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Dal Lake In Srinagar - Best Place to Visit in Kashmir With Family

7 Best Places to Visit in Kashmir With Family (2023)

If you want to see paradise on earth, then head straight for the valleys of the beautiful Kashmir. The stunning landscapes and beautiful locales make Kashmir a favourite destination for many travellers. Besides the splendid beauty of this stunningly gorgeous region, there are various reasons people from all over the world head to Kashmir.

Make a place for this romantic destination on your travel bucket list, you won’t regret spending time here, we promise you that!

The Undefiled Valley of Kashmir:

The untamed and untouched valley vibrates with the glory of natural beauty. The mystical mountains and the stunning lakes such as Dal Lake and Nageen lake, add to the region’s pristine beauty. Also, the implausible beauty and tall Chinar trees are a highlight of the region. Never has there been more glittering gold ever seen when the sun rays fall on the lakes and reverberate with the yellow and red trees.

Stark white snow-covered peaks of the icy mountains label Kashmir as the true paradise. The best scene of the day is if you wake at the crack of dawn to see the blue waters reflect the different shades of gold!

Is Kashmir Another “Mini” Switzerland?

Kashmir, like Switzerland, ranks high on the list of eye-striking scenic spots. It ranks second on the list of the world’s most beautiful places after Switzerland. This is sufficient reason for the traveler to choose Kashmir the “heaven on earth” for a holiday, isn’t it?

A travelers’ most common query is whether Kashmir is safe for a visit. You may have heard of a few random incidents of violence, stone-pelting in the shooting, but these rarely happen in tourist areas. Gulmarg, Srinagar, Sonmarg, and Pahalgam are the most visited areas, and there are almost zero incidents or crimes recorded against sightseers.

What are the Best Places to Visit in Kashmir With Your Family?

Don’t miss the world-famous valley of Kashmir. Plan a visit to the region with your family to get a brush of the snow-capped mountains, the cypress branches, meadows, and enthralling scenic splendor. We list the Best Places to Visit in Kashmir with your Family:

1) Srinagar

A visit to Kashmir commences with the eye-striking Srinagar. Located on the banks of the scenic and picturesque Jhelum, this Heaven-on-Earth is what the name suggests- “Heaven”!

When To Visit Srinagar?

Plan a trip here any time between June to October for the ochre hues to shine through. If you want to experience the sub-zero chilly winds and the winter snow then December to January are the ideal months for you.

What Should You See In Srinagar?

The top place is Dal Lake with its relaxing shikaras. As you glide through the waters of the river, breathe in the fresh air and get a brush of the busy locals and their lives. At night, the incandescent colors of the houseboats liven the whole region adding a burst of colorful beauty to one frame.

While you are here don’t forget to include the picturesque terraced Mughal garden Nishat Bagh that stays open daily from 9 o’clock in the morning to 10:30 at night. Also, the Shalimar Bagh built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Noor Jehan called Farah Baksh is a must-visit. The garden is open from 9 to 7 every day. A traveler does not miss a visit to these exquisite perfectly-manicured gardens when in the vicinity!

Another must-visit place is the Indira Gandhi memorial tulip garden in Srinagar. When the tulips are in full bloom, the garden seems to be in poetic bloom. There are no words to describe this glorious garden and the opulence of the budding and blooming flowers. Srinagar is breathtakingly beautiful is all we can say, and it is undoubtedly and rightfully termed as “heaven on earth”.

Activities To Take Part In:

The exquisitely beautiful scenic locales allow visitors to try their hand at trekking, skiing, boating, and bird-watching. As the town stands regally on the banks of the river Jehlum, you can experience a dramatic and dazzling sunrise if you stay in the houseboats.

