and villages also add to the options. For soaking into the undisturbed and raw beauty of nature, you can drive towards the village of Plover. Or drive towards Merrill and enjoy the small-town vibes.

10 Fun and Unique Things To Do In Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Continue reading to know more about the popular places and things in Steven Point.

1. Visit the Schmeeckle Reserve

A 280-acre natural land area, the Schmeeckle Reserve is located in the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. The reserve is a compilation of a wide diversity of habitats supporting different wildlife species. There are forests, a multi-purpose trail, a visitors’ centre, and nearly a 24 acres lake inside the reserve. It is ideal for hiking, biking, cycling, canoeing, fishing, and wildlife watching. This gorgeous expanse of outdoor recreational space also welcomes wildlife photographers. The best part is that Schmeeckle Reserve operates for the day and night hours. Though during your excursion at night, be prepared as a large population of deer might spook you. Schmeeckle Reserve also makes up for a great picnicking space.

2. Soak Into The Natural Scenes Of Green Circle Trail

The Green Circle Trail is the most popular outdoor space in Stevens Point. It is popular for hiking and cycling, encompassing over 27 miles and connecting to over 45 miles of additional trails. The trail unwinds through secluded parks, natural areas, wetlands, rivers, and peaceful landscapes. Upon passing through the trails, you will come across numerous harmless wildlife of the region as well. A few sections of these trails also operate for river skiing and cross-country skiing during winters. A day into the Green Circle Trail will also give you a glimpse of the days of pioneer settlements, large pineries and some of the Plover River and the Wisconsin River.

3. Tour the Stevens Point Brewery

If you are visiting the city with your partner or friends, do visit the Stevens Point Brewery. The Brewery offer tours to visitors of all age group. It deals in creating craft beers and a variety of flavorful gourmet sodas. It is also the third-oldest privately owned brewery and the fifth-oldest continuously operating brewery in America. They have an outdoor beer garden at the brewery, the Point Patio. Here you can sip on mugs of beer, munch on some great food and enjoy yourself with fellow visitors. For engaging and entertaining the visitors, they also have a huge selection of outdoor games. Visit at 1 pm from Monday to Friday and 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday for a tour here. Tours are open for visitors of all ages, though an admission fee is required.

4. Spend a Day at the Sunset Point Winery

If the beer does not satisfy your taste buds, then visit the Sunset Point Winery in Stevens Point. The winery is located in downtown Stevens Point. It primarily deals in traditional grape wines and fruit-infused blends. However, its menu goes forward with beer, craft soda, snacks, and cheese. Depending upon the season, guests can choose from 30 wine varietals, though, they will always have 17 options in their menu. For just $5, guests can sample 6 different wines. To ensure guests’ utmost comfort and engagement, they have cosy tasting rooms and six swings. On Saturday evenings, they even arrange live music performances. The winery Operates from Tuesday through Sunday from 12 pm to 8/9 pm.

5. Walk Across the Stevens Point Sculpture Park

The Stevens Point Sculpture Park is connected with the Green Circle trail and is a fun place to visit in Stevens Point. It is a 20 acres park home to environmental art, exhibitions, activities, and educational programs. A walk through the park allows the guest to observe beautiful and quirky art instalments placed are various stops. You will find animal sculptures made from trash, larger than life wooden benches, weirdly made homes, cycles on the tree and whatnot. The park is served by well-maintained wheelchair/kids’ stroller accessible trails for visitors’ ease. Walking through the woods and experiencing a new art at every turn, the Stevens Point Sculpture Park is definitely an exciting space to explore. The park operates from Sunrise to Sunset throughout the year, and visiting here is absolutely free.

6. Visit the UWSP Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is an integral part of the University of Wisconsin and is ideal for science and history buffs. Through its collection and professionally curated exhibits of ethnographic and natural science, the museum brings Natural history to life. Some of the notable exhibits here include African Savanna, Arctic Tundra, Northern Raptors, Passenger Pigeon, Prehistory, Menominee Clans, Snow Glade, Rocks and Minerals, and Northern Forest. The museum can be reached throughout the year at the Albertson Hall, also known as the University library. Though admission here is absolutely free, donations are politely appreciated.

7. Live like a local at the Stevens Point Farmers Market.

The longest-running farmer’s market (since 1847) in Wisconsin, the Stevens Point Farmers Market is an exciting place to be at. The market operates seven days a week and caters to both locals and tourists alike. Here you can shop for fresh local produce, baked goods, jams, jelly, and a variety of locally-made merchandise. From May through October, the farmer’s market comes to life from 7 am and goes till 2:30 pm, usually when the vendors sell out. Though all days here are busy, Saturdays are exceptionally crowded. It is also an ideal place to visit if you want to taste some local street-style cuisine.

8. Take Bead Craft Classes At The Blue Bead & Rock Shop.

There are truly various fun and unique things to do in Stevens Point, and bead craft classes are one of them. If you are interested in the same, you can visit the Blue Bead & Rock Shop on Main Street. The shop operates for bead craft classes and offers various other exciting services as well. Their collection includes a wide variety of rocks and beads, a few local but mostly imported from across the world. You will find crystals, geodes, minerals, fossils and much more. If not interested in the classes, you can also shop for a piece of one-of-a-kind jewellery for yourself or your loved one.

9. Take Kids to the Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum.

The Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum is a discovery space for kids of 10 years and younger. Even though it is a bit of a smaller museum, it is definitely worth a visit. Inside the museum is an art & craft room, kids pretend grocery store, a camping area with a fun climber, programming, hands-on exhibits, and several other features. They even have a baby room that operates for changing diapers and nursing. The best part is that the space is never very busy and extremely safe. Entry here is $5 per person, though; it is absolutely free for kids under one year. The museum operates from Tuesday through Sunday.

10. Have Fun At The Standing Rocks County Park & Winter Recreation Area

If you happen to visit Stevens Point during winters, then add Standing Rocks County Park & Winter Recreation Area into your itinerary. It is an outdoor recreational space that operates for skiing throughout the snowing season. For experts, they have different skiing trails ranging from 1.8 miles to 7.8 miles. Whereas beginners who are just starting with the skill have small trials and experts staff, who helps with the process. Standing Rocks winter recreation area also features downhill skiing slopes (two beginners, one intermediate, two expert runs). If not during winters, you can visit here during summers for disc golfing, forest hiking, mountain biking, and off-road cycling. Accessing the park is free though for activities; charges depend upon operators.

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