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Athirapally Falls in Thrissur - Simply Amazing Waterfall in Kerala

5 Simply Amazing Waterfalls in Kerala (2024)

When you visit God’s Own Country, Kerala, there will be a lot of things to do on your itinerary. Kerala is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India. It is blessed with lush green majestic hills, quaint hill stations, serene backwaters, golden sandy beaches, and pristine scenic beauty. While you explore the state’s natural beauty, the one thing that is going to stand out is the majestic waterfalls of Kerala.

5 Simply Amazing Waterfalls in Kerala

Here are some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Kerala you must check out.

1. Athirapally Falls in Thrissur

The beautiful Athirapally Falls is located just 60 kilometers from the Thrissur district in Kerala. This magnificent cascade of frothy waters originates from the Anamudi Mountains of the Western Ghats and is popularly known as the Bahubali Waterfalls since many of the awe-inspiring scenes of the movie were shot near this waterfall. Athirapally Falls in Thrissur - Simply Amazing Waterfall in KeralaImage Source

What is there to do at the Athirapally Falls?

The waterfall is 80 feet high and 330 feet wide and is the biggest waterfall in Kerala. It is also referred to as the Niagara Falls of India.

From here, this waterfall makes its way through the lush greenery of the Vazhachal Forest and onwards towards the Arabian Sea. The flow of the waterfall creates a spectacular scenery of serene water, azure sky, and emerald jungles and is a must-see for tourists.

When you visit the Athirapally Falls, the beautiful green scenery of the Sholayar Peaks above the rushing cascade of the waterfall will genuinely take your breath away. This is also an excellent spot for bird watchers, and this is the only spot in the Western Ghats where you will be able to see four endangered Hornbill species. There is a sparkling pool located just above the waterfalls where you can think about having a picnic and relax as you take in the sights around you.

When is the best time to visit the Athirapally Falls?

Even though the monsoon season is the best time to visit the waterfalls and you will get the most magnificent views, but the trek to reach this waterfall becomes very difficult during this time, with the possibility of landslides. This is why the months of September to January are considered to be the most favorable time to visit the Athirapally Falls.

2. Soochipara Falls in Wayanad

The Soochipara Falls is a magnificent three-tiered waterfall in Vellarimala, which is in the Wayanad District of Kerala. This waterfall is also known as the Sentinel Rock Waterfalls, and the landscape around the waterfall is surrounded by deciduous, evergreen, and montane forests. The Soochipara Falls is regarded as being one of the best waterfalls in Kerala.
Simply Amazing Waterfall in Kerala-Soochipara Falls, WayanadImage Source

How to get the best view at the Soochipara Falls?

The best way to catch some of the most breathtaking views of the Soochipara Falls and the landscapes around this waterfall is to drive down from Meppadi to the waterfalls to take in some of the most scenic views of the tea plantations iN Wayanad.

How high is the Soochipara Falls?

The Soochipara Falls is 200 meters high and also has a full cliff face, which is very popular for rock climbing amongst the locals. The waterfalls from a great height to form into a large pool, where people can enjoy swimming and bathing.

From here, the water later goes on to join the Chulika River, also known as the Chaliyar River.

When is the best time to visit Soochipara Falls?

The best time to visit the Soochipara Falls is during the monsoon season when the water in the falls is entirely full. The waterfall tends to go dry during the summer months and is closed for visitors from March to June.

3. Vazhachal Falls in Thrissur

The Vazhachal Falls in Thrissur is a popular picnic spot not just for tourists but for locals as well who come here to spend a day with their families. There are many tree shades and sitting arrangements built around the falls to allow friends and family to sit together and unwind.
Amazing Waterfall in Kerala-Vazhachal Falls, ThrissurImage Source

Where is Vazhachal Falls located?

Vazhachal Falls is located 60 kilometers from Thrissur City and a stone’s throw away from the Athirapilly Falls. The dense forests of the Sholayar ranges surround the Vazhachal Falls on all sides.

Trekking at the Vazhachal Falls

The Vazhachal Falls is also a popular spot for trekking. You will often find groups of tourists collectively trekking in the area. The area around the Vazhachal Falls is ideal for trekking and mountain climbing.

4. Thommankuthu Falls in Idukki

The Thommankuthu Falls is located around 17 kilometers from Thodupuzha. This is a unique seven-step waterfall that cascades down to form a pool. The location of the waterfalls makes it perfect for rock climbing and trekking. There are many other activities like horse riding, boating, and fishing in the area.
Best Waterfall in Kerala-Thommankuthu Falls, IdukkiImage Source

5. Palaruvi Waterfalls in Kutrallam

The Palaruvi Waterfalls come cascading down from an impressive height of 300 feet. The name Palaruvi translates to mean Stream of Milk in the local language. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kutrallam, also known as Courtallam. This is the 32nd highest waterfall in India.
Incredible Waterfall in Kerala-Palaruvi Waterfalls, KutrallamImage Source

The roaring of the waterfalls looks magnificent when contrasted with the silent, majestic mountains all around.

6. Meenmutty Falls in Kalpetta

The Meenmutty Falls are the second largest waterfalls in Kerala and one of the largest in the Kalpetta region. The waterfall falls down in three tiers and makes for a unique climbing experience. Each of the three different levels of the waterfall has an altitude of 300 feet. You can reach the waterfall through a two-kilometer trek through the jungle.
Popular Waterfall in Kerala-Meenmutty Falls, KalpettaImage Source

7. Meenvallam Waterfalls in Palakkad

The Meenvallam Waterfalls is a spectacular five-step waterfall and makes it onto the top ten places to visit in the Palakkad region. This is a popular tourist spot with people coming from all over Kerala to take in the magnificent water cascading from over 125 feet. The waterfall is sometimes also referred to as the Meenvallom Falls.
Sight-seeing Waterfall in Kerala-Meenvallam Waterfalls, PalakkadImage Source

8. Thusharagiri Waterfall in Kozhikode

Located in the Western Ghats in the Kozhikode District, the Thusharagiri Waterfall is another three-layered waterfall. The name of the waterfall means ‘snow-covered mountains,’ which is very apt as you look around at the surrounding landscape. This is a popular spot for trekkers and rock climbers. There are many trekking trails going towards the Lakkidi Ghat that take you through the lush green surrounding landscape and provide a breathtaking view of the entire Western Ghats.
Attraction Waterfall in Kerala-Thusharagiri Waterfall, KozhikodeImage Source

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