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Six Great Games To Play On Your Adventure Abroad

Six Great Games To Play On Your Adventure Abroad (2024)

Let’s face it, while we tend to want to escape technology and soak in a new environment properly while travelling abroad, it can be tricky at times. There are emails to send to loved ones, images and videos to capture during a memorable adventure, and WhatsApp chats to enjoy. Gaming is another favourite pastime for many travelers, be it through a tablet or a smartphone.

Offering a portable gaming option that can be packed perfectly into a suitcase or sit comfortably in a pocket during a city tour, having the option to grab your phone or tablet when needed can come in handy at times. Whether you’re relaxing around the pool or waiting for your next flight, having a few games to dive in and out of with ease is a necessity for some travelers. Thankfully, there is an abundance of solid products that are suitable for any adventure abroad. Below is a look at six of them.

The Monument Valley Games Work Offline

First and foremost, some games aren’t accessible due to a poor internet connection, making options like Monument Valley ideal for travelers who are in remote locations. Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 are two games that are definitely worth downloading, with the beautiful Escher-like concept combining with clever puzzles to create one of the most pleasurable portable gaming experiences you can possibly have.

Pokemon Go Is Perfect For Holidaymakers

A game that took the world by storm when it was released in 2016, Pokemon Go is still entertaining millions of people in 2023. Due to the game’s impressive augmented reality feature, it’s perfect for travelling. Forcing you to explore a new environment as you catch Pokemon, take down gyms, hatch eggs, and loads more, it’s a truly innovative release that is capable of providing you with plenty of entertainment.

Desert Golfing Is Fun To Dip In And Out Of

Sometimes the best games are fairly simple products. Desert Golfing is certainly one of them, with this golf-themed favourite serving up enough of a challenge to keep you fully engaged for a good hour or so at a time. With around 10,000 holes to smash your way through, this challenging but clever golf title is perfect for a foreign escapade. The casual nature of it means that it can be loaded up with ease as and when it suits you.

Pirate-themed Adventures Of Dubloon Island Is Brilliant

If you’re tired of filling your phone up with downloads and fancy exploring something a little bit different, then themed slot games could be for you. The pirate-themed Adventures Of Doubloon Island is brilliant, a game that is built around a 5-reel, 3-row format with 20 paylines and serves up plenty of entertainment as you explore a pirate-filled masterpiece. It’s easy to grasp, too.

Old Man’s Journey is Visually Pleasing

A highly relaxing product that is capable of satisfying you during the most stressful of travelling experiences, Old Man’s Journey is a thoughtful puzzle title where an old man shares his life stories and his most treasured memories. From there, players have puzzles to crack in what is a visually pleasing masterpiece. It can be tricky in parts, though. Overall, Old Man’s Journey deserves a proper look.

80 Days Is A Top Adventure Release

If you’re embarking on an adventure of you’re own, it’s entirely understandable to want to play an adventure-themed game. 80 Days is certainly that, with this top release tasking players with guiding their character around the world in the best way possible. Along the journey, you’ll encounter numerous issues and face a series of tough decisions to make.

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