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Discover Edinburgh’s Paradise: The 8 Best Parks and Gardens in Scotland’s Historic Capital (2024)

Edinburgh’s parks offer green spaces for relaxation, picnics, and sports, but they’re much more than that. With several parks overlooking the historic city and beautiful garden parks providing stunning backdrops, Edinburgh’s green spaces cater to every preference. Join us in this article as we introduce you to the Popular Parks in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh’s landscape is beautifully described through its seven hills (the city is claimed to be built over them). Whether you are looking for a day full of exploration or a leisurely afternoon/ evening stroll, the parks in Edinburgh are the right spot for you. From the splendid nature reserves to the urban parklands, there are multiple options to choose from. Edinburgh boasts a variety of enticing parks perfect for spending quality time.

Popular Parks in Edinburg, Scotland

So, whenever you are in the city next time, do not miss the chance to check out these 8 Best Parks in Edinburgh.

1. Holyrood Park

The most cherished natural royal retreat, Holyrood Park, is a popular park to visit in Edinburgh. Also known as Queen’s Park, this remarkable landmark is nestled in the heart of Old Town in Edinburgh. It was founded by James V back in 1541 and was initially a hunting estate for the Palace of Holyrood. Though slowly, it transformed into a public park.

Holyrood Park is home to diverse landscapes, including Salisbury, Duddingston Crags and especially the dormant volcano Arthur’s Seat. Unlike regular parks, it comprises 650 acres, nothing less than a National Park or Forest. Thus, the huge area comprises natural springs, three serene lochs, an urban wilderness and an array of unique plant and animal species. Not only that, but Holyrood Park is also home to the ruins of St. Anthony’s Chapel. Visitors here can also check out the imposing Holyrood Abbey for a glimpse of Edinburgh’s history. Or reach Arthur’s Seat for the most spectacular views of Edinburgh. Whether for a stroll or a challenging hike, Holyrood Park is a must-visit in Edinburgh.

2. The Meadows

Another beloved green space to visit in Edinburgh City is the Meadows. This outdoor landmark is a local favourite and invites visitors for exercise, relaxation, and other outdoor fun. The Meadows is a sprawling parking that offers an escape from the city’s fast life. This parkland is ideal for enjoying outdoor sports, basking under the sun, and enjoying afternoon picnics with friends and family. When here, you will easily spot people enjoying frisbee, playing football, or sitting under tree shade.

The best time to visit Meadows in Edinburgh is during the spring or summer season. It is when the landscape bursts into colours, creating a picturesque backdrop. Find a peaceful spot for reading or painting or a place to socialize with people; you will absolutely love your time here. This vibrant and accessible parkland in Edinburgh has something for everyone.

3. Princes Street Gardens

Do not go by its name since the Princes Street Gardens offers a pair of enchanting public parks. Located in Edinburgh’s heart, these mesmerizing gardens can be found in the shadow of the majestic Edinburgh Castle. A park of the city’s prominent landmark, this natural space offers a captivating blend of historic grandeur and natural beauty.

The Princes Street Gardens are separated into two parts, the East and West Gardens. Both of them offer a tranquil oasis amidst the city’s vibrancy. The landscape is known for its perfectly manicured flowerbeds, the serene walking paths, and the lush green lawns. The East Gardens is a serene section and home to the soaring Scott Monument, a tribute to Sir Walter Scott. At the same time, the West Gardens is known for its cultural charm. It is home to an outdoor performing stage and the iconic Ross Fountain. Both the gardens offer captivating views of the historic Edinburgh Castle towering above.

4. Inverleith Park

Managed by the City of Edinburgh, Inverleith Park is a prominent and generously open public park. It is located towards the north of Edinburgh city centre and is a favourite amongst locals and tourists. This verdant gem boasts natural charm and recreational allure and thus invites a large crowd.

