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Marina Beach - Amazing beache in Chennai For Kids & Families

5 Amazing beaches in Chennai For Kids & Families (2024)

Chennai might not be the first place that pops into your mind when you are planning a beach holiday. However, with its long coastline, Chennai boasts of many unblemished and vibrant beaches that are perfect for having a brand new beach experience to those who are uninitiated to the beauty of Tamil Nadu.

Chennai is the largest city in Tamil Nadu, and though the state is synonymous as being the Land of Temples, it also has some of the best beaches in India. So if you are planning a trip this summer, here are some of the best beaches in Chennai to include in your must-visit list.

1. Marina Beach

Known as the jewel of Chennai, the Marina Beach is one of the best and most crowded beaches in Chennai. In fact, you will find a crowd here right from the early hours of the morning till late at night. Food stalls, kite sellers, cricket players, and families all swarm to the Marina beach for a day out. This iconic beach has one of the longest stretches of sand within an urban setting and is one of the only metropolitan cities in India that has a beach bang in the middle of it.

Marina is also the most popular beach in Chennai, and tourists often come here to watch the sunset into the sparkling waters of the Bay of Bengal. The early risers come to watch the sunrise.

Owing to the crow that gathers here on a daily basis, you will almost get a carnival type of feeling as there are many rides and activities for kids, food stalls that sell corn-on-the-cob and other snacks, and several memorial statues and other installations here.Marina Beach - Amazing beache in Chennai For Kids & Families

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Many people come here to enjoy the cool evening sea breeze and along with a cup of tea and a plate of freshly made snacks. A lighthouse situated at the southern end of the beach is also a popular tourist spot since it is the only lighthouse in India that has an elevator. You can take the elevator ride to the top to check out the beautiful panoramic views of the city and the beach. It is important to know that swimming is strictly prohibited at the Marina beach due to the unpredictable current. Marina Beach in Chennai is India’s longest natural urban beach.

2. Elliot’s Beach

Elliot’s Beach is known to be one of the cleanest beaches in Chennai. Located in Besant Nagar, this beach has a friendly vibe about itself, and it pulls in a lot of crowds towards the evenings as families and youngsters gather here.

This is a relatively less crowded beach as compared to the Marina beach, and it has a clean promenade as well that is dotted with several trendy restaurants and cafes. These are populated with many youngsters in the evening.

Being a very clean beach in Chennai, it is perfect for taking long walks without any worry. Some of the nearby attractions are the Ashtalakshmi Temple and the Velankani Church, and the Schmidt Memorial, dedicated to a Dutch Sailor, Karl Schmidt, who gave up his life while saving the life of a little girl in the 1930s.

To keep an eye on safety, this is a police outpost at the beach, and you will find many all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) managing the crowd and for preventing any drowning mishaps.

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Elliot’s beach is preferred by many travelers over Marina Beach as it is less crowded. This beach is a perfect retreat from the busy city life of Chennai, as the beach is located away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

3. Kovalam or Covelong Beach

Located near the village of Covelong on the coastline of the Bay of Bengal, the Kovalam Beach in Chennai is another famous beach that was initially named as the Covelong Beach by the British. The Kovalam Beach is the perfect retreat if you are visiting Tamil Nadu for a beach vacation. The beach has a lot of history behind it, changing hands from the French to the Britishers, and ultimately getting transformed into a beautiful excursion and picnic spots for tourists.

The Kovalam Beach looks like it comes right out of a storybook as it is lined with tall majestic palm trees and silver sand. There is a village located nearby that is famous for having India’s first Surfing School. The Kovalam Beach is popular amongst youngsters and families as it offers a variety of water activities to visitors, including surfing, jet skiing, boating, parasailing, etc. Or you can just visit the beach and relax here as you watch the sunset or sunrise in serenity. This beach is also famous for fishing, which is also the primary livelihood of the villagers nearby.

Similar to the Marina Beach, the Kovalam beach also draws a lot of footfalls every day. The beach is located a short drive from the main city, but it attracts many tourists and locals since swimming is allowed here.

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One of the biggest attractions of the Kovalam Beach is surfing. This is one of the rare beaches in Chennai where the surf is always up, and you will find surfers dotting the waves or waiting their turn on the beach, their boards in hand to board the next perfect wave. In fact, there is even an annual surfing festival here at Kovalam, known as the Covelong Point Festival. This is one of the high points during the year, and there are live music and food stalls that keep the visitors busy. Many tourists also like to plan their visit during the time of this surfing festival, but keep in mind that it is likely going to be quite crowded at this time.

4. Neelamkarai Beach

Another untouched and pristine beaches of Chennai is the Neelamkarai Beach. It is located in the tiny locality of Neelamkarai in the south of Chennai, and the biggest highlight of this beach is that there are numerous turtles that come up to the shore.

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The work Neelamkarai means blue shores, and it draws many locals who enjoy taking a walk by the beachside. Many people visit this beach to watch the turtles paddle in the water.

5. Thiruvanmiyur Beach

The Thiruvanmiyur Beach is also another isolated and serene beaches in Chennai. It is located in the neighborhood of Thiruvanmiyur, and the beach is popular for the beautiful sunrise and sunset views it offers. The beach sees many nature lovers and solitude seekers. As the atmosphere is calm and quiet, this is the ideal place to rejuvenate oneself and unwind while watching the breathtaking sunrise and sunset. The beach sees the most footfalls during early mornings and late evenings.

Chennai’s incredible coastline means that it has some of the most beautiful beaches. They might not offer the strong party vibes that one expects from the beaches in Goa, but they provide great views and pleasant experiences. If you love the beach and are looking for a relaxing break, then choosing one of these best beaches in Chennai is the place to go to.

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