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River Rafting - Exciting and Adventurous Things To Do In Coorg

Exciting and Adventurous Things To Do In Coorg (2023)

Coorg, “the Scotland of India” or Kodagu, is an out-of-the-ordinary tourist place infused with plenty of greenery, serenity, and peace. The rich aroma of coffee plantations is a balm to the senses and offers a great respite from the city’s hustle-bustle and pollution. Just a whiff of fresh air, and you experience the scent of heaven. Book your slot and head to Coorg for a relaxing but thrilling holiday.

This awe-inspiring and admirable hill station in Karnataka is a bundle of fun. The main attractions of Coorg are its exciting exploration activities and fewer crowds. Adventure lovers of all ages will have a great time in Kodagu.

Adventure may not be a priority for many people when they book a ticket to Coorg. But they end up indulging in these activities to make the visit exhilarating and memorable. Just book your adventure tryst and start your adventurous experience. Let us see the exciting activities you can indulge in:

  1. Soft Trekking: You can’t visit Coorg and skip trekking, can you? No way! Trekking is essential, and there are some pre-determined trails marked out for the travelers. At the same time, if you need some extra peace, then find an off-beat trail, to march on. The Western Ghats are strikingly beautiful, and you can trek along the trails or steep hills. Stunning landscapes, scenic beauty, and admirable forests, this is how Corg looks, when you are out trekking on an adventurous path. If you are lucky, you may see some majestic elephants and leopards. The bustling waterfalls, rich greenery, and opulent mountains are the most scenic regions to trek around. Whether it is the Brahmagiri Trek, the Chelavara Falls, The Nishani Motte, or Pushpagiri Wildlife sanctuary, each is a class apart, with breathtaking beauty surrounding it. Trek through the lush green forests and beautiful nature for an awe-inspiring time. Get ready and book your place for the trek at Basaveshwara Betta at around 9 AM for about 4 km. The trek offers the most overwhelming and striking walk that will leave a lifetime imprint on your mind.
  2. Dubare Elephant Camp: Let us start our Coorg adventure journey with a blissful and exciting experience of watching and interacting with the elephants at the Dubare Elephant Camp. A peek at the elephants bathing and riding on them can be labeled as one of the most interesting adventure activities in Coorg. You can get a chance to see the majestic animals from close, don’t miss the opportunity. While you are here, enjoy the water rafting sports as well!
  3. River Rafting: Now, that is a favorite with many of us. Taste the elating and invigorating river rafting experience at reasonable rates. Head straight to the Whimsical Barapole river and book your seat right away. The river waters and the heavy tide can help you glide perfectly through the water, so pick a suitable time. Don’t worry, you will be safe because every boat has trained personnel in attendance always.
  4. Quad Biking: This is another exciting sport that Chelavara in Coorg offers us. Riding a scooter on the moist and dewy soil of this quaint hill station can be great fun for us. Make sure you schedule a Quad biking session while you are here. This is one adventure sport that you shouldn’t miss at all. People have enjoyed this activity always. They get a chance to see animals closely while they ride along with the dense forests. Motorbike lovers will relish Quad biking and can take these exciting biking rides in Coorg. We promise you are going to love it!
  5. Kayaking: This thrilling and stimulating water ride will have you spend all your extra energy amongst glorious nature. Water sports can be an exhilarating and fun-filled activity. Kayaking is probably one of the best ways to recharge the senses and relax the mind and body. You will get a chance to swirl, paddle, and cut through the clear waters of the river in Coorg. That is not all, as you sail through you will surely catch some exotic fishes swimming in the waters. As the kayak glides through the river, you will feel the cool water breeze hit your face and see the most breathtaking view.
