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Sinquerim Beach - Amazing Beach in Goa For Watching Dolphins

4 Amazing Beaches in Goa For Watching Dolphins (2024)

Are you a water baby? Does your idea of a perfect vacation resembles going on a serene beach, enjoy the water sports, spot some fishes, bask in the glory of the sun, and watch the sky painted in the different hues of red? If your answer is yes, and you have already started drooling about this dream vacation, then we probably don’t need to tell you that your dream vacation destination is Goa. With its plenty of stunning and breathtaking beaches, shimmering water, abundant natural beauty, and exciting water sports, there is something astounding about the beaches of Goa, which makes people addicted. If you had a taste of a beach experience at Goa, you will automatically want to visit it again.

Moreover, spotting dolphins at these beaches in Goa skipping carefreely through the waves, is like a cherry on the cake. Not only it is a beautiful sight to witness but serves as a great photo op too. Now, dolphin spotting is not something that is limited to just any particular beach in Goa, but naturally being in the right area can just rise your odds of enjoying the best experience. Hence, if you are looking forward to relaxing in nature’s glory while watching the perfect sunrise view and at the same time wish to spot a dolphin or two to complete the masterpiece, then Goa is the right place for you. Owing to the multiple beaches in the state, confusion is bound to follow. However, you need not worry because we have already shortlisted some of the best beaches for watching dolphins in Goa for you.

4 Amazing Beaches in Goa For Watching Dolphins

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1. Palolem Beach

Located in Southern Goa, Palolem beach is pretty popular among both, locals as well as tourists because of many reasons. For starters, the place is flooded with abundant natural serenity. Apart from that, when here one can indulge in a plethora of leisure as well as adventure activities. Moreover, you will also be pleased to know that Palolem beach is regarded as one of the best beaches for watching dolphins in Goa. In fact, since the beach is lined up with more than dozens of local boat owners as well as fishermen who are willing to take you out into the expansive Arabian sea, you can spot these beautiful aquatic creatures from up close. Also, the best part is that the fishermen and boat owners give you a ride at a minimal fee. Though it is not really much difficult to spot a dolphin at the Palolem beach, however, if due to some reason, you miss out on seeing a dolphin here, then don’t worry. You can easily go to Butterfly island which is also just a boat ride away. Located in a secluded area, the clear blue waters of the place serve as a good place for spotting aquatic creatures like sea urchins, fishes, and even dolphins.
Amazing Beach in Goa For Watching Dolphins-Palolem BeachImage Source

  1. Best time to visit: Though one can visit the beach anytime, for the best experience try visiting it in between the months of November and February.
  2. Popular things to do here: From spotting wildlife to paragliding to canyoning to photography to leisure walks, you can literally do anything here. Some other activities you can try when here include windsurfing, kayaking, paragliding, banana ride, water scooter, etc.
  3. Location: Canacona, South Goa

2. Sinquerim Beach

Looking for a good beach for watching dolphins in North Goa? If yes, then your search ends here. For many of you, Sinquerim beach may ring a bell because of the popular Sunburn festival which is held here every year in the month of December. However, it is also well known for its array of boats available for hire that allow the visitors to have a golden chance of dolphin spotting from up close. Though the rates vary depending upon the season you are visiting the place in, but you must know that tickets for dolphin spotting tend to get pricier with a bit of a wait for tickets in the peak season. However, one thing that Sinquerim beach promises you is that as soon as you step in the sea, you will be greeted with plenty of dolphins. Moreover, the general low-ticket price apart from peak season and the sight of beautiful sunrise along with the melody of the waves crashing in the background makes the idea all the more appealing and attractive. As if things weren’t already great, there is still more left to know. As you go, along the way you will also get to watch the beautiful Coco Beach and Fort Aguada which is a popular sightseeing attraction in Goa. Sinquerim Beach - Amazing Beach in Goa For Watching Dolphins Image Source