The “Not To Be Missed” Shikara Ride:

After that, sail peacefully on the Dal Lake on a relaxing Shikara ride, this will definitely make your day. Dal Lake is the heartbeat of Kashmir. Take a ride to Nigeen Lake and visit the Golden Lake, lily point, Meena Bazar, the old city on the way. In fact, The gulleys, bridges, Shikaras, floating farms, floating vendors, and friendly people are the highlights of Srinagar. To see the iconic houseboat lined up in the lake and the quaint homes in the city, climb to the heights of the majestic and architecturally fabulous Shankaracharya temple. Leave your precious valuables, mobile phones, and cameras in your car because you can’t take anything into this temple made from stones. The area is under the scrutiny of the CRPF, but you can relax and sightsee to your heart’s content from up there, by maintaining a safe distance.

2) Sonmarg:

Sonmarg is an exceptionally beautiful place in Kashmir that lights up in all the hues of gold and yellow, and this is why it is also called the “Meadow of gold”. Adventure seekers and nature lovers head to the region to catch a glimpse of the beautiful flowers and adventurous activities. It’s a pleasure to trudge along the trekking routes to catch a glimpse of a fabulous scenic view and indulge in adventure sports.

Organizers here encourage travelers to participate in nature walks, camping, and trekking to give them an experience of a lifetime. The beauty of this region leaves you speechless. If you want to enjoy Sonmarg at its best, then plan your visit for the month of June-October.

Moreover, the valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountainous ranges. To roam around and have some fun moments on the slopes, hire a sled and snow scooter. But, do find out about the weather conditions before you head here. In extreme weather conditions, the place shuts down to the visitors.

Choose your taxi sensibly and take one with iron chains on the tyres or else the “skiddy” ride will be scary. It’s risky at these times but summer times in Sonmarg are great fun, so plan a trip accordingly.

3) Gulmarg:

As Sonmarg is the land of gold, Gulmarg is the meadow of flowers in Kashmir. Brightly colored colors spread fragrance all around. The place is a treat to visit because the white snow mountains radiate the beauty of the colorful flowers. Book a gondola ride and get a close view of the spectacular valley.

Hurry and try to pick the early morning gondola or you may have to wait a couple of hours before you can get one. The rush keeps increasing as the day progresses. Nearly 6 people can squeeze in comfortably in the Gandola. The gondola stops for a while midway providing a fabulous view of the valley and the snow-covered mountains.

The fun is unexplainable and the ride immensely exciting. If you have a stronger adventurous streak then skiing, trekking, mountain biking, and other activities are ideal for you. But, do be careful at all moments because it is easy to slip and fall. Extra precautions are never missed.

4) Kupwara:

Kupwara is known for the Bangus and Lolab valleys which are the highlights of Kashmir. Gather your family and plan a holiday here from April to October if you want to wallow in natural splendor. The guzzling sound of the water rushing nearby adds music to the atmosphere, and the lush green meadows are a balm to the sore tired eyes.

If you stare up at the vastness of the mountains to get a glimpse of the natural beauty, you will realize how breathtakingly gorgeous the area is. Also, people visiting here include a trip to Qamar Reshi Sahib’s shrine.

5) Pahalgam:

Pahalgam is “serenity” at its best. This peaceful and quaint town helps the visitors de-stress. Have you heard about the Overa Aru Wildlife sanctuary here? Well, if you want to see a brown bear or a musk deer, then head straight here.

The name Pahalgam is closely associated with the religious “Amarnath pilgrimage or Amarnath Yatra”. The serene place offers a beautiful sight of the forest. Furthermore, the Sheshnaag Lake and the Tulian Lake see visitors plenty. You can’t miss any of these places. Plan your Pahalgam trip between June and October.

Another place that you can’t miss is the Aru valley and the Betab Valley. While you are at these interesting tourist spots, make sure you hire a horse for an energetic bout of horseback riding. Several people can be seen, having a time of their life, on the way,

6) Kargil:

You don’t have to associate Kargil only with the “Tiger’s Peak” and some unpleasant altercations. Besides a historical reference and bittersweet memories, Kargil is one of the most beautiful parts of Kashmir, and it offers the best view of the valley. In reality, this picturesque place is magnificent during March and June, though it radiates beauty throughout the year.

