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Mettur Dam in Hogenakkal - Incredible Weekend Destination From Salem

5 Incredible Weekend Destinations From Salem (2024)

Salem is a major city of Tamil Nadu, located on the banks of the Thirumanimutharu River. Located in the Salem District, this city is said to be a geologist’s paradise. Surrounded by majestic hills and lush green landscape all around, Salem has a vibrant history that goes back all the way to the ancient Kongu Nadu. The Salem city is famous for the ambitious Salem Steel Plant and for the booming mango farms. Mangoes from Salem are famous all over the country, and the variety of Malgoa Mangoes have made a mark for itself as being the pride of Salem. If you are in Salem, here are some of the many beautiful tourist destinations you can check out over the weekends.

5 Incredible Weekend Destinations From Salem

1. Kiliyur Falls in Yercaud

Located 30 kilometers from Salem, the Kiliyur Falls are a majestic tourist attraction in Yercaud. Dropping from an awe-inspiring height of 300 feet, the Killiyur Falls are a part of the Shervaroyan Hills in the Eastern Ghats. What is there to do around the Kiliyur Falls? Apart from the waterfall, there are also many other exciting activities like boating and swimming in the vicinity of the Kiliyur Falls.

The Kiliyur Falls is formed by the water coming in from the Yercaud Lake that then cascades down 300 feet into the Kiliyur Valley, thus creating this breathtaking waterfall. However, to actually reach the point of the waterfalls, visitors need to walk down at least 200 to 250 steps to get there. There is a lot of seating and resting area near these stairs for children and older adults to take rest.

Incredible Weekend Destination From Salem-Killiyur Falls in Yercaud

Credit: Shubham tiwari Image Source

Kiliyur Falls is an excellent choice for a weekend getaway for a family and group excursion. When is the right time to visit Kiliyur Falls? The cold weather around the falls makes for an excellent getaway from the humid and hot weather of Salem in the summer months.

2. Mettur Dam in Hogenakkal

Located just 30 miles from Salem, the quaint little Mettur Village is home to the Mettur Dam, which is a major tourist attraction around Salem.

The Mettur Dam is one of the biggest dams to be built in India. Built upon the Cauvery River at the canyon, the Mettur Dam is also one of the oldest dams in the region. It was built in 1943, and the beauty of the dam and its surrounding area is a sight to behold.

The Mettur Dam is surrounded by picturesque hills and lush natural beauty. The extraordinary features of this dam is a testament to the dam’s engineering marvel. Mettur Dam is a famous man-made engineering feat that spans over 1700 meters and is a major tourist hotspot for tourists from all over the country. It is a major weekend getaway for people from Salem. Mettur Dam in Hogenakkal - Incredible Weekend Destination From Salem

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What is there to see around the Mettur Dam? Apart from the Mettur Dam, there is another major attraction here. This is a beautiful water reservoir that is surrounded by the breathtaking and majestic hilly range all around. It was earlier known as the Stanley Reservoir and is called the Ellis Park today. It is located just a stone’s throw away from a major hydroelectric power station that even today produces 240 MW of electricity for the nearing areas. The water in this reservoir is not only used for generating power, but it is home to a variety of local fish as well.

What is the best time to visit the Mettur Dam? Mettur Dam is open all around the year, and you can drop by for a visit anytime from Salem.

However, the best time to visit the Mettur Dam is between October to March. It is still best to avoid visiting on any public holiday as there is a huge crowd at the dam on public holidays.

3. Melagiri Hills in Hogenakkal

Moving on from the Mettur Dam, another place o stop by on your weekend getaway from Salem is the Melagiri Hills. The Melagiri Hills is the most attractive tourist spot in Hogenakkal. Where are the Melagiri Hills located? These hills are located around 148 kilometers from Salem and just a stone’s throw from the Mettur Dam. There are numerous trekking routes that will take you up the hill, and the trekking journey will add an element of the thrill of exploring this hill range from up close.

The Melagiri Hills are the perfect point where the Western and Eastern Ghats and, as you see, the two mountain ranges coming together with the lush green dense forests all around provides a sublime view. If you are lucky, you can also spot the one-horned antelopes along the way in the valley as you trek up the mountain.

When is the best time to visit Melagiri Hills? You can visit these hills around the year, but it is best to avoid visiting them during the monsoon season. The hills become slippery and unsuitable for trekking during the monsoon season. Leaving aside the months of July and August, you can visit the Melagiri Hills at any time of the year.

4. Skandashramam in Thiruvannamalai

Located 170 kilometers from Salem, Skandashramam is a popular weekend getaway for people. Situated near to the Arunachaleshwar Temple and the Ramana Ashram, the Skandashramam is a cave system where the Saint Ramana spent most of his time during his stay in Thiruvannamalai. However, to reach Skandashramam, you will have to trek a long way. However, the view you see from the top will definitely be worth the effort of trekking.

Amazing Weekend Destination From Salem-Skandashramam in ThiruvannamalaiImage Source

5. Tiruchirappalli

Known as the city of rock forts and temples, the city of Tiruchirappalli is a treasure trove of spectacular Dravidian temples. How far is Tiruchirappalli from Salem? Tiruchirappalli is 146 kilometers from Salem and is popularly known as Trichy.

One of the biggest cities in Tamil Nadu, Tiruchirappalli, lies on the banks of the beautiful Cauvery River. Tiruchirappalli is one of the oldest living cities in all of South India, and its history goes back all the way to the 3rd century BC.

What is there to see in Tiruchirappalli? Being an ancient city, there are many historical sites to see here. The historic spot of Rock Fort is one of the most prominent tourist spots in Tiruchirappalli. The highlight of Rock Fort is the many cave temples that showcase the perfect Dravidian temple architecture.

Top Weekend Destination From Salem-Tiruchirappalli, Sri Ranganathasway TempleImage Source
One of the biggest temples in the world, Sri Ranganathasway Temple is another popular tourist spot of Tiruchirappalli. One of the best times to visit this temple is in December when the Vaikunta Ekadashi is celebrated.

Trichy is also a popular shopping destination, and there are many local and upbeat markets here where you can find the most fabulous of textiles, cheap diamonds, and even the best cigars in India.

When is the best time to visit Tiruchirappalli? While you can visit Tiruchirappalli throughout the year, but December to March is the ideal time to visit this city. The weather at this time is pleasant, neither too hot nor humid. During the monsoon months, Tiruchirappalli experiences heavy rainfall and high humidity. It is best to avoid visiting Tiruchirappalli in the monsoons.

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