  1. Best time to visit: For the best experience, it is recommended to visit the place anytime from the month of November till February.
  2. Popular things to do here: The refreshing waters of Sinquerim beach prove to be perfect for a quick swim. There are plenty of thrilling water sports available here too. No matter whether you are traveling solo, with family and kids, or with your special someone, this beach will prove to be ideal for you.
  3. Location: Sinquerium, Candolim, North Goa

3. Coco Beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. Standing right at the mouth of the Nerul river, atop the Mandovi estuary of the same river, this beach remains a bit hidden from the prime view and attention. However, this very fact makes its natural beauty still charming, undisturbed by travelers. Adding on to the exclusive charm of the Coco beach is the plethora of restaurants, resorts, beach shacks, local markets, and some traditional Portuguese villas. The main reason behind its popularity is its rave scenes in the 90s. In the current times, the Coco beach serves as a great place to hire a boat for a short ride in the massive Arabian sea. The additional bonus apart from admiring the natural beauty is a chance of coming across some pretty dolphins. Due to the unique combination of sea and river, the beach serves as a popular fishing hub too. A word of advice for first – time travelers will be to travel in groups for a better negotiation on the boat ride charges.
Best Beach in Goa For Watching Dolphins-Coco BeachImage Source

  1. Best time to visit: Though this beach is beautiful all around the year, the peak time to visit it is in between the months of October and March.
  2. Popular things to do here: Coco beach is one of the few beaches in Goa that allows its visitors a beautiful river cruise. Apart from that, there are several thrilling water sports for you to try here as well. Some of them are banana rides, bumper rides,s, and jet skis.
  3. Location: Maima Wadda, Coco Beach, Nerul, Goa

4. Cavelossim Beach

When it comes to beaches there is absolutely no shortage of them in this beautiful state. Out of the many stunning beaches of Goa, Cavelossim beach is the one with exceptional beauty. Located between the mighty Arabian sea on one side and the beautiful Sal river on the other, this beach boasts of offering a lovely ambiance. Flooded evenly with soft white sand, lined with striking black lava rocks and the wide lush green paddy fields in the backdrop, the location is absolutely picturesque. Moreover, with the beach filled with plenty of local markets and shacks selling fresh Goan seafood, the destination is pretty happening too. You will also be pleased to know that, with an array of boats available to rent for a trip to the sea, the Cavelossim beach also boasts of being one of the best beaches for watching dolphins in Goa. If you are really lucky, then you might even witness a friendly dolphin swimming right alongside your boat. There are plenty of thrilling and adventurous water sports to try at this stunning beach too. However, once you are done with all the fun and frolic of dolphin spotting and water sports, make sure to admire the beautiful sunset sky along the Sal river before heading out.
Top Beach in Goa For Watching Dolphins-Cavelossim BeachImage Source

  1. Best time to visit: Though the beach receives visitors throughout the year, but for a memorable vacation and best experience, the recommended time is from the month of November till March.
  2. Popular things to do here: If the beauty of the Sal river has captured your attention and you wish to admire it from up close, then the beach offers a wonderful 5 hours, river cruise. Apart from that, some other adventure water sports that you can try here include parasailing, water scooters, speed boats, and jet skiing.
  3. Location: Cavelossim beach, South Goa

Generously blessed in terms of natural beauty, mighty water bodies, and abundant aquatic life, dolphin spotting is one of the most loved activities of the state by tourists. There are plenty of good beaches for watching dolphins in Goa. You can either go with the organized dolphin tours or go to a local fisherman too.

FAQ’s For Tourists Visiting Beaches in Goa

Q1. Are there water sports available at the beaches?

Ans. Yes, most of the beaches of Goa offer thrilling water sports.

Q2. What to carry when going to a Goa beach?

Ans. Make sure to carry a light waterproof backpack with a pair of clothes, sunscreen, and other essentials.

Q3. Are Goa beaches safe to visit?

Ans. Follow all the general safety rules and the beaches will be safe to visit.

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