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Crab Masala Fry - Must-Try Dishe in Puducherry

8 Must-Try Dishes in Puducherry (Pondicherry) (2024)

Puducherry, earlier known as Pondicherry and fondly referred to only as Pondy, is one of the seven union territories of India. It is a colonial city that has its origins within the French colonialist culture. Colonial villas and even the consulate of France is located in Puducherry. The town of Pondy is well known for its unblemished beaches and villas, along with some of the most delicious and mouth-watering dishes which draws tourists from far and wide.

7 Must-Try Dishes in Puducherry

Here are some of the best foods to try in Puducherry.

1. Crab Masala Fry

Puducherry is known for having a sizeable fish-eating community, and it is a fish lovers’ paradise as you can get some of the most delicious seafood dishes here. Crab masala fry is a specialty of Pondy, and it is so popular that it is today one of Puducherry’s most popular street food. You can find crab masala fry being sold on little carts throughout the town. One of the most famous places that sell cheap and absolutely delicious crab masala fry is opposite Nilgiris on Rangapillai Road.

Even though the little cart is a street food vendor, but it is known all over Pondy for its seafood. Apart from crab masala fry, you can also try out their famous fish fry, stuffed squid, and prawn masala.

Maison Meen Kuzhambu at the Maison Perumal Hotel and RestaurantThe Maison Meen Kuzhambu is one of the most famous dishes of Puducherry. This special curry dish should ideally be had served fresh and piping hot at the Maison Perumal Hotel and Restaurant that is maintained by the CGH Earth Hotels in Heritage Town.

Crab Masala Fry - Must-Try Dishe in Puducherry

Photo By Kotian’s Passion  Image Source

The dish is a type of fish curry that is prepared with several traditional spices and served with a substantial portion of rice. The dish is a perfect amalgamation of Tamil cuisine and must-try dish when in Puducherry.

In fact, this restaurant is also known for several other famous dishes, such as Vendakkai More Kuzhambu (which is okra cooked in a buttermilk curry), Chettinad Chichen, and its Melon Panacotta. The curry of the Maison Meen Kuzhambu is known to be a perfect medley of flavors that the restaurant hand grounds. You also have the option of choosing different varieties of rice with the main dish, including coconut rice and lemon rice.

2. Prawn Risotto and Chicken Biryani

When you come to Pondy, you have to taste the famous prawn risotto and chicken biryani at the beautiful restaurant of Le Dupleix. This is a must-have for all food lovers. Prawn Risotto is an Italian rice dish that brings together a unique combination of prawns with traditional spices that leave you with a delightful taste in your mouth. The Chicken Biryani of le Dupleix is also a 5-star dish and guests from all over Puducherry flock here to have this biryani.

Must-Try Dish in Puducherry-Prawn Risotto and Chicken Biryani

Photo By Alpha  Image Source

3. Khowsuey on Mission Street

This popular Burmese dish, Khowsuey or Kaukswe is a dream for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and even seafood lovers. This coconut-based dish is traditionally served with rice or noodles and garnished with several items – from fresh herbs to even crispy noodles.

Mission Street is known for this popular dish, and a small street kiosk opposite Cafe Xtasi dishes our bowls of this favorite dish for several years now. Mission Street is also one of the more easily accessible places in Puducherry. It is said that the Kowsuey sold at this little street cart is even more delicious than what is offered at many fancy high-end restaurants. Keep in mind to reach there early in the evening, or else you will get lost in the crowd that gathers there.

Best Try Dish in Puducherry-Khowsuey on Mission StreetImage Source

4. Multani Paneer Tikka at #Dilliwaala 6

Even though the restaurant carries the name of Delhi with it, Multani Paneer Tikka offered at #Dilliwaala 6 has made Multani Paneer Tikka into a traditional Pondy dish. This dish contains thin slices of paneer or cottage cheese stuffed with a mushroom mixture. It is then folded and coated in a mixture of besan or gram flour and shallow fried to a crisp golden.

#Dilliwaala 6 is ideal for vegetarian lovers, and the Multani Paneer Tikka is famous across town for its flavors. The chefs at #Dilliwaala 6 guarantee that once you have this dish, you will keep coming back for more.

Best Dish in Puducherry-Multani Paneer Tikka at #Dilliwaala 6Image Source

5. Minced Beef Patties at Villa Shanti

If you are in the French Quarters side of Puducherry, then you must make it a point to head over to Villa Shanti for the minced beef patties that are served with a yummy portion of French fries and special pepper veloute sauce on the side. Villa Shanti is known for serving authentic food, and its great ambiance and delicious food has earned it a name in one of the preferred eating destinations in the town.

6. Tamarind Fish Curry at Carte Blanche

This tangy fish curry from Carte Blanche is made with Tamarind and filled with spices and herbs. Packed with fantastic flavors, this fish curry is made primarily with tomatoes and tamarind. If you are a fish lover, then the tamarind fish curry at Carte Blanche, Puducherry is a must-have.

Carte Blanche is famous for its French ambiance and offering many cuisines. It has a reputation of serving many delicious non-vegetarian foods that makes you want to keep coming back for seconds.

Amazing Dish in Puducherry-Tamarind Fish Curry at Carte Blanche

Photo Courtesy Anandhi Suresh  Image Source

7. Mutton Rolls

People from all over Pondy flock to Mission Street to have these spicy mutton rolls. In fact, this is the snack of choice for many meat eaters in Puducherry.

The rolls are made with tender slivers of spiced mutton, then stir-fried and rolled into a hot paratha to deliver a feast for your senses. You will find many vendors on Mission Street who are selling mutton rolls. While you are there, don’t forget to try their cutlets and fish fry. The mutton roll with egg is also another delicious combination available.

Must-Try Dish in Puducherry-Mutton Rolls

Photo by su-lin  Image Source

Apart from the high-end restaurants that offer delicious food, the town of Puducherry is famous for its street food, especially on Mission Street and Lenin Street. The city of Puducherry offers a mix of both worlds to food lovers. You can either enjoy your food in the warm ambiance of a restaurant, or you can dine out with friends at the various little street carts that are synonymous with the flavors of Puducherry.


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