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Shahpurkandi Fort

Visit Shahpurkandi Fort: History, Facts, How to Reach, Places to Visit Nearby (2024)

About Shahpurkandi Fort:

The Shahpurkandi Fort majestically showcases the tradition, heritage, and history of Pathankot. The massive Fort was built with a touch of uniqueness; it stands regally with its carvings and beautiful construction, offering a camera-perfect view of the Himalayas’ foothills and the river Ravi. The partially preserved ruins, which had been destroyed during the British rule, speak for the past of the Pathania dynasty. Presently, the Shahpurkandi Fort symbolizes heroism and courage of the Rajput Chieftain, who embraced death with a lion’s heart. The Shahpurkandi Fort remains Pathankot’s major tourist attraction, even after multiple mosques, tombs, and temples near Gurdaspur.

History of Shahpurkandi Fort:

Constructed by Shah Jahan’s Rajput Chief Jaspal Singh Pathani in 1505, Shahpurkandi Fort was built to protect, Nurpur and Kangra regions. The Fort is situated at 7 kilometers from Pathankot; it’s a 16th-century monument nestled at the foot of the beautiful Himalayas. The infrastructure dates back to 1505 AD. & the name of Shahpurkandi fort was kept after the great Mughal emperor Shahjahan. The Shahpurkandi Fort in Pathankot was dedicated as the last refuge of Ram Singh Pathania in 1848 AD when he was labeled against Britishers’ atrocities.

Shahpurkandi Fort

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Shahpurkandi Fort: Facts

  1. The Shahpurkandi Fort of Pathankot is the fantastic blend of the Hindu and the Islamic style of architecture.
  2. Shahpurkandi fort is a 16th-century monument near Pathankot.
  3. Being a historical fort constructed during the era of Mughals in Sikh rulers’ land, it attracts tourists and historians.
  4. Shahpurkandi Fort offered the refuge to Ram Singh Pathania. He was a freedom fighter who was against the atrocities of the British rule.

How to Reach Shahpurkandi Fort?

Shahpurkandi Fort is connected with all the major roads and a highway that connects it to the rest of the Pathankot. The buses and cabs on the local level are regarded as the best option for easy commuting to and from the Fort.

Nearest Railway Station: Pathankot Railway Station

Nearest Airport: Pathankot Airport  How to Reach Shahpurkandi Fort

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Best Time to Visit Shahpurkandi Fort

Shahpurkandi is a popular destination near Pathankot. It’s marvelous architecture and rich history catches the visitors’ interest and thus is frequented on a massive scale. Though there is no specific event for visiting this Fort, it can be visited from October to February. It is the time when the temperatures are apt for touring the Shahpurkandi Fort in Pathankot with ease.

Places to Visit Near Shahpurkandi Fort in Pathankot

  1. Mukteshwar Temple: One of the most famous shrines, Mukteshwar temple, in an ancient temple which is 350 years, and this temple is built to worship Lord Shiva and perched on top of the highest point in Mukteshwar, the temple which lies 2312m above the sea level. This majestic temple in Pathankot is known as one of the 18 most important temples dedicated to Lord Shiva in Hindu scripture. Distance from Shahpurkandi Fort: 10 kms 
  2. Nurpur Fort: Nurpur Fort is a 900-year old fort, famous for its ancient Krishna temple situated in the inner sanctum. Pathania Rajputs constructed it, and later, Shah Jahan named it after his beloved wife, Nur Jahan. In the major earthquake in 1905, multiple parts of it got damaged, but it stands tall and has all its glory even today. Distance from Shahpurkandi Fort: 37 kms  Best Place to Visit Near Shahpurkandi Fort in Pathankot - Nurpur FortImage Source
  3. Ranjit Sagar Dam: Ranjit Sagar Dam was constructed for irrigation and power generation purpose. Been built on Ravi River, it is a fantastic work of engineering and the biggest hydroelectric project in Punjab. 60% of the 32 billion cubic meter capacity reservoir formed falls in Jammu & Kashmir while the rest 40% in Pathankot. The power plant has four turbines, which generate 600 MW of total electricity. Distance from Shahpurkandi Fort: 16 kms 
  4. Kathgarh Temple: Situated in the village of Kathgarh, this temple is renowned for its 6 ft Shivalinga. The temple is located at a point of confluence of the Beas and Choch River, offering an admiring landscape all around. This temple is in Himachal Pradesh. Distance from Shahpurkandi Fort: 40 kms  
  5. Kali Mata ka Mandir: Kali Mata ka Mandir in Pathankot is an old temple constructed to worship Maa Kali. Devotees gather in the temple on a large scale on Tuesdays, a day that is considered auspicious. The temple arranges Bhandara on every Tuesday for the devotees.  
  6. Ashapurni Mandir: Ashapurni Mandir is one of the oldest temples of Pathankot, which is built to dedicate Mata Ashapurni, who is considered a mighty deity. Kanya Poojas and the yearly festival of Navratri are celebrated here with great excitement at the temple. Distance from Shahpurkandi Fort: 13 kms 
  7. Shani Dev Mandir: Shani Dev Mandir is a famous shrine that is wholly dedicated to Shani Dev. People believed that offering prayers to Lord Shani could relieve their difficulties and miseries. The shrine is situated within the beautiful surroundings with the Himalayas in the background offering a tranquil atmosphere. Distance from Shahpurkandi Fort: 16 kms  
  8. Laxmi Narayan Mandir: Constructed to worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, this temple is famous. This is one of the largest and beautiful temples in Pathankot, and it has the idol of the Lord Hanuman in the courtyard. With enough space and greenery all around, the temple is a perfect attraction to calm down a troubled soul. Distance from Shahpurkandi Fort: 16 kms  
  9. City Centre Mall: The City Centre Makk is a large shopping mall situated on Gandhi Chowk. It is the first-ever mall built up in Pathankot. The mall comprises of multiple novelty shops and stores, and brands of all kinds. One can find everything starting from fashion, accessories, and household products to beauty in this mall.  

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