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Gundicha Temple, Puri

17 Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destinations to Visit in Puri (2024)

Puri is known to be the sacred land of Lord Jagannath and is one of the most known pilgrim centers for the Hindus. It is positioned along the coast of Bay of Bengal in Odisha, India. Puri is known to be one of the best sightseeing places in the state of Odisha. Puri, rich in its heritage and culture, is an ancient temple town of the state. The Jagannath Temple of Puri is a part of the Char Dham pilgrimage in India. Puri attracts many tourists to it because of the beautiful beaches and the most renowned Jagannath Puri temple. However, apart from these, there are a lot of places that would take your breath away. So, let us read further and know about some of the best places to visit in Puri.

17 Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destinations to Visit in Puri 

We would say that Puri is ideal for a great family vacation and also a spiritual pilgrimage. There are some amazing sight-seeing destinations in Puri that you would love to witness. The Puri district in Odisha is bestowed with several ancient temples, historical places, beautiful beaches, and cultural villages and towns.

1. Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri:

This is believed to be one of the most impressive monuments of the State of Odisha. Puri Jagannath Temple is dedicated to the Lord Jagannath. The temple holds the utmost religious significance among the Hindus. It was constructed by Ananda Verman Chodagana Dev. This temple has a richly carved structure constructed on a high pedestal and has four gigantic gates.

Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destination to Visit in Puri-Shree Jagannath Temple,Image Source

Location: Puri, Odisha- 752002

2. Puri Sea Beach:

Puri sea beach is located on the east coast of the Bay of Bengal and is a real silent paradise for people who love nature. It is positioned nearby the Puri Jagannath Temple and other known temples in the city of Puri. This beach in Puri attracts numerous tourists towards it. You can spend some serene and pleasant time in this sun-kissed Puri beach along with your family or friends.

Top-Rated Place To Explore In Puri-Puri Sea BeachImage Source

3. Gundicha Temple, Puri:

One of the major temples in Puri is the Gundicha Temple of Puri. This is present in the center of an alluring garden and is enclosed within the compound walls on all its sides. This temple is one of the best sight-seeing destination in Puri and is a wonderful place to enhance your spirituality.Gundicha Temple, Puri - Top-Rated Sight-Seeing Destination to Visit in PuriImage Source

Location: Puri, Odisha- 752002

4. Markandeswar Temple:

As mentioned earlier that Puri is known to be the temple town with lots of temples all around. One of the most visited temples in Puri is the Markandeswar Temple. This is positioned near Bindu Sagar and is one of the holy temples in Puri that was built during the 13th century. Images of Goddess Parvati, Sri Ganesha, and Lord Muruga are beautifully carved and placed in the temple. This temple houses 52 sacred shrines of Lord Shiva. You should visit this temple if you are seeking peace and solace.

Top-Rated Place In Puri-Markandeswar TempleImage Source
Location: Mishra Sahi Road, Puri, Odisha- 752001

5. Narendra Tank

Narendra Tank is one of the most recommended sight-seeing places to visit in Puri. It is one of the largest tanks in the state of Odisha in India. Narendra Tank was constructed in the 15th century. It is surrounded by several small and big temples. There is also a small island in the middle of the tank where there is a temple known as Chandana Mandapa temple. This is just 1 kilometer away from the Puri Jagannath Temple. So, you should visit this place if you are in Puri.

Top Place In Puri-Narendra TankImage Source

Location: Narendra Pokhari, Puri, Odisha- 752001

6. Atharanala Bridge

Atharanala Bridge is one of the most liked picnic spots in Odisha and great place to visit in Puri. This bridge offers a beautiful view of the Jagannath Puri Temple. Spanning over 85 meters and breadth of 11 meters, this bridge features 18 arches ranging from 7-16 feet. The Atharanal bridge is made of Laterite and lime mortar with Ashlar masonry building technique.

Incredible Place to Visit in Puri-Atharanala BridgeImage Source
Location: Puri, Odisha- 752002

7. Raghurajpur Artist Village

If you love arts and crafts, then Raghurajpur Artist Village near Puri is the one place that you must visit when you are in Puri. This is a heritage crafts village near Puri city and is one of the best places to visit in Puri. You can shop various art forms from here like palm leaf engraving, wood, and stone cravings. You can also enjoy Gotipua folk dance performances in the village. Moreover, Raghurajpur village is the only place where Lord Jagannatha’s Throne or the “Patas” is made.