When visiting here, include Wakha Rgyal, Shergol, Urgyan Dzong, and Mulbek Gompa in your agenda. In about 5 hours, you can reach Kargil by road. The Nun mountains and Suru Valley are the favorite adventurous escapades of mountaineers.

Get your trekking equipment together and travel to these two divergent scenic spots to experience exquisite moments of the splendor of nature. If you want to experience heaven on earth, then this is where you should be!

7) Kishtwar:

Kashmir is normally jam-packed with people, but it is not so at Kishtwar. This offbeat destination is a favorite of many travelers though there is lesser footfall here as compared to Srinagar, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, and Gulmarg. But, if you do not include this destination in your travel tryst, you will regret it forever.

Thick deodar forests and huge pine trees almost touch the sky and add an eerie beauty to this place. The lush green Meadows and hills are the artist’s delight. Also, it is a national park in the area that is a favorite haunt of wildlife enthusiasts, animal lovers, and nature fans. The region offers two pilgrimage circuits for the religious and spiritual pilgrims. Many visitors include these in their travel schedules. This place is about 7 hours from the Kashmir capital “Srinagar”, and is best during the summer months.

When Should You Plan A Visit To Kashmir?

No doubt Kashmir is beautiful in winters and the correct times in a year for different places vary a little. But, if you don’t want to get embroiled in the chilly winter winds, then plan a visit here during the autumn months. Experience the colorful vibrancy and delightful ambiance of the valley up close. It is a pleasure to see the Amber and gold trees reflecting scarlet hues and making the landscape breathtakingly attractive. The right time to visit:

  1. Sonmarg: June to October is the best time for visiting Sonmarg.
  2. Srinagar: June to October are the ideal months to visit Srinagar.
  3. Gulmarg: December to February are the best months to plan a visit to Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir.
  4. Kupwara: Kupwara is the best from April to October
  5. Pahalgam: Head here anytime between June to October.
  6. Kargil: April to June is the best time to go to Kargil.

For How Many Days Should You Plan Your Holiday In Kashmir?

“The more the better”, is how the story goes. So, take out at least seven days to visit Pahalgam, Srinagar, Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Dudhganga, and Yousmarg, if you want to see the best in Kashmir.

What Should I Shop For While I Am In Kashmir?

A visit to Kashmir is incomplete without bringing home the famous Pashmina shawl and dry fruits. Besides these, Kashmir is a house of the traditionally embroidered “Firan”, carpets, traditional jewellery, and rich ethnic silverware.

The welcoming locals enthral the visitor with their hospitality and warmth. Also, the fabulously crafted handicrafts are a must-buy here. The best Places to Visit in Kashmir With Family may be the ultimate holiday but include a glimpse of the age-old historical monuments and wildlife when roaming in the forests of this “Heaven on Earth”.

Let that poetic streak out by visiting the glorious Pir Panjal ranges, Shyok, Markha, Nubra, Dha Hanu, Nageen, Kishtwar, Suru, Betaab, Poonch, and many other areas.

Untamed and undefiled Kashmir has a mystic beauty with its towering mountains and white-tipped stunning vistas.

Places To Stay in Kashmir:

While in Kashmir, you can start by booking your stay in Srinagar at The Heritage Group of Houseboats, Hotel Zoon Daab, Four points by Sheraton, Club Mahindra resort, and many others. Check out the deets online and enjoy your stay at this “Mini Switzerland”.

It is impossible to skip Jammu and head to Kashmir without paying due respect to “The Mata Vaishno Devi shrine. Visitors here can savour the helicopter ride to reach closer to the temple by air, or they can trudge their way walking or on horseback like many others.

We will bring you more information on a Jammu visit soon. Also, details of the Vaishno Devi shrine, the revered pilgrimage spot that is a favorite of people from different religions. Visiting Jammu also gives sightseers a chance to see the famous Bahu Fort and other historical sites. There is a lot to share with everyone, so keep your eyes on this space for more. Till then, plan your Kashmir trip to experience the mystic snowfall and magical winter and summer sports activities!

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