Inverleith Park is home to wide open green space where picnickers and outdoor enthusiasts gather alike. Its substantial expanse offers a blend of natural beauty and recreational offerings. The park is also home to a boating pond (the highlight) that has been its part since 1891, the very beginning. This pond is a historical and iconic element of the park. It is also home to a splendid wildflower garden that houses a quaint sundial from 1890. Standing in the garden, one can capture beautiful views of Pentland Hills and Edinburgh City. When here, do not forget to check out a serene stream that inhabits an array of wildlife.

5. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

A treasure trove of Scotland’s, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is truly iconic. When exploring the best parks in Edinburgh, you cannot simply miss it. The natural landscape is a horticultural haven and a sanctuary of biodiversity. Its history dates back to the 17th century, and since then, the gardens have evolved into a global name. The lush landscapes, themed gardens, and architectural gems create an immersive environment.

What makes it very popular and iconic is the fact that the Royal Botanic Garden is home to one of the most extensive and valuable collections of plants on Earth. It houses a rich tapestry of species from all corners of the world. Undoubtedly, it is a living encyclopedia of botanical wonder. Whether the native Scottish flora or the exotic tropical plants, the gardens offer a journey through the world’s best. Beyond that, the garden also acts as a centre for vital research and conservation efforts. Visitors to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh are treated to a multisensory experience. In every sense, this botanical masterpiece is the best place to visit in Edinburgh. Especially for a nature enthusiast, this horticultural jewel in the crown of Edinburgh and the world is a must-visit.

6. Figgate Park

Figgate Park is a tranquil oasis nestled in the eastern part of Edinburgh, gracefully positioned between the charming neighbourhoods of Duddingston and Portobello. This natural heaven is popular amongst both locals and tourists who visit here to bask in the beauty and serenity.

Figgate Park is cherished for its jogging, dog walking and sun basking opportunities. Its centrepiece is the Figgate Burn, which meanders through the landscape, creating a picturesque focal point. A boardwalk skirts the pond and burns, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the serene ambience while observing a diverse array of waterfowl that call this park home. Visitors can enjoy a walk across natural trails, exploring lush greenery and wildflower meadows. It is also a treat for birdwatchers, and enthusiasts can spot avians, including swans, moorhens, mallards, and herons. This peaceful haven is a true gem in the eastern side of Edinburgh.

7. Harrison Park

A bustling and beloved community park, Harrison Park is a must-visit outdoor landscape in Edinburg. As this parkland graces the landscape of Edinburgh, no one can stop from spending some time here. Harrison Park in Edinburgh is nestled right next to the tranquil Union Canal and divided by Harrison Road. For both locals and tourists, it stands as a cherished gathering place.

Harrison Park is a vibrant green space where people visit to unwind, whether it is for peace, recreation or social connection. It is a popular place for family gatherings, including picnics or kids’ playtime. The park is also home to some sports fields that witness friendly matches amongst sports enthusiasts. You may also spot joggers and cyclists enjoying their time here. Since Harrison Park is right next to the Union Canal, it acts as an idyllic setting for a leisurely time. The park serves as a testament to Edinburgh’s commitment to community and nature.

8. Braidburn Valley Park

Last but not the least is the Braidburn Valley Park in Edinburgh. It is located in the serene South Edinburgh neighbourhood of Morningside/Oxgangs. Braidburn Valley Park is like a secretive spot that blends natural beauty and urban living harmoniously. The parkland offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, inviting both locals and tourists.

Braidburn Valley Park beautifully utilizes the valley carved by the Braid Burn. It makes its way from the Pentland Hills to the Firth of Forth via very thoughtful urban planning. The park boasts a lush backdrop for outdoor activities and leisurely exploration. While enjoying a nature walk here, one can encounter the serene Fly Walk, a favoured route of the famous Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. Braidburn Valley Park boasts a delightful orchard of cherry trees, artistically planted in the shape of a trefoil, a nod to the Silver Jubilee of King George V. It is also home to a wildflower meadow that attracts a vibrant array of birds and insects. With a grassy amphitheatre hosting outdoor performances, Braidburn Valley Park fosters a sense of togetherness and celebration.

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