  6. Camping: Most of us don’t accept camping as an adventure activity. Watching the stars under the open sky with a bonfire and late-night treks can be lots of fun. Be a part of the team of camping enthusiasts in Coorg, and you can head out to some permitted camp spots with them. Camping is a great way to explore nature and life. Adventure lovers are incomplete without camping in their adventure activity kitty. The camp land in Coorg is surrounded from all sides by green plants and foliage. Head for your camp and see the twinkling stars as you lie under the magic blanket of twinkles. The silence of the wilderness and the soft mumble of the forest beings can be a wonderful indulgence. The campsite includes Chelavara falls, Gonikoppal, and Nalaknad Palace.
  7. Ziplining: Can you imagine exploring the art of free-falling. Coorg provides you with the opportunity of the top adventure sport –zip lining. The free falls can raise your adrenaline. Imagine rapidly falling and getting a close view of mountains and the fabulous natural setting of the lush green forest? Head to the Taj in Madikeri and book your seat for an exhilarating session of zip lining.
  8. Paintball: Paintball is 30 minutes of pure recreation and amusement. People who head to Coorg have a whale of a time when they indulge in this sport. Shooting gelatine spheres filled with color on targets can be a very fun-filled activity. Enjoy paintball to relax and rewind your senses.
  9. Microlight Flight: It’s time to combat the fear of height because Coorg brings you the exciting “Microlight flight” in Chelavara. Make sure you include this activity on your trip to the region, so book your flight well in time. You will get a chance to fly to almost 5000 feet high above the town. You can watch the breathtaking sights as you glide up near the clouds. Watch the beauty of the entire district from the heights. Now, you can understand the freedom and happiness that the birds experience when they fly freely in the skies.
  10. Jeep Safari: Who would have thought a jeep ride could be so gratifying? Should a safari be categorized under adventure sports? Definitely! We can term it as an off-beat adventure because it gives such a thrill to everyone. Driving through the dense forests trails is worth every second. You can have a close brush with the best nature spots while riding on the 4 WD jeep safaris. The lush green Kabbe hills, Mandalpatti or Nishani Hills, don’t miss a second of the scenic beauty the ride promises you.
  11. Rappelling: Are you prepared to challenge yourself to Rappel? A mountain climb on the jagged and vertical rocks can help you combat all your hidden fears. This is a fun-filled adventurous activity that can help you unwind. Don’t worry plenty of professionals will supervise your movements along the mountain. The ropes and types of equipment used for rappelling are of superior quality. While you are at it, take a glimpse at the eye-striking Nishani Range.
  12. Rock Climbing: Rock Climbing can be thrilling and offers glorious nature scenes. Just sit atop a rock on Mori Betta Hills, Honnamana Kere, or Gavi Betta, while you are well-harnessed and protected. Now, safely watch the breathtaking sights of the mountainous terrain and lush greenery.
  13. Wildlife Safari: Do not miss the wildlife safari in Coorg. The jeep ride starts at around 7 AM, and you will be able to see different wildlife animals up close. This is a chance to experience wildlife in real, go for it. The jeeps stay jam-packed with tourists, so book your seat in advance.
  14. Fishing: Some interesting fishing camps are the best getaway for people, with plenty of fish species and hours of fun. This is one of the most patient and exciting adventurous activities in Coorg that permits you to enjoy the beauty of nature thoroughly and gives you hours of peace.

Whether it is a drive to the 3rd highest mountain peak in Karnataka, the beautiful Tadiyandamol, or the unexplored Kabbe Hills, immerse yourself in scenic beauty when you visit here. Slurping on yummy local food delights like dosa and vada or hiking atop a mountain- Coorg has the best food and best sunset for you to gaze. Pick an open jeep and start your adventurous tryst at this quaint and lovely place.

It’s a great idea to go here for a weekend of super fun and great adventure. Plan your visit and make sure you add plenty of adventure sports to let off that bottled holiday energy. Many of the activities are less-known adventure sports. These activities may not be well recognized but, they can provide you with an experience of a lifetime.

Pick and book each activity according to your travel and stay schedule. There are plenty of adventure sports in the area, and they can keep you busy for hours and hours each day. Coorg promises to give you memories of a lifetime, so don’t miss anything while you are here.

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