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Kadmat Island - Place to visit in Lakshwadeep islands

Lakshadweep Islands Travel Guide: 9 Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destinations in Lakshadweep Islands (2024)

Lakshadweep Islands Travel Guide:

Do you know Lakshadweep islands are one of India’s smallest union territories, and on the other hand, you would be able to get some of the most amazing sight-seeing destinations in this place.

There are 36 islands in this place, and every island has various things to offer to its visitors. Although if you are planning to visit Lakshadweep soon and trying to create a list of the places to visit, then that will be a long list for sure.

But here, with this post, we will filter out some of the best sight-seeing destinations in Lakshadweep islands that will surely make your trip the best one till now.

9 Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destinations in Lakshadweep Islands

There are numerous places to visit during your trip to Lakshadweep. Hence, that’s why we are going to introduce some of the must-visit places in Lakshadweep so that you don’t compromise on the wonderful experience.

1. Minicoy Island:

Let’s start with the most prominent part of Lakshadweep islands, Minicoy island, and it is also known as Miliku. If you have any plans in Lakshadweep, you should directly visit this island as this is considered the central hub for all the plans, and hence you would be able to visit every part of this island easily.

This place is extremely photogenic. You would find several places here for amazing and exceptional photoshoots, as it has a vast lighthouse and plenty of white sand beaches.
Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destination in Lakshadweep Islands-Minicoy IslandImage Source

Some of the best things to do here at place in Lakshadweep islands are boat rides, going for hiking, and the food is also good.

2. Kadmat Island:

Although this place looks amazing and good for exploring new things, but if you are looking for some of the best and most delicious food items to taste, then Kadmat island is the place you should be visiting in Lakshadweep islands. Kadmat Island - Place to visit in Lakshwadeep islands

Image Source

Moreover, this place has vibrant marine life; you can visit the beach and watch the amazing marine life there. Along with that, you can do things like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and many more.

If you love adventure and want to explore new things and some amazing food, then Kadmat island is an ideal option for you during your trip to Lakshadweep islands.

3. Kavaratti Island:

Some people visit different places to watch the most beautiful sunsets from those places, and if you are one such person, then Kavaratti Island has the best sunset views you can ever watch during your visit to Lakshadweep.

This island has white sand beaches; not only that, you would be able to take advantage of the good amount of greenery on this island. So this is an ideal place to visit for all nature lovers in Lakshadweep islands.
Top Sight-Seeing Destination in Lakshadweep Islands-Kavaratti IslandImage Source

You can visit Kavaratti island for taking long walks in nature and greenery all around; you will surely feel relaxed.

4. Marine Museum:

Are you finding a mesmerizing place where you can have a look at the amazing marine life of Lakshadweep islands? If you said yes, then the Marine museum is the place you need to know about, as here you would be able to spend your time in the marine life of this place, explore new things, and do many more things.
Sight-Seeing Destination in Lakshadweep Islands-Marine MuseumImage Source

Visitors would know about the importance of aquatic life, along with that have a look at the various species of fish available. Within this museum, you would notice a huge shark skeleton; if; you love to gather information about marine life, then make sure to add this place to your must-visit places list.

5. Pitti Bird Sanctuary:

If you add Kalpeni island in your must-travel list or stay around this island, you can directly take a small boat ride to reach Pitti Bird Sanctuary. Here you would be able to spot some of the most beautiful and unique birds; this place is clean and covered with greenery all around, so you can even go for a walk, relax there and enjoy the surroundings.
Top Destination in Lakshadweep Islands-Pitti Bird SanctuaryImage Source

You can even go snorkeling and do much more such stuff at this bird sanctuary.

6. Thinnakara Island:

If you are looking out for a place where you can go for adventurous things during your trip to Lakshadweep then Thinnakara Island is for you. Here on this island, you can go for various water sports activities or adventure trips such as trekking and more.

This is a kind of place where you would find more places to explore as there are very less number of hotels so the crowd will be less too. You can spend some quality time here with your friends and family.
Best Destination in Lakshadweep Islands-Thinnakara IslandImage Source

Thinnakara Island in Lakshadweep is a perfect place for all solo travelers because of its relaxing nature and easy to find a hotel. They can visit here, have a look at various water sports, relax and gather some amazing memories for themselves.

7. Kalpeni Island:

The next option from the list of amazing sight-seeing destinations in Lakshadweep islands is the perfect selection for all those who want to go for a private holiday with less crowd to spend quality time with their friends, family, and that is Kalpeni island.
Amazing Destination in Lakshadweep Islands-Kalpeni IslandImage Source

You would have to take a ship trip from Kerala to visit this island. Moreover, there is a lack of resorts, so make sure that you have pre-booked everything before reaching this island.

8. Bangaram Atoll:

Here we have one of the best places to visit in Lakshadweep because you would be able to find a lot of activities to do and it is a perfectly mixed place for nature and adventure lovers.
Popular Destination in Lakshadweep Islands-Bangaram AtollImage Source

You can relax at this place or can even go on an adventure trip. Along with that, this is a perfect place for all those who are moving to Lakshadweep for partying.

Things to do here are snorkeling and hiking.

9. Agatti Island:

Finding a place for the best food in Lakshadweep? Agatti Island is the one for you; if you are visiting here, you should surely taste the smoked tuna fish and other food items.
Famous Destination in Lakshadweep Islands-Agatti IslandImage Source

This island is specifically famous for its dining facilities, and you can relax around the beach while having your food.

Lakshadweep is one such place where you can visit throughout the year, and you would be able to enjoy the trip to the best. You can explore beaches, marine life, new food items, and more.

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