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Visit the Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm & Shop In Washington Island, Wisconsin

5 Popular Fun To Experience When In Washington Island, Wisconsin (2023)

Washington Island is by far one of the gorgeous tourism destinations in Wisconsin. Travelers from throughout the Midwest and even other parts of America choose it as their ultimate weekend getaway location. Though the population of this town in northern Door County is less than 1000, there are thousands of non-residents who often pay their visit here. Especially during summer, due to the presence of water, the tourism here blooms extensively.

Washington Island is also the largest single-site lavender grower in the Midwest. Currently, it is raising over 30,000 plants of 14 different varieties. You may love the magnificence of nature, the fun at waters, or the delight of indoors; Washington Island will offer it all to you. There are activity that will keep engaging and entertain guests of all interests.

5 Popular Fun To Experience When In Washington Island, Wisconsin

Here is the list of popular places and fun experiences to explore in Washington Island, Wisconsin. Have a look:

1. Visit the Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm & Shop

Being at the Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm & Shop is surely a fun experience to have in Washington Island. Inside the farms, there are 20,000 blooming lavender plants. From fragrance to views, every aspect of this space holds the power of captivating visitors for a long. Once done with touring the farms, guests can visit the associated shop and buy artisan lavender products. From lavender oil to lavender buds, soap, perfumes, and the list of products go up to 250 such. Their display has products that can please a lavender lover from head to toe. Close by; their in-house Le Cafe also deals in gourmet lavender treats. Their menu has cookies, chocolates, lavender ice creams, croissants, baguettes and more such options. Lastly, as you overlook the lavender farms, sit at the Distillery and sip on some great local drinks. 

TIP: The best time to visit here is during the peak Lavender blooming season that is from mid of June to mid of August. They charge an entry fee of $5 per person for visitors above 12 years of age for this duration.

2. Spend an Hour Of Peace At The Washington Island Stavkirke

The Washington Island Stavkirke is a historical treasure and a hidden gem in Washington Island. It is basically a replica stave church, an artwork of a local carpenter who wanted to design the Scandinavian heritage of the region. He built the entire church as a tribute to God and totally alone, my hands. Stavkirke church isn’t visible from the road, but it hides right across the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in the woods. The building isn’t though very huge but super interesting. It is used as a spiritual space, meditation center, as well as for Weddings and Baptisms. Hence, whenever in Washington Island, do stop by this little divine structure.

Tip: Upon visiting Stavkirke, do pay a visit to the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church as well. You can also plan for an afternoon picnic at the woods.

3. Stroll Around the Little Lake Nature Preserve

The only inland lake in Washington Island, the Little Lake Nature Preserve, is all about beauty and tranquility. Spread over 24 acres, it is within 250 feet of Lake Michigan. The primary feeding source of this lake is surface water and groundwater. Visitors can access a 1.25-mile trail via the white cedar and hemlock forest to explore its beauty. The best part is that this trail opens up views and wildlife observing opportunities. From wildflowers to waterfowls and birds, everything is easily observable. It is also a popular place for wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Tip: Little Lake Nature Preserve area is more of wetlands; thus, consider wearing boots or good grip shoes. Also, soak well into insect repellent to stay from unwanted insect guests.

4. Spend a Day at the Domer-Neff Nature Preserve and Bird Sanctuary

A place true to its name, the Domer-Neff Nature Preserve and Bird Sanctuary is home to nearly 218 recorded species of birds. From Downy Woodpecker to Blue Jay, Turkey Vulture, Indigo Bunting, House Wren, Fox Sparrow, Bald Eagle and the variety doesn’t actually end here. Visitors can access the preserve through wide and well-maintained trails, ideal for anyone to access. Even if you are not interested in bird watching, you can still visit the preserve and explore the beauty of nature.

Tip: While exploring the Domer-Neff Nature Preserve, always stay at a safer distance from vegetation here. The preserve is home to a variety of poisonous plants, a touch of even whom can lead to itching and infection. Thus, take precautions and be safe.

5. Visit the Historic Island Dairy and Lavender Farm

Located in the heart of Washington Island, the Historic Island Dairy and Lavender Farm is a must-visit. It was once the popular space for dairy farming; however, today, it operates as a historic element. Upon visiting here, one can learn about Washington Island’s history. Guests can tour the remains of historic structures on their own. There operates a lavender market on the first floor selling exciting fragrance goods. Further, the second floor is available for private weddings and corporate events. If you have some extra time in hand, you can definitely check this place.

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