Location: Raghurajpur, Jagannath Ballav, Puri, Odisha- 752012

8. Swargadwara Beach, Puri

One of the renowned destinations of Puri is the Swargadwara Beach where one can enjoy watching the stunning sunset. It is the most famous spot in Puri where tourists visit throughout the year. You can find numerous stalls on the beach where you can purchase jewelry, seashells, and many hand-made products. You would enjoy spending time on this beach.

Magnetic Attraction of Puri-Swargadwara Beach, Puri

Photo by Ankur Panchbudhe  Image Source

Location: Puri, Odisha- 752012

9. Lokanath Temple

Lokanath temple is also a famous temple and a popular sight-seeing destination in Puri and many followers visit the temple every day. This temple is unique in its way. In Lokanath temple, there is a lingam that is submerged in the water with River flowing over it. It is believed that Lord Rama installed this Lingam himself. The Lingam is removed from water only during Pankodhar Ekadasi. Many people come to Puri to see this ceremony every year.

Location: Lokanath Temple Road, Puri, Odisha- 752001

10. Blue Splash Water Park

There are some noted water parks in Odisha, and one of the most popular water parks, is the Blue Splash Water Park. This is a huge water park in Puri. The Blue Splash Water Park has several pools, rides, and slides for people of all age groups. Apart from these amazing water rides, there are also some wonderful food options where you can dine with your friends or family. This is a great place to visit if you are in Puri.

Location: Puri-Konark Marine Drive, Nakhisahi, Beldal, Odisha- 752002
Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

11. Pratyush Ocean World, Puri

Pratyush Ocean World is the water park located on the Batamangala New By-Pass Road. The Ocean world has a lot of fun rides. There are various food options here. This would surely be a great place for hosting family functions or get-togethers in Puri.

Location: New By-pass, Mangarajpur Square, Infront Of Batamangala Temple, Puri, Odisha- 752002
Timings: 9 AM to 5 AM

12. Sudarshan Crafts Museum

Sudarshan Crafts Museum is an amazing crafts museum founded by Sri Sudarshan Sahoo for creating a space for the art lovers. So, if you love arts and crafts, then you should visit this place in Puri. It elevates modern craftsmanship and also displays various changes that happened in the years of evolution. This museum in Puri focuses on displaying the artwork which has taken place of the traditional sculptures. Sudarshan Crafts museum even offers facilities to several artists and offers them an opportunity to try their hands in arts inside the workroom in the museum.

Timings: 8 AM to 12 PM and 2 PM to 8 PM
Location: Station Road, Puri, Odisha

13. Baliharachandi Beach

If you are willing to take a break away from the city’s hustle and bustle, then Baliharachandi beach is an ideal place to visit. This is one of the best beaches to visit in Puri where you can relax and watch the beautiful sunset. There are stalls installed on the seabeach where tourists can have some good foods while enjoying the pleasant view of the sea. This beach is located between Puri and Konark.

Location: Harachandi Road, Narasinghpatna, Odisha- 752011

14. Nalabana Bird Sanctuary

The Nalbana Bird Sanctuary is one of the best sight-seeing places to visit when you are in Puri and is located on the Nalabana island. This is a part of Chilika Lake. It is spread across a vast land and is known for the large green spaces where many migratory birds visit during the winter months. This is an ideal place to visit for people who love watching birds and photographers. There are more than 180 varieties of birds that come to this place to reside seasonally.

Location: Nalabana, Chilika Lake, (Puri) Odisha 552030

15. Pipili

Pipili is one of the most colorful places you would ever visit in Odisha. This is a small town in the Puri district that is famous for its amazing handicraft art. In this town, you will find some vibrant embroidery works that you would love to purchase. You can buy products like wall hangings, lamps, handbags, pillow covers, sheets, footwear, and many more.

Location: Pipili, Puri, Odisha

16. Astharanga Beach

The Astharanga beach is a famous beach in Puri. The word “Astaranga” means “Colorful sunset”. This beach is a beautiful beach you should visit in Odisha. From the picturesque views to the sand beds covering the space, this beach has a lot of things stored in it. There is a fishing village near the beach.

Location: Konark, Odisha.

17. Chilika Lake

Asia’s largest salt-water lagoon, Chilika lake is stretched across Puri, Ganjam, and Khorda districts in Odisha. It is separated by a narrow neckline from the waters of the Bay of Bengal. This lake is at a distance of 50 kilometers from Puri. You can enjoy the beauty of the flocks of several migratory birds during the winter months. You can enjoy bird-watching, fishing, boating, and many more things. So, this is definitely the best place you must visit near Puri.


So, we talked about so many places in and around Puri where you can spend some great time while on a vacation. So, if you are planning to visit Puri in Odisha, then do not forget to visit these amazing places in Puri.

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